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future OB/L&D nurse(I hope) or hospice
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Butterfly0328 specializes in future OB/L&D nurse(I hope) or hospice.

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  1. Butterfly0328

    Over 60, seasoned nurse, fired for not being a "Robot RN."

    This is just seriously pathetic!! I am so very sorry you are going through this! Stand strong and be proud of who you are!
  2. Butterfly0328

    Rx drug abuse in your ED- steps you take?

    I commend you for doing what you can to take part in finding a resolution to an epidemic problem. The one thing I don't understand is why there is not a national data base in every pharmacy in every state-thus preventing someone from filling multiple perscriptions by just crossing state lines. I know there will always be those that beat any system but I believe that a national data base would prevent a lot of these problems. I know it all has to do with the almighty dollar because I know the technology is there. When will the government feel like it is important enough to make the investment?? Who knows....as far as the OP making the statement about the pharmaceutical companies developing highly addictive substances, there is a place for them and the need-in my opinion. Those suffering with AIDS, Cancer, and a host of chronic pain conditions can and do benefit from these medications. Those who are looking for a high, which I also believe is a very small percentage as the majority of those labeled drug seekers are actually just trying to achieve adequate pain control, will find that high somewhere- if it's not perscription drugs it will be crack, meth etc. Of course this is only my opinion. If there is a way to drastically limit multiple rx fills via a national data base, if doctors demand their patients to bring in their rx bottles to every visit every month to show the remainder of their pills, if they do toxicology checks via blood draw rather than urine as we all know the tricks related to urine checks, and last but not least, I believe doctors need to take the time to get to know their patients and verify as much as possible via MRI and CT scan what is causing their chronic pain. It has gotten too easy for people to walk into a clinic or doctor office and claim they are in pain and voila- here is a rx for pain pills. This is all only my opinion and I know there will always be issues - but I do think with some restrictions put in place and everything I mentioned above we can work towards a final resolution.
  3. Butterfly0328

    Feeling scared...I just need to vent a little :(

    I loved that analogy!!! I am still a pre-nursing student and have had the same concerns as the OP, but I will now remember this analogy as I enter my nursing school journey and beyong. THANK YOU!!
  4. Butterfly0328

    Fmla Question

    No way... only thing they should be told is if you were approved and the time needed off. For example I have "intermittent" FMLA in which I have been approved for up to 3 occurences a week at no more than 4 hours per day. That is approved through November 30th, after which I have been approved for 3 occurances per month and each occurance can last up to two days each. I got a copy of the notice my manager got and all it said is what I stated above. No reason given or even a hint at the medical condition. Of course when I need to call in I just call and let her know I will be taking x amount of tme for FMLA and thats it! Hope this helps.
  5. Butterfly0328

    I am so frustrated with Anatomy & Physiology :(

    I so totally know how you feel....I took A&P I twice before passing with a C+. And so far I have taken A&P II two times already and got a D+ both times. Granted spring semester this year I know why I didn't pass because my mother was in her last few months of battling cancer and passed away April 29th. I would spend weekends with her and intended to study at night etc but made the decision to spend every waking minute with her whether she was awake or not. With that being said, the class is freaking hard. Yes I have been very discouraged and have questioned my journey just like you may have. BUT... I won't give up. The silver lining here is that by the time I pass this class I should know the material very well. Hang in there. I would only imagine that this is only the tip of the iceberg and the beginning of sleepless, tear filled nights. From what I have read on this sight nursing school is way harder and a lot more stressful than these classes. I look at these classes like the initiation classes- if I am breaking under this stress completely and do not seem to be recovering emotionally then I will never make it in nursing school. I get upset, cry if I need to and dry my tears and push on. Don't give up!! God Bless!:heartbeat
  6. Butterfly0328

    A vet tech as a nurse ?

    I have to agree with others in the fact that Vet Techs are animal nurses and equivelent to human nurses. They have an Associates degree and have to take the same amount of credit hours that the ADN students. I lost a cat in February and the animal hospital we took him to was incredible!! They had an ICU where each animal had their own tech, they had 24 hour care. I was able to call at ANY hour to see how he was doing. They had every kind of specialist you could think of: Cardiology, Oncology, Nephrology, Endocrinology etc... They had an on premisis laboratory as well as MRI and Cat Scan machines. This hospital was also a teaching hospital in that students from all over the country would re-locate in order to complete their internship here. It was just incredible! My boy was 15 years old and we lost him to a brain tumor. After that experience I have told so many people that if I ever needed to be hospitLized I wish it could be at this hospital...I have several cats and they have been perscribed meds such as valium, amoxicillin, phenobarbital, Lantus, prozac, immodium ID, prednisolone, zeniquin, pepcid and the list goes on. Just my:twocents:
  7. Butterfly0328

    L5-S1 Disc Herniation

    I am in the process of going through PT and then will begin inversion therapy to try to get those bulging discs to go back were they belong. I am hopeful that this will work and then I will continue with Yoga and keep the core muscles strengthened. I am taking this semester off to do this and see how it turns out.... I will let you all know..
  8. My bad diva:uhoh3:. How and who in the world took it from 1000 questions to 75!!! I would be @#$%ed off if I were all of you who had to take the 1000 question test. Doesn't seem right!!
  9. I am not even in nursing school yet but I totally agree. I didn't know it used to be 250 questions and now 75. I mean seriously, peoples lives are at stake. Why on earth was it changed? I believe that there may be less diversion etc because obtaining that license would take a lot more work and determination, thus possibly weeding out those who just kinda wanna be a nurse. I will probably be creamed for this and I hope I am explaining myself clearly enough.
  10. Hey, you may be onto something. That could be totally sexy. Grrrr
  11. I think this is totallty cool... especially if you collect the cans in order to raise money for charity. You know, like give 10% to AA and the other 90% to buy more beer.
  12. It will be just your luck that he turns out to be gay:uhoh3: But it's worth a shot. Make sure you wear a see-through blouse and make sure you get those "thingies" you put in your bra to make your nipples pointed.
  13. Butterfly0328

    What was your first "paying" job???

    Now that was being resourceful not to mention very smart in taking on a job that would give you a paycheck AND free food!
  14. Butterfly0328

    What was your first "paying" job???

    You are so welcomed. I am finding it interesting that many of us loved the most basic of jobs. Maybe it's because the level of responsibility was so much lighter than nursing. Now granted, I am not yet a nurse but having spent nearly 23 years at my current job I can still appreciate the simplicity of that first job. I am also finding it interesting that even though there is such a mixture of first paying jobs, our journey in life is leading us all to the same destination.
  15. Butterfly0328

    What was your first "paying" job???

    That's awesome that the guys down the hall kept an eye out for you. The tarantuals would have been the deal breaker for me.
  16. Butterfly0328

    What was your first "paying" job???

    Wow, $10.00 an hour.. that's awesome money for 16 years old.

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