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ok2bme specializes in Psych, EMS.

Hi! :] I'm a new grad RN working in Psych. If some of my posts seem sassy, forgive me, it's in my nature to defend the underdog and/or play devil's advocate ;)

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  1. ok2bme

    Pressing charges on a psych patient?

    Absolutely. Some psych pts like to act out and act the fool because they think it's expected and they can get away with it. I don't care what environment you are in; unless I am threatening your life you cannot assault me. We are not punching bags, we have basic human rights and constitutional rights including the right to be safe and treated justly. Shock the hell out of these fools, vindicate yourself, and press charges!
  2. ok2bme

    Spin off: how do you deal with DNP haters.

    I just wanted to congratulate you and fellow DNP students for being pioneers in our profession. As far as the claim that it is clinically useless..that may be arguably the case now..but who knows if it will remain true in 15, 10, or 5 years. It is so new that an enhanced scope is not yet implemented. I admittingly know little about the DNP degree, but it seems like your goals are in perfect alliance with the philosophy behind the degree. Congrats on your weight loss, and I hope you are able to affect others with your personal and professional experience and insight regarding obesity and weight loss. As an overweight and prospective DNP student, I am inspired by your post.
  3. ok2bme

    Are you working outside nursing? TShare your story!

    I'm getting there..I'm working as a psych RN but I'm in grad school getting my Masters of Social Work :) I'm loving every second. I do anticipate keeping my RN license active as a last resort fall back option.
  4. ok2bme

    What do you pack in your lunch box?

    I'm not a cook..so I'll either heat up soup at hand or make a pb&j I always have green beans and applesauce with cinnamon as sides for dessert I have a yogurt or pudding cup and a big jug of iced tea sweetened with splenda throughout the shift
  5. ok2bme

    Concerned that my "type B" personality won't cut it!

    There are over 3 million nurses in the US..there are plenty of fellow Type B'ers out there, myself included. So many nurses freak and worry their license is at stake when the slightest thing goes wrong. I see it in "real life" and on this site all the time. When I mess up, I fess up, apologize, and move on. When colleagues or pts are difficult or mean, I attribute their behavior and comments to them, and not myself. I sometimes even find it funny. I don't take my work and its problems home with me..it's all a distant memory to me as soon as I hit the parking lot. I am not too concerned with how others regard with me. While other nurses may hone in on one thing a pt says or does, I perceive it as just one component of the overall picture and status of the pt. Do I think that my personality has been a barrier to providing quality nursing care? No, in fact, I think my personality enhances my ability to do so. A calm presence is an asset in psych; the pts generally feel very comfortable, open, and engaged with me. I am able to redirect inappropriate behavior without being abrupt. I am always genuine, and my pts sense that my care towards them is sincere..of course, that changes when I swipe my badge on my way out So you will be just fine my dear. Best wishes along your journey!! :heartbeat
  6. Just my opinion, based on no verifiable facts or statistics.. Most competitive: NICU Least competitive: Psych
  7. ok2bme

    How many years experience helps?

    If you have experience abroad, you will surely be more marketable than a US trained new grad. Perhaps less marketable than an experienced American nurse though, as there nuances in every country that differentiate the way we practice. This is only my opinion, not based on any facts or research. Some hospitals strive for diversity and you may actually be an advantage. Best wishes in turning your dream into a reality :)
  8. ok2bme

    Well, No Nursing for Me

    I understand, and if I could do it all over again, I may have chosen radiology or sonography. The NCLEX is not an exit exam, it is a licensure exam. It will not stop you from getting your BSN or whatever degree or diploma was awarded to you. And, as previously mentioned, you can take it multiple times. The exit HESI, however, can and does stop you from getting your degree. That is the problem I have with it. The exit HESI was designed to predict NCLEX pass rates and identify problem areas to work on before taking the boards. That is very helpful. However, schools exploit it and use it to inflate their NCLEX pass rate. Schools should be confident enough in their program to graduate students that successfully pass all of the academic and clinical requirements. But many are not, at my school if you got below an 850 twice, you were out of the program..no degree, no ATT to take boards. They do this after the students work hard for years, oh yeah, and pay tens of thousands of dollars to the program. I scored high on HESI but I saw friends who took it twice, barely got below 850 and now have no BSN and no ATT to take boards. I wonder if some students will change their tune if/when this happens to them.
  9. ok2bme

    What do you call the Doc?

    We call them all Dr. Lastname. The attendings, residents, and all with doctorates. I don't mind, it is their legitimate title. However...what does bother me is that nursing is the only discipline that uses the formal titles. The therapists, social workers, even trainees in those fields use first names. It's just the culture of the place that requires nurses and nursing staff to use Dr. Lastname. It's just so hierarchical ugh.
  10. ok2bme

    As good as, Better or Worse than you thought it would be?

    As good as. I didn't have great expectations going in, nursing is a temporary and practical move for me.
  11. Med/Surg! I called it "the dungeon" in nursing school. The unsafe pt/nurse ratios, the needy and hostile family members, dirty nature of the job..ahh! I admire all you Med/Surg nurses out there..I couldn't/wouldn't do it.
  12. ok2bme

    Would you ever own a motorcycle? YES or NO?

    Yes! Just started taking lessons :)
  13. ok2bme

    Blue Collar or White collar?

    It feels more blue-collar to me.
  14. ok2bme

    Did you always know you wanted to be a nurse?

    No. Nursing is a temporary and practical move for me.
  15. ok2bme

    How do you relax after a hectic shift?

    Get into my pajamas, smoke on my balcony with my feet up, and call up a night-owl friend or two (I work 3-11)
  16. ok2bme

    10 Things to NEVER Say to a Nurse

    Why'd you choose a job where you wipe butts all day?