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I have been a RN for 22 years. I left the bedside over 10 years ago and have been working remotely as a case manager for an insurance company for over 10 years. I love my team and the company is great. They paid for me to get my Masters degree and I'm so thankful. 

Only problem is in this market there is no room for growth. I am considering taking the  CCM Exam. I've been in the same role for years. I see myself in management but I have no management experience. I do not want to be a supervisor but would rather be a manager. I thought about looking into quality. I receive very good raises and have very good benefits. It's truly a blessing but I sense there is more within me but unsure how to achieve this. I have the degrees but do not have the management experience.


Thank you


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Hi Bella - 

I think it depends on the company. I stared at my insurance company as a case manager over 15 years ago, too. I also am not keen on supervising a staff, but I do enjoy leading. I have found I can still be a "leader" through my various roles - I have been in nurse education, quality, appeals, program design and am now in informatics. Ask a lot of questions and look for any opportunity to do something different - join an employee resource group,  organize a team volunteer challenge, or offer to lead a training/call for your team. If your specific team has no opportunity to move up and you still have the desire, don't be afraid to look at ALL the job postings (don't filter - you'd be surprised what gets filtered out). 

Good Luck! 

Specializes in ICU/CCU/Oncology/CSU/Managed Care/ Case Management.

Thank you so much for your reply. You are giving me great ideas. Have a Happy New Year!

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