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klone has 16 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in OB-Gyn/Primary Care/Ambulatory Leadership.

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  1. klone

    Injection question, please help

    Wait, how is it that there is an inpatient unit full of patients, but no nurse taking care of them? Who employs/owns that inpatient unit, and who is your employer? I would say that if the inpatient unit is owned by a company/organization that is N...
  2. klone

    Perinatal Research?

    Your title caught my eye. Yes, I used to be a perinatal research nurse. You need to look at facilities that are part of/affiliated with large teaching hospitals. There are only 2 organizations in the US that I'm aware of that has a dedicated research...
  3. klone

    Assessing newborn on mom

    They're not listening to lung sounds. They're listening to heart rate, and assessing breathing (which is done by looking at their chest/diaphragm). OP, I will just gently turn baby on their side so I can access/see their front for 10-15 seconds.
  4. klone

    Degree over Experience?

    Nope, not at all. I can tell you that with leadership jobs, they seem to really not care that I have an MSN in Nursing Leadership. They're way more interested in what I've done. I would say that a degree may help you get your foot in the door for...
  5. klone

    NICU Nurses Are Not Nannies

    As a former NICU nurse manager, who was also a NICU parent at one point, I encourage you to try to look at it from the parents' viewpoint. What would you do if the parents walked in to the unit, walked over to their infant's isolette, opened it u...
  6. klone

    Reason enough to switch jobs?

    Give us some examples of the judgement and condescension. Are you a new grad? Is this your first time working in an ER? You say that is the reason why you want to leave, yet you have no idea about the people at the other hospital. It's quite possi...
  7. Manager of a primary care clinic. Love that I don't have to worry about emergencies and phone calls at 2am, or Sunday afternoons, or Christmas Day.
  8. klone

    Day in the Life: Charge Nurse at a FQHC

    "pro-abortion" does not mean "forced abortion". Pro-choice: women should have the right to decide if they want to carry a pregnancy or terminate. Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. Abortion should not be "used as a form of birth control." ...
  9. klone

    Judgmental rant about time off

    I can guarantee you that "too many callouts" is NOT the reason why they're eliminating an entire role of clinicians.
  10. klone

    Offensive Badge

    On the OP's topic - I recently fielded a patient complaint about a physician who had "political" pins on her white coat. So, I went to the physician in question to see exactly what those pins were. She had a rainbow pin and a BLM pin. This partic...
  11. klone

    Day in the Life: Charge Nurse at a FQHC

    I was the charge nurse of a large women's health FQHC in Denver for 3 1/2 years and I loved my job. It was while in that job my views went from "pro-choice" to "pro-abortion."
  12. klone

    Telling People Your Nurse Title, RN or LVN

    I say I'm a nurse. I've never been asked further questions, other than where I work.
  13. klone

    Offensive Badge

    And maybe that is what they are considering the OP's first warning that they claimed they did not get.
  14. klone

    Offensive Badge

    I admit that has always befuddled me. A written verbal reprimand. Seems counter-intuitive.
  15. klone

    Taking a Long Leave of Absence from Work

    Best of luck to you. Covid is a horrible disease. It's rage-inducing to see other healthcare "professionals" lying about their religious beliefs in order to avoid getting vaccinated.