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  1. Hello, 

    I was doing a Google search for anything related to WGU and the C854 course in completing my MSN in informatics... I am currently an RN BSN in the ED and am interested in pursuing a career in NI in some capacity. Prior to becoming a nurse, I was an embedded software engineer developing and writing software for microprocessor based electronics.. I had been in the field from 1990-2008 and have developed various systems from, Modems to Mailing Systems to Automobile Infotainment systems. I am very familiar with the SDLC approach to development although when I was in the field. the 'S' stood for Software instead of S-ystem. I see that you graduated from WGU with a NI degree... and could use some help with trying to put together the various components of my Capstone ... such as the Onedrive structure from which to attach the various CPE requirements for my portfolio... and was wondering if there was someplace to see an example of someone else's attempt at this .. I already have an idea of identifying a Nursing Gap that requires an EHR/EMR modification .. just kind of stuck as to the format these CPE components need to be developed ... such as the SWOT table ... and such ... any help or suggestions would be Greatly appreciated.. 


    Best Regards,


    Al D. Future NIS

    1. featherzRN

      featherzRN, MSN

      You may wish to try one or both of the two facebook groups for the NI degree. I graduated a few years ago and the capstone has changed greatly since then. When I did it, it was seriously just a powerpoint on the pros and cons of your chosen EMR. ?

    2. Bga FinallyAllowItToHappen

      Bga FinallyAllowItToHappen

      Which specific facebook groups are you referring to? 

  2. No, mine is not a multi state license as I do not live there. Needed it for a remote job so it's just a single state. ?
  3. I just did this, and I got my endorsed license in four days - all the problems I expected didn't happen! ? I didn't read this first, unfortunately, as it seems going through 'fieldprint' could be cheaper than 'printscan' (which is likely the sa...
  4. Hi, I am new to this group and noticed you said you graduated from WGU with and MSN in Nursing Informatics.  I am currently in this program now, in my first term, last class C158-Organizational Leadership and Interprofessional Team Development.  I started in March and am really just taking my time, although I wish I had time to complete the entire program in two terms.  Anyhow, any advice and input on how to proceed with this class will be helpful.  Every paper or powerpoint presentation I have submitted has come back needing revision.  I have never had any problems with writing papers...ever, so this program has been quite discouraging.  I completed my BSN with Purdue University Global and although it was a lot more work and time consuming, I had a lot more motivation to complete it, I guess because I always had great feedback on my work.  Anyhow, please, please give me some advice as to what I should do to proceed in my classes and get that motivation I need.  

    Thank you,


























  5. Hi,

    I am a nurse preparing for the J. A. Thomas (JATA) pre-hire test for a CDI position.  What should I focus on? I am thinking of making flash cards with Diagnosis on one side and the Signs/Symptoms on the other.  Would that be a good approach for this test?

    Thanks for any advice!

    1. loveit


      Hello, did you end up passing? I’m about to take mine soon. Any tips you can share? Thanks. 

    2. featherzRN

      featherzRN, MSN

      Sorry I never saw these questions - Never took the JATA exam, thankfully my hospital did not require it. I hear it is tough - make sure you know your interpretations of signs and symptoms - expecially things like COPD/MI/CHF/Sepsis. 

    3. LouisianaNurse2006



      I ended up not taking it, sorry I can’t help.

      I was given a promotion in my current Position that was too good to pass up,

      Good Luck!


  6. WGU MSN in Informatics

    I finished the program last year and was happy with the experience. My employer accepted without issue. That said, I work in Clinical Documentation and not in informatics by choice! :) WGU doesn't require GRE or recommendation letters for any degree...
  7. CDI specialist interview

    Hey, sorry I didn't see this yesterday - hope you did well! I've been a CDIS for 3 years now if you have any questions.
  8. Help me decide if WGU MSN in Nursing Education is doable

    Yeah they haven't required an IRB in years. I believe the education MSN now requires an affiliation with a nursing school, however. Is there a nursing school near you?
  9. WGU MSN questions

    WGU has three MSN tracks - leadership (yes, generally management), informatics, and Education. Some MSN schools have a lot more than this, so yes there are many MSN specialties in the edusphere other than those listed above and an NP. :) I've seen...
  10. Nursing certifications going away??

    I have certs that DO matter for my job - I work as a clinical documentation specialist and have two certs for that as well as a coding cert. Those I will keep for now. But certs I no longer use? Nah. Plus the ambulatory care isn't as prestigious as t...
  11. Nursing certifications going away??

    My ANCC cert (amb care) appears to still be offered, but honestly I'm not planning to renew it when it's up next year. Work paid for the first one, but I've never seen a benefit for having it except for the RN-BC status. Plus it's super expensive to ...
  12. When do you get the actual degree?

    You get it about a week or so after your final class. Your mentor will send you an application/survey thing for graduation, fill it out and the diploma gets sent out after they review everything. So no, you don't have to wait until the end. :)
  13. Rn to BSN

    You want a school that is regionally accredited. Some/most employers won't care, but I happened to have a job that did - so it's best to cover all bases. I went to WGU, but Capella is also regionally accredited. Aspen still does not have that accredi...
  14. Failed Accelerated BSN program

    OP keep going and take that opportunity. It reminds me of when I was 21 and signed up for a brick and mortar BSN program (I was an LPN at the time). Running through my head was 'OMG I'll be TWENTY FIVE when I graduate' - so I ended up dropping out an...
  15. Finally pass after 7 attempts with 75questions

    There are actually stats on 'how many pass on the first try' - I just checked and for US educated grads, so far in 2018 almost 90% pass on the first try. Nothing against OP, but there are stats to back up that most of us who say we passed on the fir...