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Neveranurseagain has 26 years experience as a RN.

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  1. Neveranurseagain


    My elementary school of 410 were donated 2 AED's by the fire sept. One is outside my office and the other one in the gym. But no one on my campus has been trained to use them...
  2. Neveranurseagain

    Teaching Emotional Eating Class - Need Your Input

    Read the book "Life Without Ed" and the sequel. Both great reads about Ed (Eating disorders) http://www.amazon.com/Goodbye-Ed-Hello-Me-Disorder/dp/0071608877/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1306402240&sr=8-2
  3. Neveranurseagain

    districts cut RNs

    My district has layed off all the RN's but one, and replaced them with a health aide. And the health aide job description doesn't even require them to have taken CPR/First Aid!!! They are going to be task trained by the RN to handle diabetes, asthma, medical emergencies....
  4. Neveranurseagain

    Questions about school nursing

    what are your hours at work? 8am to 3pm would you mind sharing your salary and if it's for 12 months or just the school year? my salary is $22,000 for the school year. and no, that is not a typo! the school district thinks that is too much and is replacing me with a health aide that has taken cpr/first aid to handle the tube feedings and diabetic children as well as the 17 epi pens that our school has, with not even mentioning the students with severe asthma that get flown out on a regular basis. i'm scared for our medically fragile children. do you work during the summer else where? yes, i work camps in the summer. how long were you a nurse before you started school nursing? (experience) since disco was king. graduated in the early 80's. was this a hard field to get into? what steps did you take? it was not a hard job to get into. i was candidate number 4 but the first 3 refused the job offer when they heard what the pay was. what do you do and do you have an assistant? no assistant-are you dreaming? do you have your own office? yep, it's great. i get to pick the radio station. do you get a lunch break? most of the time do you have to stay for meetings like teachers do? yep what school do you work in (elementary, middle, high school, etc)? i cover a 3rd thru 5th grade school of 450 students. what's your least favorite thing(s) about this job? when i get more than one student tossing their cookies at a time. another least favorite is when my office runs out of pants, shoes and jackets-77%of our students are free/reduced lunch and very low income. i try to keep them dressed well for school as well as warm. if you could do it over again, would you still be a school nurse? i love my job and working with the students. will do it again in a heart beat. i may even apply for the health aid position. and no, i'm not in s. carolina. i'm from the state that ranks dead last for spending in the usa for education.
  5. Neveranurseagain

    A Pre-nursing Student who believes...

    You obviously didn't have poopphobia when you started nursing school.
  6. Neveranurseagain

    Summer 2011

    I'm going to be working at a camp in Los Angeles that serves L.A. inner city kids. It should be rewarding and I can hardly wait til it starts.
  7. Neveranurseagain

    A Pre-nursing Student who believes...

    This is why every nursing student needs to work as a CNA before they apply to nursing school. Then they would really know what being an RN really involves! What ever happened to this requirement? No wonder so many bimbos are going into nursing!
  8. Neveranurseagain

    Are you an organ donor?

    Profits are huge because we live in a capitalist society where health care is a business, just like Ford and VW are.
  9. Neveranurseagain

    Are you an organ donor?

    People need to not be concerned with their eligibility to be an organ donor if they have a preexisting condition. g ahead and sign up, and let the organ donation agency determine if you are a suitable donor or not. You may be surprised that you could still be a donor, even with a preexisting condition. Don't automatically disqualify yourself.
  10. Neveranurseagain

    Are you an organ donor?

    At age 47, my husband became an organ donor. The man who received my husband's kidney had a baby boy on Aug. 23, 2010 that he and his wife named Thomas, after my late husband. Our children are now 15 and 17, and they each received their driver's license this year. At the same time, they registered to become an organ donors, and have encouraged their friends to do so, too.
  11. Neveranurseagain


    You forgot to list a few of your jobs: a plumber therapist social worker housekeeper seamstress hospice worker and let's not forget customer service rep! And just tell them RN stands for Real Nurse...
  12. Neveranurseagain

    "Medic" to replace the term "nurse"

    From what I read on allnurses,I can foresee a day when nurses will be called Customer Service Reps!
  13. Neveranurseagain

    Should I have my own malpractice insurance?

    Most people don't own their home and cars outright, the banks do and there is not enough equity in them to pay for the case. But if they want my 1998 Saturn they can have it!
  14. Neveranurseagain

    Nurses who are also Veterinary Techs

    I was the barn manager and large animal vet tech for a horse hospital in So California for many years. Administered all the general anesthesia--ever see the ET for a horse? They are actually fairly easy to intubate. I worked at the horse hospital full time, and nursing part time.
  15. Neveranurseagain


    Let me know what hospital you work at so I can choose another one! Check with your state BON--triage needs to be done by an RN.
  16. Neveranurseagain

    Has the school nursing job market changed?

    I worked in California and schools will hire ASN RN's, but instead of being called school nurses, they are called school district nurses. I was classified as an RN-School District. You can be a nurse working for the school district, and don't need to be a School Nurse. Many schools now hire LPN/LVN's and ASN RN's as they are cheaper than a School Nurse. Schools that use this model have one certified school nurse for paperwork, but the hands on care with students is performed by LPN/LVN's and ASN RN's.