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scifispam specializes in Med-Surge, Tele, PCU, CVICU, NSICU.

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  1. scifispam

    I am DOING IT!!

    Well, I wrote back a few months ago about transferring into ED with a history of acute care, critical care and leadership. I finally made the decision to do it!! My last day will be 4/3 in leadership and I’ll be starting in ED right at the peak of all this COVID craziness...awesome!! LOL any tips for a newbie (not a new nurse, 10 years nurse)??
  2. scifispam

    Transfer into ED

    Thank you so much for your feedback!!
  3. scifispam

    Transfer into ED

    Luckily (I think). I’ve been away from bedside for a few years. So I’ve pretty much forgotten my processes. Haha
  4. scifispam

    Transfer into ED

    JKL33, Thank you for your perspective. There will definitely be a learning curve. I fully accept that I will feel like a fish out of water even with 10 years of nursing experience.
  5. scifispam

    Transfer into ED

    I’ve been a nurse for 10 years now. I’ve done a lot: Med surg, Tele, cvicu, NVICU, neuro...I’m sure more. I’ve been in management a few years now and boy that’s not as much fun as I always pictured. I digress, I’ve been considering a transfer into ED. Anyone have similar years of experience transfer? How complicated was it for you?? What was your biggest learning opportunity or challenge?
  6. scifispam

    SCRN certification

    Thank you!!
  7. scifispam

    SCRN certification

    Has anyone completed their SCRN certification? Any helpful study tips on things you saw on test?
  8. scifispam

    WGU MSN Nursing Education

    I finished their MSN Leadership in May and took a new position as a Nurse Clinician which at my facility is the educator plus.
  9. scifispam

    "How did that get there?"

    The hospital phone. Half a norco I forgot to waste.
  10. scifispam

    Career advice.. Administrator - Home Health?

    So, I had the same exact thing happen to me. I submitted a regular application and they hired me to be the ADON. I was estactic. Until I realized that I was salary...working 60-80 hours a week or more because I had to fill in every time there was a call in. I also had all my office duties to do. It was too much for me. I lasted a few months and quit. I didn't want management experience "that" bad to kill myself. Plus, I didn't feel like I was learning any valuable management skills because I spent too much time working in the homes. I hope your situation works out better than mine did.
  11. scifispam

    WGU MBA-Healthcare

    DARN...I think I would rather have papers than tests....much easier to BS ha ha
  12. scifispam

    WGU MBA-Healthcare

    How long did it take you? Did you have management/financial background? Any words of wisdom for getting through the classes faster? What kind of changes were made from "old" to "new"?
  13. scifispam

    WGU MBA-Healthcare

    Finished my MSN in May! Now looking at the MBA-healthcare program. Anyone completed it? Any words of wisdom?
  14. scifispam

    Online MSN

    WGU has several great programs. Check them out
  15. scifispam

    How do you...

    Hug my baby and lay on the couch to veg out
  16. You are awesome!! Thanks for all your info!! I emailed my enrollment counselor I've been emailing and asked her to call me Monday night.

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