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  1. Hello! When I applied for that scholarship that had gven about 7-8 of my classmates from FIU the scholarship. By the time I applied the economy started going south, roll in the bank bailouts...roll out the money. I ALMOST got it, well I got it, but there was no money.....also the providers of the scholarship give "private" scholarships and after they have awarded people then BC gets the left overs to pass out. 4 or 5 is better than the nothing I experienced, LoL. Also just want to let you know I got into FIU's program with a 3.2 ok! These programs have a point matrix, your GPA is not all that is considered. Your interview, essay, community/campus involvement and you interview count too!
  2. NightNurse876

    Hourly Rate for an LPN in Florida

    where did you relocate to? was is hard finding work? Im in florida, west palm beach actually and not loving it!
  3. NightNurse876

    Hourly Rate for an LPN in Florida

    Im FL the pay range is a bit wide. Some hospitals offer new grads 18/hr plus shift diff, some 25/hr + diff
  4. NightNurse876

    Registered Nurses Claim Patients Not Getting Proper Care

    My hospital has a union and I have had 10patients before...6 is a walk in the park after all the overworking I've been through...sometimes you need a bit more than that. If you patient ratios are written in stone..if there is an empty bed they will fill it, whether the cancelled or floated a nurse or not!
  5. NightNurse876

    St. Marys Medical Center

    Hey...they do hire new grads just know that you will have to sign a contract if you have no experience which means if you dont like it you gotta suck it up for 3 years or owe them some money. They're hiring tho!
  6. NightNurse876

    Can I get an entry level job in a Holistic practice first?

    Hey I'm also in South FLA hoping to attend FAU as well for their HN MSN proh and then FNP prog. Good luck. We should keep in touch, being so close n all!
  7. NightNurse876

    Master's in Holistic Nursing - waste of time?

    Lola! I am hoping to start my master's at FAU in the spring. I do not think it's a waste especially since the only difference between the NP prog and HN prog is the concentraton course work so If you did the FNP prog ypu would need 15 or 17 HN credits and be able to sit for both certification exams....so it's an extra semester of work pretty much. Anywho, PM we r in the same area and have similar interests! I'm currently working on basic skin care, massage and reiki...should be done with all of those a december, just in time for the spring!
  8. I thought suspended meant something different than revoked...And if I'm right about the definition then its obvious why she's still working, right?
  9. NightNurse876

    Nurse to Patient Ratio

    I am living the 10 patient life as we speak...medsurg floor...unionized hospital...I've had my license for 8 months been working at this place, my first job for 5 months minus like 2 days....8 weeks of that was orientation...So I've been productive on my floor for a little over 3 months... It started with 8 patients then went to 9 now tonight we are doing 10 and what did they do to make it better? Give each nurse (3 of us total) our own CNA...bc th CNAs must be able to help me chart and assess, etc. This is not what I thought nursing was and this is NOT what I want to do. It is unsafe and I've been vocal on many levels...but it just keeps getting worse....
  10. NightNurse876

    Any nurses have opinions on working at Tenet Hospitals?

    I work at a tenet hospital. I'm a new grad (April 2010), been at this place less than five months. Yea nowhere else is hiring so you have to take what you can get but everyday I leave work I ask myself "Is this really it? Is this what I busted my butt for? It can't be..." I give myself pep talks now as I leave the door so I don't take my work home with me. Very easy to do when ur not so happy a work. A night at my job is 8 pts, two nights ago I had 9 for the first time...you know what sum1 told me "at least no admits!" really??? So yea 8pts no secretary and all the paperwork that comes with working night shift. Heaven forbid you has 6pts when you get there...when you drag yourself home after no bathroom break and no lunch break you definately had 2 admits... On the positive I've seen a lot but I don't feel like I'm doing what I thought I would be. I don't have enough time to help my patients and really be a nurse to them and that bothers me bc I thought I was going into the business of caring not the nusiness of making money...but hey there are nurses who have been at my job for 20 30 yrs...maybe I'm just a different breed.
  11. NightNurse876

    Improved Nursing Employment Market Predicted

    I don't understand...um....everyone in the US currently is an immigrant, unless you are a Native American...and even they migrated here. So white folks and black americans (no offense but from all these comments about immigrants the white folks or the black americans (unlikely but hey) must be the one's having problems)...you may feel entiled to America but she aint really yours....if you feel you can say she's not mine...she's definately not yours...she's only been not yours for more years than she's been not mine. So...I was not born in the USA...I am an RN BSN...did I take your job, or one of your friends??? I've been here since I was nine years old, still not a citizen...no rush to become one but I went to school, fought hard to get into my program and after graduating and passing my boards moved to find work in this economy. Have you looked at the make up of the area? I know when I was in school, the population surrounding my university was majority Hispanic...closer to my home were more immigrants of Caribbean nations (Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Bahamas, VI, Trinidad etc). News Flash: White people are the minority in America so of course you will see more immigrants, IMHO. But hey, I would be wrong...population make up must not affect it as much . I dont think immigration of foriegn nurses is the major cause honestly...the only thing that is obvious to me is everyone is looking for an answer or a direction to point in. Also I'm sure there are non-immigrants at those sub-par schools....
  12. NightNurse876

    Forced Flu Shots

    Well...3 weeks in with my little yellow mask, lol. So I think thats a total of 9 times, 108 hours roughly. I've gotten the "Didn't get your flu shot?" question all the time. And what I find funny is that 90% of the personel that got the shot say "I just didn't want to wear the mask" I've never heard any of the "evidence based" reason actually...I even hear "This stupid shot didn't keep me from getting this stupid bug" lol! To each his own, but I'm fine with my 3 days a week fashion statement til March. No biggy at all
  13. NightNurse876

    Night Shift!!! How do YOU stay awake?

    :redpinkhe:redbeathe:redpinkhe you're my hero :redpinkhe:redbeathe:redpinkhe
  14. NightNurse876

    VENT- vacation requests

    I'm also at a union hospital...I'm BRAND SPANKING new tho. Do not have a family (husband+children) either. Your situation makes me weary of what could happen to me in years to come but in my area I've heard that similar policies exist so it may not matter much where I move...lol but I hope I wouldn't have to move either.... So...since I have not much to speak of in terms of experience with PTO...in life I've had a few experiences. In this existence the strong will be tested over and over to prove their strength. We aren't given happiness, success, love, or anything else we want...instead we are blessed with the opportunity to be happy, to be successful, to love and everything else we want. Much positive energy and love to you and all the other nurses that share this load. We chose a profession of serving the world and giving as much as we can...it just seems today more ppl are in the business of taking advantage than giving. But how blessed are you to have a family, be amazing and give of yourself to no end : ) I hope that your managemnet will see that soon...maybe you are tasked in life to effect change in this situation.
  15. NightNurse876

    Medication Error..total sadface : (

    Thanks everyone : ) Pepper...you had me at "Look sweetie" lol. I talked to my mom (always top three phone cals when ish hits the fan...or gets near it) but she's not a nurse...so tho she understands, it's to a point, ya kno. Amazing how a few words can make you feel : ) GooeyRN...ya freakin right its gonna be a long long time, lol