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  1. meandragonbrett


    Dexamethasone IV can cause it.
  2. meandragonbrett

    EPIC/MEDHOST training

    Ned.... While each system can customize their epic to suit their needs.....Epic still functions the same. Your order entry is the same, care plan screens are the same, flow sheet documentation is visually and functionally the same. While the facility might document certain things in certain places....Epic is functionally the same in each and every facility...and I am seeing more and more facilities require previous experience with Eoic in their postings.
  3. meandragonbrett

    Need to rant

    Giving cacl without there being an order of some sort? You practiced medicine without a license. End of story.
  4. meandragonbrett

    Should ICU get more pay than floor nursing?!?

    So get in contact with the managers of those units and tell them you're willing to pick up extra for the incentive pay. Not all nurses make the same...education, experience, specialty backgrounds, etc all play a role in salary determination. So either pick up extra and make some extra cash or just be happy that you have a job in the first place.
  5. meandragonbrett

    Are swan-ganz (PAC) still around in your area?

    Yes you still see them. It's very dependent on specialty. You tend to still see them in SICU and Trauma ICU. And then the cardiac surgery population.
  6. meandragonbrett

    Travel in Memphis

    Memphis is not crazier than any other large city. Just be aware of your surroundings and you'll be fine. Be prepared to work!
  7. meandragonbrett

    Should ICU get more pay than floor nursing?!?

    Your autonomy is perceived autonomy and risk to your license is moot. There is nothing riskier about working in a critical care environment vs another specialty when you practice as a prudent nurse would. You're still a young nurse and it is definitely showing.
  8. meandragonbrett

    "You are now a stepdown nurse too"

    You either accept it of you quit your job and find a new ons. There are many hospitals that IMCU is staffed by the ICU core staff.
  9. meandragonbrett

    Maximum number of IV meds & lines

    I don't quit understand what you're aiming at here. You run things that are compatible wherever you have to run it...end of story.
  10. meandragonbrett

    What are your Missed Shift company policy? How about Sick Calls?

    It's not personal...it's business. The company charges the missed shift adjustments to make up their costs for housing because you're short your commitment. My current company does not charge me if I call off
  11. meandragonbrett

    Maximum number of IV meds & lines

    No, typically run propofol/fentanyl/Midaz/ other sedatives all together.
  12. meandragonbrett

    Best Travel Agencies For Short Assignments

    Fastaff and Nurse Choice come to mind.
  13. meandragonbrett

    New travel assignment in east bay- does this pay sound ok?

    I generally don't consider any assignments in the Bay Area that result in me bringing home less than $1600 per week after taxes. Depends on your specialty, how bad the need is, etc. I wouldn't even consider that contract but that is just me.
  14. meandragonbrett

    CAUTIs in Critical Care

    Strict cath care Frequent reeducation Post-op day 1 at 5am they come out Condom Caths for incontinent makes We have had a cauti in two years in our unit.
  15. meandragonbrett

    Best travel company?

    You go with the company that has the contract that you want.
  16. meandragonbrett

    Confused about licensing

    The license will expire just like your home license expires. You pay the renewal fees and you keep the license active.

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