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  1. klone

    Is Travel Agency provided private housing actually free?

    Taking home $2500/week? No, that's likely the gross pay. But yes, if they say free housing provided, that's what it means.
  2. klone

    No More TB Tests?

    The last few facilities at which I've worked, it's only done on hire, and then annually in high risk areas only (ED, typically). Have to do the mask fit testing annually, though. That's an OSHA regulation.
  3. klone

    Nurses Call the Governor of Tennessee

    She wasn't charged with murder. She was charged with negligent homicide, which is a subset of involuntary manslaughter.
  4. klone


    It's far nicer than smelling staph epidermidis feet.
  5. klone


    I think they smell nice, and I know from personal experience that pleasant scents can be calming and contribute to a feeling of wellbeing, which can aid in a person's healing. We have many patients who like to use aromatherapy in labor. Beyond that, I'm skeptical of any medical claims of the efficacy of aromatherapy.
  6. klone

    39 IOL

    The culture at the current facility where I've been working a few months is that as long as you're at least 39w0d, they can schedule an IOL. We are a community hospital with private medical practices, including one OB who single-handedly brings in half of the OB patients who always threatens to go to the hospital across town if he doesn't get his way. I am in the process of drafting a policy that I hope to have approved that requires a woman to have a favorable Bishop score in order to schedule an elective induction. I would LOVE if we could just enact a "no elective inductions" policy, but senior leadership would never allow that to happen for fear that patients will go to the competition across town to have their babies.
  7. klone

    Nurse Leaders: Is Promoting From Within a Disservice?

    Interesting read, thank you! Just wanted to point out that in the first paragraph, you used the word "reigns" when you meant to use the word "reins."
  8. klone

    Thumbs down button?

    A dislike button is for lazy misanthropes. I wish I remember who said that.
  9. I'm finally just venturing back here with all the changes (I hate change). I noticed that all my "likes" are gone. I know that seems silly and vain, but I felt like that helped give me credibility as a valued member. I almost kind of feel like crying. I feel like 15 years of membership and post history is just....gone.
  10. Good luck! I love to hire med/surg nurses to L&D. They come with valuable time management skills, and it's helpful to have some experience in non-OB related comorbidities.
  11. klone

    Site looks weird? Found a bug? Share...

    And why am I so bold?
  12. klone

    Site looks weird? Found a bug? Share...

    Is there a way to see the list of my favorites forums all in one spot?
  13. sirI

    Hi klone!  Glad you made it. Like the new allnurses home??

  14. klone

    One Thread Wonders

    This is the best comment on the internet today. Thank you for that laugh.
  15. klone

    Are We Too PC?

    That's the problem, though. If a person gives feedback saying that something someone says is hurtful or offensive, they're often accused of being a "snowflake" or "too PC".