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KaroSnowQueen has 30 years experience as a RN and specializes in Telemetry, Case Management.

over 50, married, 5 kids, 3 grandkids, Christian, nurse since 1983

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  1. KaroSnowQueen

    How many different nursing positions have you had?

    Been an LPN for 30 years. 1984-5, LTC 1985-88, Stayed home with my kids 1988-1990 LTC 1990-91, Agency working for 2 hospitals 1991-2001, LTC 2001-2007, hospital 2007-2014, reviewed claims major insurance co Right now, am unemployed and taking summe...
  2. KaroSnowQueen

    LPN Undercutting...

    I've been an LPN for literally 30 years and my pay has been stalled in the $20-22 range for over 10 years. Even tho I have hospital experience in almost all areas except L&D, surgery and cardiac ICU, and feel I am an asset to any team, it appear...
  3. KaroSnowQueen

    Don't want a full time job, but wait..,

    Im glad you didnt take it - $15K is not worth the implied heartache I see in that job!
  4. KaroSnowQueen


    Not sure whats going on with you, dont know if Illinois is a compact state. Or if your current state is. Oops, just saw Indy, nope not compact, darn it. I think I'd hit up a payday loan place and try for the travel place. Or ask them if they'd wa...
  5. KaroSnowQueen

    LPN before RN?

    As an LPN of 30 years, get your ADN first. Period. If I had it to do over, I would.
  6. KaroSnowQueen

    Is there a legal way to do this...

    Like someone else said...an anonymous phone call.....Hello, police? I'm at Blahblah ER and that child rapist dude is HERE saying he's some John Doe. For God's sake get here before they let him go!!!!!.....click. My conscience would be clear and H...
  7. KaroSnowQueen

    only 30, in so much pain....dentures?

    I, too, had horrible teeth. My parents had horrible teeth, taught me their fear of the dentist and gave me sodapop since infancy! I had my first tooth pulled at 14. Over the years, I would go to the dentist on an emergency basis, get 1 or 2 or 3 t...
  8. KaroSnowQueen

    What do you think of fibromyalgia?

    I was given this diagnosis several years ago. A few years later, I was also diagnosed, nearly simultneously, with diabetes, autoimmune thyroid disease, and arthrittis. A couple of years after that, I broke my leg in a freak accident, and developed ...
  9. KaroSnowQueen

    Is lying the new norm?

    This happened to me, I filled out an online aplication, got a call almost immediately. 'Oh, that position, and all others like it, are already filled, HOWEVER, would you be interested in...?' No, I would NOT!!! I am in your general area, too.
  10. KaroSnowQueen

    Why I Refuse Flu Shot

    Every year, when i worked in a nursing home, we went down the halls passing out flu shots like Halloween candy. And every single year, at least one, usually two or three, occasionally more of the patients would get sick as a dog and die. The famili...
  11. KaroSnowQueen

    Oh, this isn't for me......

    Some of us are not cut out for home health, me being one of them. It is just not my cup of tea. Perhaps it isn't yours either. Keep looking, you'll find your niche!
  12. KaroSnowQueen

    patient privacy

    Me? I don't care if students observe. I figure if they want to see a round little woman get whatever done, more power to them. However, I remember clearly my mother being horrified that "gobs" of people were brought into the room to observe her giv...
  13. KaroSnowQueen

    Has Nursing hardened you?

    As many other posters have said, I don't think its being in nursing in general that has made a change in me, so much as life itself has changed me. Nursing is a much harder job than you are prepared for in nursing school - at least that was my perce...
  14. KaroSnowQueen

    continuing AA after recovery program?

    While I have never been in your shoes (but for the grace of God...), I have a very close relative who was. For her, she went to AA at least twice a week, sometimes more. I agree with those who say monitor yourself very closely. If it were me, and ...
  15. KaroSnowQueen

    Abusive and Cruel Clinical Instructors: Why??

    I agree that there are instructors out there who have some kind of mental/emotional instability. When I was in LPN school over 28 years ago, we had one instructor that was very up front about her intentions. Three of us girls were a different race ...