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  1. kesr

    Nursing salary vs. tuition repayment

    I agree, this seems too high, and other options sound good. One thing I would advise in your decision making. If you want to advance in your career, or someday leave bedside nursing, your BSN will open doors you may not be thinking of now. I never thought I would want to leave hospital nursing, but after 15 years of ICU I was tired of heartbreak, shift work, holidays and was developing back pain. I know this sounds whiny now, but I ended up monitoring drug studies for a major drug company. More money, better benefits, better pension, and a job I really enjoyed. Jobs I didn't know existed when was a young grad.
  2. kesr

    Concerned...allnurses store product

    I checked the site - they have chocolate covered sunflower seeds and jelly beans. Poor idea, and I did complain to them. Remember those sugar cigarettes with the red tips that were popular when I was a kid. I think this falls into the same catagory. So OP, I'm still in your court!
  3. kesr

    Concerned...allnurses store product

    Since they call them "chocolate sunflowers" in the ad, I assume it is a real product - and as OP states very ill advised. I think I'll check out the website and complain. Gag or not we should be responsible.
  4. kesr

    Ideas for inscription on class ring?

    It's boring, but I would just use date and initials. What seems like a cool slogan today may be meaningless or too cute in 5 years.
  5. One more suggestion - if it is truly unsafe - report it. To the city or county, to the state, to medicare, to the health department. Anyone who would do an inspection or audit.
  6. kesr

    Am I in trouble?

    Just tell the truth, no embellishments - just like you told us. No blaming other shifts, just the facts. You reported it properly, you have good instincts; I'm sure it will all be fine after the dust settles, and you have learned a valuable lesson. Always check for yourself.
  7. kesr

    Facebook and Former Patient Friend Request

    Interesting question, but since her reason for connecting with you is her RECENTLY diagnosed son, I think you made the right decision. If you later connect, for example, through a support group, then I think it would ok.
  8. kesr

    What do your hands say about you?

    Funny. Yesterday I got suckered into stopping at one of those Dead Sea skin care kiosks in the mall - the girl took one look at my hands and asked "are you a nurse?". I haven't done bedside care in 20+ years. Go Figure!
  9. kesr

    Student caught stealing....

    While I completely agree with this - just where do they belong? No job is a place I would want to hire a thief. Someone rummaging through co-workers purses happens everywhere, or taking from the job site, etc and should not be tolerated. Probably the same reason shoplifters used to get a pass - it takes a big crisis to get action. Most institutions just want the problem to go away by magic. No controversy, no mess.
  10. kesr

    Student caught stealing....

    Again, don't expect the police to do much more than take a report. But at least you will have followed through.
  11. kesr

    Interview outfit--is this ok?

    IMHO, I think the blouse and jacket are a better choice.
  12. kesr

    Interview outfit--is this ok?

    My gut reation is - no. Nothing says professional like a jacket.
  13. kesr

    Student caught stealing....

    Press charges, but don't be too dissappointed if nothing comes of it.
  14. kesr

    Huge Dilemma...please help!

    Just ask for the interveiw to be rescheduled - no explaination needed, YOU HAVE A PRIOR COMMITTMENT. The pinning ceremony may or may not sound like a lame excuse, so better not to give one. Good Luck.
  15. kesr

    How far would you be willing to travel for a job?

    I enjoyed my drives, too. It gave me time to decompress - not that I needed so much of that with a nicer job. In reality, I got home about the same time as when I lived 15 miles from a more stressful job, where I never got out on time anyway. I did not mind working weekends and holidays - until I didn't have to anymore! WOW , so that's how the rest of the world lives. Something to be said for that, too. Twice I was snowed into work - had to stay since the next shift didn't get in, but that happened at the closer job, too. Snow days do happen, both getting to work or getting home, but that happens no matter how far away the job is. I would go for the interview - then see what happens. Worst case, you take the job and it doesn't work out, then you look closer to home next time. Best case - you love it and make lost of $$$$! Good luck.
  16. kesr

    How far would you be willing to travel for a job?

    I used to drive 45 miles each way, but some folks I worked with were doing 70+ miles one way. A lot depends on the roads you will travel - freeways? fast and well tended? Multiple routes if traffic boggs down? If it works out would moving closer be an option? Will the extra road time away from home be a problem for you and your family?

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