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klone has 18 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in OB-Gyn/Primary Care/Ambulatory Leadership.

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  1. klone

    What can make me a strong L&D applicant?

    I would have a good "elevator speech" prepared about why you want to work in L&D (e.g. "I had such great nurses when I had my baby and it inspired me to become a nurse so I could provide the same great care to other new moms”). I would join AWHON...
  2. klone

    In Need of Preceptor for Nurse Administration

    I may be willing to help. Need more information.
  3. klone

    Interested in L&D, but worried I won't be a "good fit"

    You don't need to be an extrovert to work in L&D. You need to be comfortable providing ongoing patient education, which involves engaged discussion.
  4. It depends on the facility. All units should strive to follow AWHONN staffing guidelines, which is typically 1:1 in labor, unless they are cervical ripening, in which case 1:2 is appropriate.
  5. The answer is yes, because at some point there is always going to be a non-nurse at the top. In my last 2 jobs as a manager, my immediate supervisor was a non-RN. At my last job, there were clinic managers within our network who were the direct super...
  6. klone

    No longer a NOvid

    I'm NOvid, and am convinced that I'm naturally immune. feel better!!
  7. Eesh. I'm a Texas nurse at the moment (travel assignment). I'm kind of embarrassed.
  8. klone

    I can't understand how compact licenses work!

  9. I am just this week back in L&D after 3 years being in ambulatory leadership. I kept up my L&D certifications and continued to do things like draw blood and give IM injections while in leadership because I didn't want to lose those core skill...
  10. klone

    Vacation denied

    That's a tough one. My recommendation is to ask your manager if they would be willing to make an exception to trade shifts with someone this one time in order to be in your sister's wedding. If they cannot/will not make an exception to allo...
  11. klone

    I can't understand how compact licenses work!

    You can work in any compact state with a compact license. However, your compact license needs to originate from the state you currently reside in. If you are planning to move to LA, you will need to apply for a Louisiana license once you are there (a...
  12. klone


    Every organization is different. But yes, many organizations allow you to be employed with them from another state. You must have a nursing license in the state where the organization is located and/or where the patients are located. So if you're pro...
  13. klone

    How to deal with CNA insubordination?

    You document every instance, and send it to your supervisor. It's not your responsibility to address performance issues, have coaching conversations, or provide disciplinary action. That is the job of your/the CNA's manager.
  14. klone

    Insomnia, night shift, and 6 on???

    When I was a new nurse 20 years ago, I did 6-on/8-off on nights. I was newly divorced, sharing custody of elementary-school aged kids, and this worked best for our custody situation. It worked well for me, because I just completely flipped my sleep ...
  15. My motto is that it never hurts to interview. An interview is not a commitment. After the interview, you may have greater clarity about whether it would be best to stay put where you are, or if this is an opportunity that you absolutely cannot pass u...

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