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klone has 15 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in OB-Gyn/Primary Care/Ambulatory Leadership.

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  1. Are you choosing PMHNP because you like behavioral health, or because you want to work from home?
  2. You said before that your plan was to become a CRNA. PMHNP is a WILDLY different specialty from anesthesia. What changed in a day?
  3. Unless the entire family had a weird genetic mutation. See? They thought I was being a smartass. I was being serious. Sort of.
  4. Maybe Sugarbear’s family has a weird genetic mutation. They should get that studied.
  5. Is this a rhetorical question? why did you put “vaccine” in quotation marks?
  6. klone

    Do CRNAs work mostly with COVID patients?

    Since you're planning to become a CRNA, I assume you've done your homework as far as what they do. With that in mind, why would you think they work mostly with COVID patients?
  7. You assume incorrectly. Doing what, exactly? NPs are typically PCPs. And while there is now some level of telemedicine, you still have to be able to touch patients in real life in primary care. I thought you said in another thread that you were planning on becoming an ICU nurse and CRNA? But it does make for interesting reading as I drink my morning coffee.
  8. klone

    How Long Do You Expect To Be a Nurse?

    Until I retire, which ideally, will be in 12 years (which will make me almost 60). That will be 27 years of nursing. Good luck. Take care. Thoughts and prayers.
  9. klone

    Longest Shift You've Worked

    No. Not true. Good luck. Take care. Thoughts and prayers.
  10. In a nutshell - because if you used your own, non-hospital approved PPE, and later had a workplace exposure in which you got infected, it would open up the hospital to all kinds of fines and liability. Your manager does not have the expertise or authority to approve PPE. It would need to go through all kinds of vetting and committees, and frankly, it's not worth their time. Use the hospital-provided PPE, get your vaccine, use good hand hygiene. You will be fine. I feel like this is an "18 months ago" question.
  11. I think I found my next heavy metal band name. Rocks of Intolerance.
  12. This is incorrect. Vaccinated individuals can still get Covid, and if they get it, they can still spread it to others.
  13. I can guarantee that not one of us was super keen on getting something injected into OUR bodies that is relatively new. But you know what? We did it anyway. Because it's about more than just us. It's about protecting every person we comes into contact with. If you're going to work in a nursing home, of all places, you would be incredibly irresponsible and selfish to not get the vaccine.
  14. Yes. You can get vaccinated.
  15. klone

    Employer refusing to provide even verification

    Dude, HR isn't nurses.
  16. Do they have job openings posted that they're recruiting for? OP, I hear you, and I completely agree with your stance. It sucks. However, it might help to consider the other side... I am the manager of a busy primary care clinic. We are currently short three MAs, due to maternity leave and movement around the organization. I am actively recruiting for their replacements with no luck so far. I am NOT of the philosophy of "any warm body" because ultimately it will hurt the department to do that. So I'm actually trying to find quality employees. We've been fortunate that this is happening in the Summer when many clinicians are taking vacations, and we have "surplus" staff. But in August and September, staffing looks UGLY. Unrelated to that, senior leadership is wanting to reward all the clinics for the hard work everyone has done over the last 18 months with the pandemic, furloughs, etc. So they have told all the clinic leadership to throw a party in each clinic, and they've given us a budget of $12/person. So while we're working short-staffed, we are also throwing a day of celebration in the clinic with games and prizes and food. Do the optics look *** on the surface? Sure they do. Am I simply ignoring the staffing problem and throwing a party at it? *** no, I'm actually not. I literally lose sleep at night, thinking about staffing in the coming months. Grumbling about it to coworkers is not going to truly address the problem, and it's going to make you look bad, and it affects the morale of the department. How about setting up a meeting with your manager in order to seek to understand each other, explain how the short-staffing affects you and your coworkers, and find out if they are taking active efforts to hire additional nurses? If the answer is no, they're not actively trying to recruit, then there's your answer. I'd suggest looking for another job.