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featherzRN has 30 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Outpatient/Clinic, ClinDoc.

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  1. featherzRN

    When do you get the actual degree?

    You get it about a week or so after your final class. Your mentor will send you an application/survey thing for graduation, fill it out and the diploma gets sent out after they review everything. So no, you don't have to wait until the end. :)
  2. featherzRN

    Rn to BSN

    You want a school that is regionally accredited. Some/most employers won't care, but I happened to have a job that did - so it's best to cover all bases. I went to WGU, but Capella is also regionally accredited. Aspen still does not have that accredi...
  3. featherzRN

    Failed Accelerated BSN program

    OP keep going and take that opportunity. It reminds me of when I was 21 and signed up for a brick and mortar BSN program (I was an LPN at the time). Running through my head was 'OMG I'll be TWENTY FIVE when I graduate' - so I ended up dropping out an...
  4. featherzRN

    Finally pass after 7 attempts with 75questions

    There are actually stats on 'how many pass on the first try' - I just checked and for US educated grads, so far in 2018 almost 90% pass on the first try. Nothing against OP, but there are stats to back up that most of us who say we passed on the fir...
  5. That's the point here - I'm on the side of the nurses, not the racist patients. I don't think the patient has the absolute right to request a certain race (unless perhaps with language or disparate religious issues) but who would want to be the unwa...
  6. Non AA here but I have long hair and have seen tons of natural hairstyles that are gorgeous - the only thing I would add is that it's just like any other hairstyle - needs to be neat and not down enough to get into anything when you bend over. I usua...
  7. featherzRN


    I hadn't heard that? I know the informatics program has never had the pharm class (I was the first grad and didn't have it). I just checked the leadership MSN from the website and it still has all three.. Pathopharmacological Foundations for A...
  8. I'm late to the party, but had to say I was a primary care nurse for the last 10 years or so in a tick infested area. I did tick checks and removed the ticks before the provider poked their head in to write a script if needed. Ticks are actually a nu...
  9. featherzRN

    Just completed RN to BSN less than 6 months

    I'm guessing you mean CU's and not classes? I had to take A&P, but I am sure it was totally different now. I did 50CU in just over three months - but it required every waking moment to be spent at school (when not at work) - so it's up to you if ...
  10. featherzRN

    Just completed RN to BSN less than 6 months

    Great job and congrats!!!!
  11. featherzRN

    My Body Is Not My Resume: Exploring Nursing Dress Codes

    I was a teen in the 80's so yes, I have a few tattoos. None of them are noticeable, but I do have four earrings in each ear so there's that. As a patient, I would not care if my nurse had cool colored hair, tats, or piercings - although I think there...
  12. featherzRN

    Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist...

    Have been doing CDI for a few years now and just got certified.. I really like it!
  13. I'll just add that I have three degrees from WGU and never once have I gotten a surprise fee. Everything was spelled out in the beginning before I enrolled and I paid no more. But I am glad you liked capella and it sounds like a decent program - each...
  14. featherzRN

    Just finished the MSN/Informatics

    They seem to be offering to help get preceptors now - some of my fellow students recently got emails to that effect. I have no idea how effective they are. The capstone for the Informatics MSN is currently different from the other two tracks and is a...
  15. featherzRN

    Just finished the MSN/Informatics

    It's possible that the leadership track offers a finance class (I don't think so), but the informatics track does not. I'd be surprised if many other informatics tracks do, as that's not a common job responsibility for an informatics RN, but I admit ...
  16. featherzRN

    Just finished the MSN/Informatics

    I don't have access to them anymore.. I know the stats class uses the Munro stats book I used in the BSN, but most of the informatics classes use bits and pieces from at least 10 different books. I'd probably just browse through a general nursing in...