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CDI Supervisor; Formerly NICU
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Bortaz has 11 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in CDI Supervisor; Formerly NICU.

Old and in the way.

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  1. Hey, I’m in my last year as a nursing student. I’m coming to field with a 10 year back ground in EMS 6 as a paramedic. I just finished a NICU rotation and loved it. I’m wondering what it’s like and how people respond to male NICU nurses. 

    1. Bortaz

      Bortaz, MSN, RN

      A high acuity NICU can be a beautiful and tragic place. These are not just fat babies waiting to go home. NICU is a 500 gram kid on a ventilator and iNo and 10 drips. It can be terrifying as a new nurse (and as an old one). It takes a special kind of person to be able to professionally and compassionately handle these patients (and their family). Having said that, it was the best job I ever had...I loved it with a passion and miss it greatly now that I'm no longer working there. As a male, you will occasionally run into people who won't want you as their baby's nurse. You'll also meet a LOT of resistance from female nurses. I never let it stop me from pursuing the job, and neither should you.


      It's a hard place to work, but the rewards are great.

  2. Bortaz

    MSN WGU job opportunities

    WGU is a fully accredited and well respected university. You almost certainly won’t encounter the situation you asked about. Im in my 2nd term of the RN to MSN Leadership track, and have found the program to be rigorous and challenging, but well developed. I’ve enjoyed my experience so far.
  3. Bortaz

    RN to MSN Leadership &Management

    I've completed Orientation, Leadership/Communication, US Constitution, Statistics, Care of Older Adult, and Nutrition (Accelerated) since Jan 1. Now trying to learn Biochemistry.
  4. Bortaz

    RN to MSN Leadership &Management

    I just started the RN to MSN in L/M on January 1. I'm really liking the program so far, although I hate this statistics class that has slowed me down a lot. Chugging along.
  5. You DO have to be working as a nurse. However, there are no specific types of jobs that are required.
  6. Bortaz

    A Patient That Changed My Life

    Today marks 5 years since Olivia gained her angel wings. Fly high, baby.
  7. Bortaz

    Tips for a NICU New Grad?

    It's attached to this thread: https://allnurses.com/nicu-nursing-neonatal/nicu-brain-sheet-882031.html
  8. Bortaz

    A Patient That Changed My Life

    Happy birthday in Heaven, Olivia. She would have been 13 today.
  9. Bortaz


    Yay, so the 100000 times I get into my car that wasn't stolen, I have my firearm there for my protection. I'm a former law enforcement officer and corrections supervisor/gang investigator who arrested or incarcerated many dangerous felons and gang members over 25 years. I live 6 miles from Reynosa, Mexico on the Texas border. We have cartel and gang activity running rampant down here. I'll go ahead and carry my gun, and let YOU worry about mitigating how uncomfortable YOU are with it. Cheers.
  10. Bortaz


    Thankfully, Texas passed a law that allows an employee to keep a gun in their vehicle at work. Businesses are not allowed to prohibit it.
  11. Bortaz


    I'm a male in Texas, former LEO/corrections employee, licensed to carry concealed (and open, come Jan 1) which I do 24/7 if I'm not at work. When at work, I keep it in my car and immediately place it inside my waistband in a holster when I get in the car. In Texas, employers and private businesses can prohibit concealed carrying on their premises, but they must do it with signage with very specific verbiage (known as 30.06 signs and 51% signs) easily viewable by anyone entering the premises. My hospital has 30.06 signs posted, so it is indeed illegal to carry there. A lot of restaurants and stores print signs they find on the internet, and hang them. Those signs are not legally binding, and most CCL holders walk right past them with their concealed firearm. I do, but sometimes I'll make an effort to educate the manager before I leave. If I'm carrying (and I always am) and come to a store/restaurant with legal signage banning the firearm, I leave and go elsewhere. I do not just go back to the car to disarm and then go back inside that business. My wife is also licensed. I started taking her to the range, introduced her to shooting around the new year because she travels for work frequently, and I want her able to defend herself in hotels, parking lots, etc when I'm not there. She LOVES shooting, and we go to the range practically every week for a couple of hours. She's quite good at it, too.
  12. Bortaz

    RNC exam

    Sorry, I have no idea. It's been quite a few years and I just don't remember. They might have come with the book, though.
  13. I'd still do it, but I'd do it at 20 instead of 40
  14. Bortaz

    Brian Short News

    I lost my brother to suicide last week. A friend sent the following to me. I'd like to share it with you all now. RIP.
  15. Bortaz

    Pay grade: experienced nurse vs new grad

    Hospitals have this bizarre, self-defeating habit of keeping nurses (those who started off as a new grad in the hospital) on the same crappy pay scale. What it causes to happen is that those nurses have to LEAVE that employer in order to get on a pay scale not based on being a new grad...to be paid commensurate to their experience. It happens everywhere. If hospital administrators were smart, they would correct this issue;pay nurses according to experience;retain trained and loyal staff;profit from the experience of those staff members.
  16. Bortaz

    Manager is emailing my personal email address

    Why? What does this have to do with travel nursing?

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