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klone has 14 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Women's Health/OB Leadership.

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  1. klone

    LDRP vs PP unit?

    What do you mean "switch departments every 4 hours"?
  2. klone

    Site Changes

    Did you guys get rid of the little colored bar that tells everyone how popular or important each of us is? Because I kind of needed that for my self esteem.
  3. Remember a million years ago, when Trump said that it would "go away, like magic" in the Summer because Covid can't survive well in hot temperatures?
  4. klone

    Daily Staff Management

    Nah, I've never seen one program that does all that. Just various excel spreadsheets or paper binders. Time off is recorded through our timecard software (Kronos).
  5. klone

    Where can I get my NRP certification?

    There are no legit online NRP courses. All require an in-person mega code. Your employer will put you through NRP after you're hired - no need to get it beforehand. Having it will not making you any more or less employable.
  6. klone

    Farewell Esme - In Loving Memory

    I can't believe it! The world will be a darker place for her not being in it.
  7. klone

    L&D/LDRP in San Diego

    I would say to stay put until you can have a solid 2 years of L&D experience under your belt, and perhaps a professional certification.
  8. klone

    L&D - is it a good place to start?

    They are two completely different specialties. One is not typically a springboard to the other.
  9. klone

    allnurses decennary

    I've been here for 16 years! I joined in 2004, when I started nursing school.
  10. klone

    Misconceptions/truths about specialities

    L&D is a fun, hearts and flowers specialty. It's the only specialty that is 4 specialties in 1 (because in addition to L&D, we are also ED, OR, and PACU nurses), plus we take care of 2 patients at the same time, one of whom we can't see, touch, or talk to.
  11. klone

    Asked to give an anesthesia medication

    Belladonna atropa is its full botanical name 🙂
  12. klone

    CLC with no personal experience

    Or that men could never work in obstetrics, period.
  13. klone

    “Catch Nurse” pulled from OB/Gyn unit

    Without knowing what the actual plan is, I'm going to reserve judgment. I do not at all oppose the idea of training mom/baby nurses to be a "baby catcher" - any additional training/experience/exposure to NRP will only strengthen your skills as a nurse.
  14. klone

    “Catch Nurse” pulled from OB/Gyn unit

    Can you explain exactly what the plan is for your patient assignment when you leave to go catch a baby?
  15. klone

    “Catch Nurse” pulled from OB/Gyn unit

    My first question would be, how many deliveries does your facility do a month/year? Who would be looking after your patient load while you're being the baby catcher? At the facility where we didn't do a lot of births (1,000/year), the charge nurse was baby catcher. At the facility where I am now, where we do 3,000 births/year, we have a person who is designated in that role for the shift. I don't think there's anything wrong with training/cross-training nurses into the "baby catcher" role (interesting that you used the term "forced training" - additional on-the-job training should not be seen as "forced" but, rather, should be embraced as a GOOD thing). My biggest issue is with the idea that this nurse has a full patient assignment that she has to abandon when she has to go catch a baby.
  16. klone

    Ohio University or WGU for RN-BSN?

    I attended WGU for both my BSN and my MSN. I highly recommend it, particularly if you're very self-motivated and disciplined. I've known people who have gone through the BSN program in only one term.

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