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  1. Butterfly0328

    How Does One Start in Pain Management as a Patient

    Thank you so much for your advice.:)
  2. Butterfly0328

    Drug Screen question

    hi, i was wondering the same thing and so i looked on the nevada bon website. it you look up nac 632.890 it says this: ( i have copied and pasted it) 10. practicing nursing, if any amount of alcohol or a controlled substance or dangerous drug that is not legally prescribed is present in the body of the nurse or nursing assistant as determined by a test of the blood, saliva, breath, hair or urine of the nurse or nursing assistant given while the nurse or nursing assistant is on duty. 11. having present in the body of the nurse or nursing assistant, alcohol or a controlled substance or dangerous drug that is not legally prescribed during a test of the blood, saliva, breath, hair or urine of the nurse or nursing assistant given as a condition of employment. so, i hope this helps. i would suggest you call the bon just to make sure, but it looks like to me it's ok if it is legally prescribed.
  3. Butterfly0328

    Treating pain in ER

    LOL . You crack me up.
  4. Butterfly0328

    Treating pain in ER

    I totally appreciate your insight... Thank you. I do understand a bit better but as I said never had an issue with the nurses. Thanks again.
  5. Butterfly0328

    Treating pain in ER

    I would and did. LOL
  6. Butterfly0328

    Treating pain in ER

    This is the second time you have insulted my intelligence. Is that really necessary? You have also personally attacked me and have made referance to me being a drug seeker. Why??? I never ever insulted any of you. I only asked you to not be so judgemental. For the reasons listed I will be fileing a complaint.
  7. Butterfly0328

    Treating pain in ER

    Don't think for a second I didn't "get" your sarcastic remark by saying "OP excluded of course".
  8. Butterfly0328

    Treating pain in ER

    I couldn't agree more. In my opinin you are all saints for the work you do. Like I said , this thread got way off topic. If you go back and look at my original post the first thing I asked is how pain is typically treated in the ED where o you all work. Then I followed by my experience. I never ever said I expected any nurse to rub a brow, stoke my hair etc. That is just plain stupid to expect or even want! I have read several of your posts and really do like you and admire your level of expertise. I can tell you are an exceptional nurse. I truly mean that. I get tempers flare and understand the best I can the crap you all deal with everyday. I have no issues at all with you. God bless and keep up the great work.:)
  9. Butterfly0328

    Treating pain in ER

    Thank you so much for your reply. I am so sorry you have been through this hell. I do agree with you with regards to having a nurse just show some empathy. I once had a nurse tell me to stop making "faces". Most people would be moaning or screaming in pain, but I was obviously making contorted faces or something. Unbelievable. Yea, we will make amazing nurses one day, especially because we have had the experiences we have had. Thanks again.:)
  10. Butterfly0328

    Telling your boss you're going to nursing school....

    I am very fortunate in that my employer encourages education and will adjust my schedule to accomodate my school schedule. I have been with this company for over 22 years and began this journey 2 years ago. My employer realizes that people change as do their goals on life. They even pay 100% tuition for undergrad classes regardless of whether it benefits the company or not. As far as working while in nursing school I plan to work PT in order to keep my medical benefits and because new grads are having a hard time finding jobs. Once I am done with nursing school I will go back to FT util I find a nursing position. Good luck. I hope your boss understands.
  11. Butterfly0328

    I just want to talk....

    Westieluv- I couldn't agree with you more. It's unforgivable the way the elderly are treated in our society. My mother recently passed away after a 6 year battle with cancer. She was in hospice for about four months and while the nurses were awesome, I was rather shocked to learn that hospic willingly provided pain pills, they would not provide my mother with the medication she needed to increase her appetite. It's as if they were wanting her pass on. Don't get me wrong here as I am not referring to the nurses but rather the business side of hospice. My father had to pay cash for this medication. I totally feel that the senior citizens in this country should be taken care of in terms of food, shelter and medical coverage- ALL FREE OF CHARGE!!! Just my two cents.
  12. Butterfly0328

    Oragel for hemorrhoids???

    Yea, I would have to agree. That would totally hurt!! Night night. LOL
  13. Butterfly0328

    Oragel for hemorrhoids???

    OK, so have any you heard of this?? Long story short: my sister, whom is a pharmacist, recommended oragel be applied to my mothers hemorrhoids. My mother passed away on April 29th, I will miss her so much. She had cancer and was on many narcs, so obviously constipation was an issue. When I heard this I about peed my pants. LOL. But at the same time I thought it was an awesome idea. What do you all think??
  14. Butterfly0328

    Good deaths versus bad

    OP, I know your pain as I just lost my beloved mother 2 days ago. I know what u mean about worrying about your mother. My parents have been married for 55 years and I am so worried about him. My mother passed very peacefully and I have no doubt she is on the other side with her parents and daughter whom was a stillborn, or these days called fetal demise. There is np way I could go on without the peace of this knowledge. .Even though your father considered himself an.athiest means nothing. God loved ALL his children and welcomes them in open arms. The feathers are Gods way of telling you and your family that your daddy will be in a better place and the feather on your daddy's chest was God's way of :redpinkhe letting you know your father is with me now. I will pray you find peace. God bless.
  15. Butterfly0328

    Do you hospice nurses attend funerals of patients?

    Hi you all, just a quick update. My mother passed away Friday afternoon (4/29) after her long battle with cancer. The hospice nurses whom cared for her were incredible. And yes, my father has given them all the info for her service should they want to attend. Thank you all so much for your advive. She passed very peacefully and even with aroma therapy in her own home in bed. I LOVE YOU MAMMA. I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE WHOLE AND OUT OF PAIN. I WILL MEET YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE WHEN IT IS MY TIME. I LOVE YOU AND WILL MISS.