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  1. meandragonbrett


    Dexamethasone IV can cause it.
  2. meandragonbrett

    Maximum number of IV meds & lines

    I don't quit understand what you're aiming at here. You run things that are compatible wherever you have to run it...end of story.
  3. meandragonbrett

    What are your Missed Shift company policy? How about Sick Calls?

    It's not personal...it's business. The company charges the missed shift adjustments to make up their costs for housing because you're short your commitment. My current company does not charge me if I call off
  4. meandragonbrett

    Maximum number of IV meds & lines

    No, typically run propofol/fentanyl/Midaz/ other sedatives all together.
  5. meandragonbrett

    Best Travel Agencies For Short Assignments

    Fastaff and Nurse Choice come to mind.
  6. meandragonbrett

    New travel assignment in east bay- does this pay sound ok?

    I generally don't consider any assignments in the Bay Area that result in me bringing home less than $1600 per week after taxes. Depends on your specialty, how bad the need is, etc. I wouldn't even consider that contract but that is just me.
  7. meandragonbrett

    Lap Chole Bundle

    0.2 of Dilaudid q5min up to 3mg. Give them hydro or oxy in PACU and IV acetaminophen. As far as PONV...hit all of the receptors and make sure they are adequately hydrated. Droperidol and examethasone. Most people get 4mg of Zofran before emergence...so no need to waste time redoing with that class of drugs. Another thing that can speed up discharge times is whether the surgeons place local when closing. Our real surgery group is generous with the marcaine and that makes it super easy to get them out of the door within 45-60 minutes post op. Usually don't require any IV opioids in phase I. We just get something PO in them in phase I so that they don't get stuck in phase II over pain issues.
  8. meandragonbrett

    I'm an ICU RN with MRSA:-(

    It sounds as though the abc you've been taking are ineffective. I took PO and off an do for 4-6 months and I finally had a PICC put in and did vancomycin at home for a few weeks....never to have another problem again
  9. meandragonbrett

    Verbal Orders

    It's not nursling's job to police providers and orders. If they tell me they aren't near a computer...how are we to know different? Some hospitals are on a warpath about this and strictly forbid it and others are much more laid back. Your management team needs to go to the medical staff to solve the issue. It shouldn't be your concern at the bedside. And the "losing your license" scare tactic is nothing but a sign of a poor management team IMHO. They like to use this to encourage the flock to follow their directives and not question or seek our rationales. Look at your state's BON hearings and you'll see what people lose their license for or get disciplined....it's generally NOT the things you see members on here and your management telling you that "could" happen. Just be a PRUDENT nurse and practice mindfully and you have nothing to be worried over.
  10. meandragonbrett

    Moreno Valley Travel assignment

    When I clicked on "Hospital Profile" it looks like this is a contract from Access Nurses aka Aya Healthcare, OP...is that true? You can likely do better with other companies....Just saying.
  11. meandragonbrett

    Moreno Valley Travel assignment

    I wouldn't be working for that OT rate. My last few contracts have paid my OT rate off of my blended rate (Taxed + non-taxed hourly) and not the hourly taxable rate.
  12. meandragonbrett

    Help with new contract am I getting screwed?

    That looks like you're coming out at $33.57 per hour when you take into account your per diem and housing stipends. I would ask that they base your OT/Call back on $33.57 per hour x1.5. They aren't losing any money by doing that. I generally don't consider contracts that pay less than $35/hour PLUS housing...that's just me though. Have you talked to other agencies to get quotes for the area? That will tell you if they are paying you the going rates or if they are lowballing you.
  13. meandragonbrett

    can an RN be charged with theft based on descrepancy in machine?

    No excuse for not getting somebody to witness your waste. That's really a basic expectation and not something out of the ordinary. It's even more important as a traveler to make sure you waste scheduled drugs. That's the only excuse they need to cancel your contract and send you packing.
  14. meandragonbrett


    Functionally it's the same. Facilities have their own little minute differences but epic works and functions the same everywhere
  15. meandragonbrett

    PACU Hours

    There are no typical pacu hours. Some are staffed 24/7. Some are open M-F 7am-2300 and all other kinds of variations.
  16. meandragonbrett

    fentanyl dosing on a vent


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