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  1. Nurse In Style- Because We Care!!!!

    Diane von Furstenberg designed some uniforms in the early to mid-1980s. I wore them. They were pretty and practical. (Keep in mind these were white uniforms, mostly dresses...not scrubs like we wear today.)
  2. DNP-Possible to transfer credits???

    You're welcome. I learned this the hard way. I started at one MSN program that was not right for me, left the program, and finished elsewhere. Definitely made the right decision but the transfer process was brutal.
  3. DNP-Possible to transfer credits???

    Transferring graduate credits can be daunting. Most programs allow for no more than 9-12 credits in transfer so you could be taking courses that you'd just have to repeat later. You will need to provide course syllabi so that a committee (or the indi...
  4. WHY does a B.S. + RN not equal BSN

    There have been a number of articles written about ADN grads who have had previous bachelor's or higher degrees who have not been able to get hired by hospitals that hire only BSNs. Unfortunately, hospitals that are inundated with new grad applicants...
  5. Online PhD

    I did my master's in nursing education online at a state university not too far from where I currently live. I enjoyed the flexibility and not having to commute, but I decided against doing an online PhD. My biggest concern was that I felt disconnect...
  6. Taking GREs in a few days, need insight!

    :ancong!: Yes, I know how good it feels! I was so glad to have gotten through that miserable exam with a decent score and my sanity intact! Get some well-deserved R & R. Celebrate! Before I took the blasted test I found an article that disputed t...
  7. what`s the difference?

    What are your interests? Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years? When you retire? An MSN in nursing administration will prepare you to be a nurse manager in a hospital setting. Some hospitals require nurse managers to have MSNs, some don'...
  8. Community College? You must be stupid.

    This is a really good post. I agree with you. I took weight training for my PE class in my ADN program. I guess it WAS pretty relevant to nursing!
  9. Community College? You must be stupid.

    I would love to take a course on French cuisine. I would not want to pay $1600 a credit for the course, though. ETA: I wish I would have had a better variety of electives available when I did my BSN. I always felt like I missed out on something by g...
  10. WHY does a B.S. + RN not equal BSN

    You bring up an excellent point. I did my RN-BSN program back in the early 1980s, before my university actually had a separate track for the AD and diploma grads. We took the same classes as did the pre-licensure students and, honestly, it was stress...
  11. Taking GREs in a few days, need insight!

    Do as many practice math questions as you can. The math isn't at a terribly high level---I could probably have done it in high school---but when you're out of HS or college math for a while, you forget how to do many of the problems you'll find on th...
  12. Community College? You must be stupid.

    Two amusing incidents that happened to this old ADN grad: When I had finished my ADN program, I ran into a high school classmate who had flunked out of a BSN program. She asked me if the ADN was "easier" because it was at a community college. Uh, no....
  13. But you see, that wouldn't get ratings. Listeners who enjoy shock jocks want to be titillated. They don't care about nurses being competent; they care about nurses being sexy (or not sexy enough). Ever listen to Howard Stern? What do you think he'd ...
  14. need ebook

    Please check with your instructor or with your bookstore to see if there's an e-book version available. If you have a Kindle or Kindle software, check Amazon. If you have a Nook, check Barnes and Noble. If the problem is physically carrying your book...
  15. If all shock jocks were kind, personable, courteous, and even-tempered.... ...they'd be unemployed. His attitude is swinish, but it's his job. Unfortunately, there are people who take whatever the slop the schlock jocks dish out as the Gospel truth.