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RPN_2012 has 5 years experience and specializes in Geriatrics/Retirement Residence.

Graduate of George Brown College in June 2012.

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  1. Hi everyone, sorry this is a bit long. I'm a Registered Practical Nurse, in Ontario. I work in a small privately owned retirement residence (not a LTC facilty, and not run by the gov). I have just over 5 years experience most of which has been in Ger...
  2. Trial shift at an endoscopy clinic

    Thank you for your respomse and bluntness, I dont like in sugarcoated :) Im not trying to be the best nurse.... Im just trying to fnd a job so I can get out of my curremt nightshift job that is taking it's toll on my life... We didnt learn anything a...
  3. Help me out, endo nurses!

    omg so sorry about all the typps... im horrible at typing on my phone while on the bus after a night shift...
  4. Help me out, endo nurses!

    Hi :) Guess we are kinda in the same boat. I was just offered a triat shift at an endoscopy clinic... hopefully they will keep me :) and I just posted a new topic asking averyone for advice.... So since you already started, do you habe any advice? Wh...
  5. Hello all, I applied for a job at an endoscopy clinic, I don't have any experience in that area, I'm a fairly recent grad (June 2012) and I applied there just tryjng to get out of my current job where I work nights only at a retirement residence. Lon...
  6. Anyone watch Nurse Jackie?

    I LOVE SCRUBS!!! So funny!:heartbeat:clown:
  7. Anyone watch Nurse Jackie?

    Mercy was cancelled?
  8. Anyone watch Nurse Jackie?

    I do! I love Nurse Jackie!:heartbeat It's a fun show! I realize that she's a deeply flowed character, with all her drug problems, cheating, cursing, sex on the job, and many many other wrondoings... But hey, it's hollywood, and those things make the ...
  9. Tell me I'll be okay...

    Well, if they knew it upfront, then they can't be really upset! So just tell them that you didn't expect to get into a program this soon! And tell them that you are really exited for this opportunity to pursue your dream of being an RN and deliverin...
  10. If I can't sleep NOBODY CAN!

    I though unicorn have 1 horn and pegasus have wings?!?! lol am I wrong?! As for the sleeping part, why would you want everyone around you to be as misserable, even your SO? really? *sight* TURN OFF THE PHONE!!! when you go to bed, tel the mashine pi...
  11. DON'T BE SCARED to follow your dream. I had 0, that's right 0! medical background before starting nursing school. The only thing medically related i did was take the CPR-HCP (mandatory) course a couple of months before school started.Like you I was i...

    oops, i just saw that the last link is for physicians! sorry
  13. Need encouragement please

    What program is that? I've never hear of a LPN to RN program that is only 18 months... wow!

    another interesting info site... http://www.health.gov.on.ca/english/providers/program/uap/guidelines/nrrri_guidelines.html