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KaroSnowQueen has 30 years experience as a RN and specializes in Telemetry, Case Management.

over 50, married, 5 kids, 3 grandkids, Christian, nurse since 1983

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  1. KaroSnowQueen

    Oh, this isn't for me......

    Some of us are not cut out for home health, me being one of them. It is just not my cup of tea. Perhaps it isn't yours either. Keep looking, you'll find your niche!
  2. KaroSnowQueen

    Investigation into mom who allegedly took child to tanning salon

    The child looks fine. The mother....wow....she is way off the rails to have that much 'tan'.
  3. KaroSnowQueen

    patient privacy

    Me? I don't care if students observe. I figure if they want to see a round little woman get whatever done, more power to them. However, I remember clearly my mother being horrified that "gobs" of people were brought into the room to observe her give birth to my little sister in 1966. (Oops, told my age, now I guess I am a Crusty Old Bat as well.) She carried on about it for literally years. So some people are not pleased with observers, and everyone should be given the chance to approve or disapprove of who sees them during a procedure.
  4. KaroSnowQueen

    Has Nursing hardened you?

    As many other posters have said, I don't think its being in nursing in general that has made a change in me, so much as life itself has changed me. Nursing is a much harder job than you are prepared for in nursing school - at least that was my perception at 23 when I was newly graduated. You do begin to be able to sniff out the BS'ers - the frequent flyers, the drug seekers, the obnoxious demanding pts/familes, the antagonizing managers/supervisors - at 50 paces. You see things that you can't hardly believe are happening to people in your part of the world - meth heads whose children live UNDER the trailer - not in it, parents with no idea of good parenting skills and no intent on finding them, people in obviously toxic relationships - things you hoped happened somewhere 'out there' in the world. You realize that management doesn't give a flying flap about your personal well being, they just want a warm body on the floor and don't much care that you think your assignment is dangerous. That nice story about nursing being a calling that you learned in nursing school? Well, that may or may not be true, but your employer really doesn't care about your empathy for the patients as long as the Press-Gainey scores are up. You can be the most caring nurse in the world and all it takes is a couple of post cards from PG saying you didn't get their ice water quick enough and you get called on the carpet. That being said, I remain very compassionate for those people who are truly ill or in need. Even those whom I think are just milking the system, I remained very pleasant and calm towards them. It was my job to take care of them, and part of that job was to keep my thoughts to myself. And that extended to keeping my thoughts about certain annoying as H---fire co-workers as well!!!! Keeping my mouth shut has saved me a lot of trouble, once I learned to do that!!!! Its just that life and the things you see and experience change you, and some people are just the way they are, regardless. I no longer work at the bedside, and for me, that was the best thing I could do for myself after 24 years of nursing. I've been at my present job for 5 years and I really have become much less 'hard' on the outside. I am again a nice warm ooey gooey person that I've always been underneath.
  5. KaroSnowQueen

    continuing AA after recovery program?

    While I have never been in your shoes (but for the grace of God...), I have a very close relative who was. For her, she went to AA at least twice a week, sometimes more. I agree with those who say monitor yourself very closely. If it were me, and this is my two cents, I would go at least once a week, just to keep your feet wet, to be sure you are staying well. Good luck in your continued recovery.:hug:
  6. KaroSnowQueen

    Texas LVN shoots and kills new mom, abducts 3 day old baby

    I read the entire article. That poor woman, fatally injured and trying to retrieve her baby. It makes me physically ill that someone, and a nurse at that!, could do this. How dreadfully sad and needless.
  7. KaroSnowQueen

    Why can't you write people's names in your note: Rationale?

    Now I have to say my last job we were told not to write any other nurse's name in the notes, only to refer to them vaguely as in "Reported such and so episode of pt (change in cond, pt c/o, whatever), as it would implicate those individuals in case of a lawsuit. OK to write called Dr Wonderful, tough.
  8. KaroSnowQueen

    Sudden code & death of suspected meningitis pt... opinions please!

    I know that two of my kids went to ER on seperate occasions, and once meningitis was suspected, an LP was done within the hour.......
  9. I didn't even start college til I was 22. And had a 58 year old woman in my class. You don't think so now, but believe me, you are dreadfully young. do what you like and to the devil with the nay-sayers!!!!
  10. If you have someone that loses an baby, for god's sake, don't act like the baby never existed, or make the parents feel like they can't bring the baby up. While she loves Hubby #2, she says that's what broke up her marriage to Hubby #1 --- nobody gave them permission to grieve. I remember her saying, "It's like everyone thinks we did something wrong, or we'd done something shameful, they'd get all embarrassed if we even said her name." Amen to that! We lost a stillborn grandson nine years ago the week after Christmas. Bawling our eyes out in a maternity ward still decorated for Christmas. Nearly lost our minds. We NEED to talk about the little one or lose our minds. In memory of Christopher Xaviar, 12/29/02
  11. I work for an insurance co in UR. It's great. There are two sets of standards, Milliman and Interqual. You measure the patient's stay by these standards, and make sure both the provider and the insurance co can agree on length of stay and/or procedures. It utilizes your nursing judgement, no weekends, no holidays, only twice in four and half years have I had to work overtime. I was at the bedside nearly twenty four years before I went to UR. With any luck, I'll never have to go back to it.
  12. KaroSnowQueen

    Shafted on Thanksgiving

    That happened to me two years in a row. First time I pitched a fit and they 'found' a place for me to work. The second time I made the CN write me down for 4 hours pay and went home and enjoyed the quiet while hubby was at his mother's. We had planned to have our turkey on Friday anyhow. To OP - it is a shame you couldn't be with your family. One thing you learn in nursing is, in my experience, management does what they darn well please and its just our tough luck. Which is why I'm not at the bedside any longer.
  13. KaroSnowQueen

    I ♥ downstaffing!

    When I worked at the hospital, I was tickeld to get cancelled!!! My DH would gripe, but I think the most I ever got cancelled in a year's time was 10 days. Yes it was some money lost, but was sorely needed off time!!!!!!!
  14. KaroSnowQueen

    Will a speeding ticket cause problems in background check?

    I have had many speeding tickets - the worst (80 in a 35) while I was in nursing school. They're looking for actual crimes - theft, drugs, etc. Don't worry about it.
  15. Opinions are like anuses - everybody's got one. No one was loved more than my grandmother. There were four of us ready to take her home with us. Every time we brought it up she'd get so upset she'd have to take Xanaxes. Finally the nurses at the hospital told us to give it up and find placement for her - she was 'determined to NOT be a burden' to anyone. She griped mightily about the home we found for her - private pay in a gorgeous old Victorian home with four other ladies. She was just mad because she couldn't go to her own home again. I loved the house and am still friends with the family who runs it. Anyone who talked trash to me about it, I invited them to try to get her to come home with them. People who say these things either haven't tried to care for an elderly relative at home, OR haven't had to change a stubborn old lady's mind. To these trash talkers, I say 'Do better or shut up.'
  16. These days, and this is just my humble opinion, companies value degrees. The higher the degree, the better. Even if you didn't know your own name, that string of letters behind your name would open a lot of doors. Since you are going to know quite a bit more than your own name, you will have more doors open to you and the BSN will be worth it. Just do it!!!:anpom::anpom:

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