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  1. From my previous knowledge. You can take enrolled classes while making payment toward the enrollment fee.
  2. NC Girl BSN

    ? about EC Scholarships

    I would not enroll and pay the fee UNTIL you have taken the first 2 nursing test and have come within 10 credit hours of completing your prequisites. Once you enroll, you have to pay an annual fee of over $400 if you have not completed the program. Holding off enrolling will buy you some time untill your ready to go deeper into the program.
  3. NC Girl BSN

    Complaintsboard.com ec reviews-- yikes!!

    I agree with many of the previous post. This program is not for everyone but with ALOT of EFFORT and TIME, you CAN PASS! I put alot into my success in the CPNE. I read the manual, took a workshop, did a few online workshops, bought every CD on the CPNE I could find and I practiced day in and day out. It was a total out of body experience but I passed. I took it one task and one PCS at a time. I UNDERSTOOD the CPNE process. Many who fail do not understand the process. I thank GOD for EC program. There is not a day that doesn't go by that I do not incoporate the 20 minute check and the other critical elements in my nursing care. The CPNE is very critical for eveyday nursing. Anyone who is considering the program should evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and give the program 110%. You don't have to have alot of experience. I did the program in 12 months fresh out of LPN school. If your dedicated to the program and control your anxiety, your will pass! PS. I stayed away from all the negative comments about EC. Your mind is a powerful thing. If you put negative things in, it will consume you.
  4. NC Girl BSN


    Awesome JOB!!!! I tested in Utica also. They were very fair there. Good for you for taking a workshop. It really makes a world of difference.
  5. NC Girl BSN

    I finally did it!

    Congratulations Dawn! I am so happy for you!
  6. Its hard to say but I say start applying now to those hospitals in Denver to see how well your application moves. Some jobs like to hire others out of state. Its a tough market. There is never any way to predict job markets in various areas. Good Luck!
  7. NC Girl BSN

    After Taking The NCLEX...I Passed My 5th Time!

    Congratulations! I like that you never gave up!
  8. NC Girl BSN

    Passed Health Safety!!!

    Congrats! You nailed it!
  9. NC Girl BSN

    Passed Lifespan 1..thank goodness

  10. NC Girl BSN


    Congratulations!!!!! I did a workshop and the online documentation and careplanning session. They were pricey but I wanted to get it right the first time and I did !!!!!!
  11. NC Girl BSN

    LS 1,2 & 3 left, but so overwhelmed, help

    When I took the test, I could literally feel my heart pound out of my chest. It was so nerve racking but it will be over soon!
  12. NC Girl BSN

    Retaking an Excelsior Nursing Exam

    The exam will be different. You may recognize a few old questions but it won't be the same test. Don't feel bad, I failed the same test but retook it and passed. I think that is the hardest test of them all.
  13. NC Girl BSN

    excelsior exams

    Getting high scores on the practice test are very hard. If I got above a 60 on the practice test, I went and took the real test at pearson vue. I usually passed. I failed 2 test but took them over.I think you would pass the test if you took the real thing. You may not get an A or B but probably a C. So if your looking for high grades, study a little more. My goal was to pass.
  14. NC Girl BSN

    LS 1,2 & 3 left, but so overwhelmed, help

    I truely remember being so tired that I wante to give up. Just Do It! Push on when you don't feel like it. Those last 3 exams are tough. I studied for each one for about 3 week. You can do this. You are so close.