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on eagles wings has 2 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in SDU, Tele.

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  1. on eagles wings

    FIU RN to BSN online.

    Ladies and gents :) I am applying for the program for this january. Wanted to know how yall liked it. How do the clinicals work? How manageable is the coursework, how many classes are you taking per term? I would like to finish asap. I will be taking extra coursework in addition to the bsn classes, as I would like to get a minor in biology/chemistry. Thanks!
  2. on eagles wings

    Miami New Graduate Nurses

    Don't bother with Baptist Hospital. They will only get you with 1 year experience. Even if you have 9 months experience, they will not hire you. I have friends who got jobs in Jackson North--they got paid ER residencies. They just had an open house. Check their website and see if you can get on their mailing list for upcoming events. My other gf got a job at Kendall Regional, NG residency for medsurg with sim lab and weeks of classes,. Mount Sinai gets a ton of new grads. Huge residency program, but very short(6-7 weeks, no sim lab, just preceptor & a few days of class). Also try rehab facilities, like the one in Coral Gables. They hired an old friend of mine. Good luck guys!
  3. on eagles wings

    New Grad-First Day in the ER--Feeling Overwhelmed and Foolish

    i am almost at my 6month mark and i do dumb stuff all the time. i work in stepdown/sx. i still cry. a lot of the nurses with 5+ years of exp. still cry. don't beat yourself. a lot of it is nerves and sensory overload(lol). its a new place, new job, new people--a lot is going on and it is hard to think straight. don't worry about it. :) you'll get the hand of it!
  4. on eagles wings

    Working F/T while pursuing biology degree doable?

    Hey, thanks for writing. I think you have a point, especially because having my BSN I would be meeting requirements for both degrees. I was looking at the curriculum for the RN-BSN tonight, and it seems easy enough for me to bump my GPA (I was lazy with some general ed courses back in the day lol) and to also take one or two biology courses concurrently without killing myself. Thanks again and good luck in your career!
  5. Hi ladies and gents! I am a new grad on a surgical/tele/stepdown unit. It's been about 2 months since I've been working as an RN, been working on this unit before as a PCT/UC, so I already knew months ago what I was getting myself into. Anywho, to the point. I got my ADN, loved nursing school. They painted a pretty picture for us, nothing like what I have to deal with on a daily basis. My favorite part about school was going through pathophysiological processes and pharm. Anytime I tried to further understand these concepts I was told "you're in nursing school, not med school". I feel like I got into nursing because of my equal love for patient care and for science. But right now, I feel like I am just dealing with patient satisfaction scores and trying to meet impossible outcomes. I genuinely love my patients, my coworkers, and what nursing is supposed to be about, but I am disillusioned and constantly fear for my license. I am not the only one. All my coworkers feel the same way. Unfortunately, I know this is the case not just in my hospital. Furthermore, I just wished to be more involved in the medical/surgical decisions of patient's care. So this brings me to where I am at now. I was debating months ago if nursing was for me. But now I know. I have several plan B's and C's, but they all require a bachelor's degree, which I don't have (I'm 22 and my ADN was my first degree). I always loved biology and want to enroll for my Bachelor's in Bio in order to meet the requirements for the Master's P.A. program in the same school. My concern is that I have to work full-time. I live with my elderly family, and I am the primary bread-winner. Paying for school, however, is not an issue at all. I've got that solved, thank God. I am debating if taking two to three courses is doable while working as an RN. Courses such as orgo, stats, physics. And later on, biochem, genetics, etc. I could also on the other hand complete my RN-BSN online and complete as many biology classes as possible and minor in bio. I would have a bachelor's in nursing and still have a strong application by having various biology courses. This route would be a lot faster, as I could complete my BSN online in about a year, and extra bio classes would take me just 2 or 3 semesters. But the thought of taking more nursing classes really drives me up a wall!! Anywho, my other plan if I do not get into the PA program is to go the CRNA route. I could transfer to ICU in about a year and a half while taking classes. I would love anyone's advice and thoughts. I have 2 years until I complete my contract with my hospital, and I plan on keeping that contract, as I do not want to burn any bridges. Plus, my school uses my hospital for clinical rotations for all its healthcare programs and I would be an idiot to look bad infront of HR right now, lol. THANKS! and sorry for the rambling )
  6. on eagles wings

    Its official! I am leaving nursing.........

    wish you the best
  7. on eagles wings

    Liberty University--Adv.patho & pharm. How do-able?

    I don't think it would be a problem. And if I am not mistaken, he is getting a degree in anesthesia, not biology.... Who cares what you know or don't know about the Cambrian explosion lol
  8. on eagles wings

    seek advice on proficiency and time mgt from senior nurses

    Hey, I am in the same spot, so you aren't alone! I get so shy with some docs; I am scared they are gunna ask me something I totally don't know. I guess it is something we will get over with with time. :-/
  9. on eagles wings

    Seeing the big picture

    Just sticking around to see the responses you get. I am still on orientation and I am having the same issue! Kinda nice to know I am not the only one who feels this way.
  10. on eagles wings

    What is a good NCLEX-RN book to get during nursing school?

    I got the whole series of reviews and rationales. My absolute fave!
  11. on eagles wings

    ATI Pharmacology Anyone?

    It was a while ago but I remember getting questions similar to those in the pharmacology success book by Davis. Know which drugs are nephrotoxic and hepatotoxic, what labs to look at in this case, adverse effects of antibiotics(which causes ototoxicity, for example), know your diuretics and your neuro meds. know the foods to avoid with certain meds, like grapefruit, tyramine, etc. administration is important like for example, what time should you administer statins, steroids, levothyroxine, etc. lots of questions about teaching about iron supplements. Know your psych meds and EPS... Good luck :)
  12. on eagles wings

    Funny Names

    Lol is she hispanic? This means "candid" in spanish and is not a rare name really. I never realized how weird it sounds to nonspanish speakers haha
  13. on eagles wings

    How I Studied for the TEAS

    Thank you for this post! Excellent info! Good luck to you in all your endeavors!!
  14. on eagles wings

    My daily log for NCLEX-RN exam

    i graduate this year and you guys are a real inspiration. i will also do a study log in hopes of keeping motivated and disciplined. i think you guys are going to do well and are doing a good job using different learning resources (audio, NCLEX q's, etc). good luck!
  15. on eagles wings

    Mt Sinai (Miami)

    if/when i find out i will for sure let you know on here... :) i might just call the education dept or something and ask directly