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Neveranurseagain has 26 years experience as a RN.

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  1. [color=#333333] [h=3]md retire license in ca to avoid being charged in patients death, does not inform illinois med board, gets to keep license! agency reprimands decatur doctor[/h] herald & review (decatur, il) - sunday, april 8, 2012 author: h&r staff report [color=#333333]decatur - dr. marvin j. derrick , a decatur memorial hospital cardiothoracic surgeon, was disciplined by the illinois department of financial and professional regulation in february. the department reported it received information that in april 2011, derrick was issued a letter of public reprimand by the medical board of california for failure to drain a massive pericardial effusion in one patient in 2004 that resulted in the patient's death, according to a 2009 accusation filed by the board; and failure to confirm the final sponge count in two other cases, which resulted in sponges being left in the patients' bodies after surgery. derrick has voluntarily retired his license to practice medicine in california. according to the department, derrick failed to report the discipline imposed by california to illinois officials. following the reprimand in california, the illinois department of financial and professional regulation reprimanded derrick 's illinois license in february. he is still employed by the hospital and able to practice in illinois. decatur memorial hospital issued a statement following the department's discipline. "we have evaluated these reports and find them very inconsistent with our experience with dr. derrick at dmh," it stated. "dr.derrick has been on our medical staff since 2009, and our doctors have consistently found him to be an outstanding surgeon for the treatment of heart and lung disease. with dr. derrick 's expertise, dmh achieved the high level of performance that led to our selection as one of the nation's top 50 cardiovascular hospitals. he is an excellent surgeon, and we feel fortunate to have him at our hospital." [color=#333333]section: news page: b4 record number: 04081217 copyright, 2012, herald & review, decatur, il
  2. Neveranurseagain


    My elementary school of 410 were donated 2 AED's by the fire sept. One is outside my office and the other one in the gym. But no one on my campus has been trained to use them...
  3. Neveranurseagain

    Teaching Emotional Eating Class - Need Your Input

    Read the book "Life Without Ed" and the sequel. Both great reads about Ed (Eating disorders) http://www.amazon.com/Goodbye-Ed-Hello-Me-Disorder/dp/0071608877/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1306402240&sr=8-2
  4. Neveranurseagain

    What determines if a patient is autopsied?

    When my husband died (of a medical incident) I requested a private autopsy done. It cost about $6000 and was done at the mortuary. Thought it was kinda weird that you call 1-XXX-AUTOPSY. They even have a gift catalog!!!!???? Gift Catalog
  5. Neveranurseagain

    I pulled this out of my head!!!! LOL

    I did some teaching to the family but I think it went right over their head! They told me since it was safe for dogs they thought it was safe for them too.
  6. Neveranurseagain

    CHW Bakersfield Memorial new grad interview process

    CHW Bakersfield Memorial had 58 deficiencies in last year's inspection survey. Facility Information Print page
  7. Neveranurseagain

    I pulled this out of my head!!!! LOL

    I got an idea from one of my student's parents for school staff presents this year for Christmas. A family had lice and not just the bitty ones but ones the size of a watermelon seed. Mom cut several inches off her daughter's hair, and placed it in a gallon ziplock baggie and stuck it in a warm area. She checked it later in the week, and there was like an ant farm of lice scurrying around. So we nurses thought maybe we would give the staff lice farms, instead of ant farms. Great idea??? Another parent didn't have the $$$$ to treat the whole family for lice, so she went to Walmart and bought flea and tick shampoo for dogs....worked great and was less than 10 bucks to treat the whole family!
  8. Neveranurseagain

    need your valuable help again pls

    We use a nurse pass that is made from NCR paper. Teacher writes name, time, date and then there is a check list of symptoms that the teacher checks off-cough, ST, fever, headache, pain in the butt, injury etc. Then the nurse checks off what she did-temperature, cleansed/bandaid, rest, h20, cough drop, Tylenol etc. Then you mark what time the student left your office. The original stays with the nurse, to be used to chart later if busy, and the copy goes back to the teacher. At the end of the day the teacher gives them back to the students to be placed in their back pack, and the child is SUPPOSED to give it to their parent when they arrive home to let the parent know they saw the nurse and what was done. I will see a student if they are dying, need CPR, wheezing or really injured without a pass. It eliminates the kids that go to the bathroom, then sneak off to the nurse's office afterward.
  9. Neveranurseagain

    CHW Bakersfield Memorial new grad interview process

    I found the nursing care at Bakersfield Memorial to be really scary. They have alot of travelers because the staff does not stay very long.... Wouldn't even send my pup there!
  10. Neveranurseagain

    Specialty with vacation time

    Look into school nursing. I get a 9 day fall break, 5 days at Thanksgiving, 2 1/2 weeks at Christmas, 9 day spring break, many 3-4 day weekends, 2 1/2 months off during the summer. Great for packing up my RV and going wandering! The school district pays my health insurance year round, and I average my pay over 11 months (1 month s a paycheck). I occasionally work camps during the summer, and some pay up to $1000 a week, plus room and board. Plus I get to write off my mileage/travel expenses as I have them pay me as an independent contractor. By the time I include mileage/expenses as I schedule camps on scenic routes, I don't have to pay much in taxes. There are camps available over Christmas break, Spring break and all summer, too! I am working a camp over Christmas break, then stopping and seeing friends and enjoy the beach before driving home.
  11. Neveranurseagain

    Personal liability insurance why or why not?

    My husband died of a very preventable medical incident. After spending many hours/days/weeks one on one with the top medical mal attorneys in the state of California, I learned this: If you don't have medical mal insurance, there is not a medical mal attorney that will take a med mal case, not matter how blatant the error/neglect was. Med mal is a highly specialized field, and expenses can run very high. The expenses associated with my husband's case cost a little over $150,000 just for expert witnesses. A cardiac surgeon that is an expert witness charges $10,000 a day, plus airfare and of course they don't stay at the local Motel 6. So if the healthcare provider responsible doesn't have any med mal insurance, there is no case. Who is going to pay the $150,000 expert witness bill? No one is going to.... Yes, they can attach your wages--but that means your attorney has to pay the bill then collect the $$$ from you. And if they lose the case, then the attorney will get stuck paying the expert witness bill.... Even if you own your own home, you will still be safe unless it is worth over $500,000 and is owned free and clear.
  12. Neveranurseagain

    Parents won't send inhaler to school

    I just call the parents every time the child shows up in my office with asthma and have them bring the inhaler. After 4 trips in a week the student had an extra one sent to my office.
  13. Neveranurseagain

    losing your license?

    Here is a link to the California BON website of accusations (not convictions) filed against RN's. Every nurse should read this occasionally to see why nurses may lose their license or have sanctions placed on them. If you click on the blue link, you can read the accusations. Some of them are sad, as errors have happened that result in the death of a pt. from something a simple as not realizing the monitor volume was turned down. This web site will give you an idea of why nurses may lose their license. Board of Registered Nursing - Disciplinary Actions - October 2008
  14. Neveranurseagain

    Thanksgiving Gratitude Thread

    I have been a lurker for a long time on this recovery thread as I don't think I am an addict, and this is the number one thing I am thankful for. Both my parents were drug or ETOH addicts, and even my grandparents! How the heck did my brother and I not become addicts? Or are we really addicts but just aware that we may be and so mostly abstain from ETOH and drugs? I am also thankful for my 2 children, ages 15 and 17. I am thankful that I have recovered mentally, at least to the point I can hold down a 3/4 time job, since my husband died of a medical incident and I lost faith (still have!) in the medical system. I am thankful that I found a job that I love where I don't have to work with other healthcare providers. I am thankful that I responded well to an antidepressant and found a therapist that helped me become functional again after 2 years of not leaving the house. I still have convince myself though, that they will always be part of my life and to stop going off them when I have been doing well for several months as depression always creeps back into my life. I am thankful that I am still alive. I am thankful that I have always read the nurses and recovery thread, to remind myself why I don't drink more than 2 drinks, EVER and not more than once a month and NEVER when I am sad, lonely or angry. I am also thankful that I stopped using recreational drugs when I was 20 years old, now more than 30 yrs ago.
  15. Neveranurseagain

    Replacing School Nurses with Health Techs

    I have to agree with this. I think teacher techs would work great for teaching students--as someone pointed out do you really need someone with a masters degree to teach first graders? Especially if there is a pre packaged module that has been prepared by a certified teacher, that could supervise several "teacher technicians." It doesn't take a masters degree to teach-- I homeschooled both my kids from 4-6th and their state test scores soared! But are we dumbing down America by task training people to do careers that, in the past, have required a college degree, all in the name of saving money? Is this the direction that the country really wants to go? During lunch, I have been asked questions about the cognitive effects of DM on school children and how do BS levels affect learning. Today I assessed a child in a wheel chair and talked to her mom about issues related to being multiple handicapped. Too many issues have come up that it would take an RN to recognize. Yesterday, during hearing screens, I noticed an underweight child that I checked on that it turns out was already being followed by an MD. Would a health aide recognize these things? I spoke to a child today that has been a real behavior challenge that I thought was showing early signs of mental illness--yet no on had thought to do a psych eval on the student. I think we are short changing students by allowing health techs to become RN replacements. By using techs, we are losing a sense of professionalism that is vital to society.
  16. Neveranurseagain

    bullying at work

    Time to find a new job! You are at risk for being set up for something bigger, and possibly putting your license in danger. Are you really sure you want to win this battle? Also look up hostile work place, and do a little research before you decide to go to HR.

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