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Hey all!

I see that most of you are BSN/MSN focused. And MBA's out there? I have a pllied and sent my transcripts in and am kind of nervous about all the mixed reviews I find on the MBA side. I have a BSN and no management experience in healthcare really. I'm actually a case manager now. I have plans to run my own facility one day so I know the MBA is a necessity regardless of the experience I have at this moment. Just looking for some others who have completed the program, are currently enrolled, or plan to soon. Wishing everyone all the best! Looking forward to hearing from you all!!

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I am pondering the MBA also - it was just announced over on one of the facebook boards that the curriculum is changing - and I really like the changes (more tests, fewer papers). The changes I saw were for the main MBA - I hope they change the Healthcare one as well. :)

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I thought about it, but decided that an advanced degree in nursing is going to be more beneficial for my longterm plans. I wish there were more business/budget-focused classes in the MSN/Leadership program.


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I have a BSN. I am going to do both msn and MBA I think they will both be beneficial

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I've been teetering on the fence about getting the MBA-HM along with my FNP. After seeing a couple of APN clinical manager positions posted at my preferred future employer, I've decided to take the plunge and try to do the MBA concurrent with my MSN.


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How does work Murse901? Do they let u do that concurrently?

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How does work Murse901? Do they let u do that concurrently?

You can't do two concurrent programs at (i.e. both the WGU MSN and the WGU MBA) but my MSN is through my local university. My enrollment advisor sent my request up the chain of command and, while WGU doesn't recommend concurrent enrollment with another university's program, they don't have an actual policy against it.

I'm set to start in May, and I have the whole month of May off from my MSN program. My plan is to hit the ground running, complete as much as possible in May, and then gradually pick at the rest for the remainder of the term. Rinse and repeat in December.


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I long term plan is to open a holistic facility so I need to know business. And if in the meantime I can do something else after this degree, so be it. I've been provisionally accepted so I'll keep everyone posted on the process/progress.

I know this is not related to your post however I would like to know what happened with St. Mary's Hospital? How was the New Grad RN experience there? Thanks.

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