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NC Girl BSN specializes in Psych, LTC, Acute Care.

I am a Excelsior College Graduate .I just graduated with my RN-BSN May 2011!

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  1. What a crazy four months. The MSN in education is going through major changes. There is a new change everyday seems like. We are required to complete 8 credits each semester and I did that with 10 weeks left. Planning to knock out at least 1-2 more ...
  2. Commuter. I finished my semester ahead of schedule two weeks ago and wanted to do a certain course next but my mentor only allowed me to take one of the hardest classes in the program. They said it has to be approved by them and we have to take the c...
  3. Hey everyone! I started MSN in Education program May 2014 and just turned in a paper to complete my 3rd class. I have 14 more weeks to complete 2 credit hours for the semester but will definitely excel and try to complete 2 more classes. The new curr...
  4. May starters- 1 more day, are you ready?

    I completed all 15 module and did all activities. Now I have to write a paper and do a power point. Hope to submit in 7-10 days.
  5. has anyone changed their concentration for MSN?

    I totally get it. I looked at both and weighed my options. The thing I liked about then Msn education track is that it did not solely focus on education in the classroom. A lot on the master programs at the brick and mortors in NC focused on teaching...
  6. has anyone changed their concentration for MSN?

    I am in the Msn education track and start may 1. I personally have not done it but I asked my mentor if I decided to change to leadership could I do it. She said yes if I did it early in the program. Unfortunately education tract has to take the orga...
  7. WGU scholarships

    The questions are pretty detailed but I definetly have a story to tell. I talked about my struggle to get into a nursing program due to limited space and that I wanted to how frustrating it was. I also talked about overcoming other obstacles in life ...
  8. WGU scholarships

    If your referring to the admission assessment, they will give you the topic and you just write about it. Pretty simple topic nothing too heavy.
  9. WGU scholarships

    I hope so too but I think the precepting and capstone will set me back a semester I am planning to finish in 3 semesters!
  10. WGU scholarships

    Yes I am doing msn in education. Start May 1st.
  11. WGU scholarships

    I live 20 minutes from Raleigh NC. Are u in the masters program or BSN?
  12. WGU scholarships

    Lol! I am 41 so I could qualify! So the AARP was $2000 total? What is your major?
  13. WGU scholarships

    Maryjean, did you apply through WGU? That is awesome! They are always saying there is money for people going back for nursing education. I want some of it!
  14. WGU scholarships

    I received notice today via email that I am one of the finalist for the ANPD scholarship worth $2000. They wanted to talk to me over the phone about my educational and professional background.I scheduled a phone interview this Friday and I am really ...
  15. Question about course?

    Feathers it's a Msn course called Advance information management. Your read and and answer questions and after each section there is a quiz. I have done one unit and answerd the quiz questions but have not submitted but saved it. You have 6 attempts ...