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Bella RN has 22 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU/CCU/Oncology/CSU/Managed Care/ Case Management.

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  1. Which Covid Vaccine is better?

    Wow thank you for that information. I read about a retired ER physician in South Florida who took his first dose of the vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer can't recall which one) he broke out into a rash in his hands and feet at home. Then his wife took him...
  2. Which Covid Vaccine is better?

    Hello Fellow Nurses, Which Covid vaccine supply is better to you Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson& Johnson? Does anyone know where to review research? I have elderly parents and elderly in laws. I have read about side effects and anaphylaxis...
  3. That is so Awesome!!Enjoy the pampering!!???
  4. You did a great job in your article and your descriptions were excellent. I hope you are feeling better. It warmed my heart when you talked about how God used you to encourage the other Nurse. God is very strategic. Sometimes we may not understand Hi...
  5. Took Ibuprofen for 2nd Vaccine

    I do not have the link, but I read a research article from a group of scientists out of France that do not recommend using ibuprofen in relation to covid diagnosis or covid vaccine. The French scientists recommend acetaminophen. If anyone can find th...
  6. Personal Life Affecting Work Life

    Hello, I pray things get better at home for you. I listen to Dr. Laura often and she recommends taking care of home first. It may be healthy to step away from work and school to find out why the marriage is failing. Maybe he may feel neglected. ...
  7. Metrics Driven Case Management

    Thank you so much for this wisdom. I want to brush up on my computer skills. I am almost done with school. I do not want to stay in a metric driven role, but I will learn and grow while here. Thank you again ?
  8. Race and Nursing

    I think you are right. I have seen up north or out West Black RN's in higher level management. But I have not seen that in the south. I have seen White Latina RN's in a mid level management position, but I have not seen a Afro Latina in a...
  9. Race and Nursing

    Hello, I have noticed that there are not any Black RN's at a upper management levels in managed care or in the hospital setting. I am in the south. I have seen Black charge nurses and Black supervisors. I have not seen a Black CEO or Director of...
  10. BSN or MSN with only RN diploma?

    Get your BSN first. I learned alot in my BSN program coming from a ADN program. I am currently in my MSN program and I can see how the BSN prepared me for the MSN. Good luck!
  11. How do I do this?

    You should apply at different insurance companies. There are alot of remote positions out there. Good luck
  12. Metrics Driven Case Management

    Hello, I have not been on this site in so long. I have been working for a large insurance company telephonically and remotely. Pays well, good benefits. I do not like that is very metric driven role. We must enroll 32 members a month...
  13. Work from home RN?? what to search for!

    I work from home 100% of the time and I do not like it. You can be worked like a dog, and still not appreciated working from home, being salary they require so much from us. This is in the insurance industry and I am so unhappy. So many of our nurses...
  14. florida or california?

    I live and work in FL and FL SUCKS..I love Cali!!! Go to Cali while you can--there is culture, beautiful beaches and scenery. FL is very flat and humid. We have nice beaches,but we don't have beautiful mountains like Cali--If i could move out west I ...
  15. Code Lavender?!

    I need a code lavender right now!! Not too happy with nursing:(