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  1. on eagles wings

    Surgical Oncology unit- New Grad

    So I started on a surgical onc (step down ICU) floor as a new grad too about 3 years ago. You may or may not be giving chemo--my unit wasn't the chemo onc floor. We received actual SURGICAL pts like status post mastectomies, hysterectomies, bowel res...
  2. on eagles wings

    PCCN review courses/materials

    Hey, I'll be taking the PCCN In three months. I'm using the AACN book as well as Ahern's. I am listening to ICU rounds by Jeffrey Guy on iTunes and Woodruff's lectures on YouTube. I also have an ICU book or two to supplement. I am on a surgical step...
  3. on eagles wings

    Any good "nurse" shows on tv? Netflix?

    Yes!! Oh my gosh that series was amazing. Made me cry so many times. Unbelievable nurses and doctors. :))
  4. on eagles wings

    Advice concerning learning Spanish

    Hi! First of all, I wanted to say I really appreciate you for wanting to learn another language. I think it's great when people make this decision as it opens up their world so much! I am a native spanish speaker although I was born in south Florida....
  5. on eagles wings

    What is a surgical-oncology floor like?

    oh and i forgot to mention the urology patients. we are our hospital's designated uro floor so i don't know if it applies to you, but we get lots of prostate CA pt's who undergo turps, bladder CA w/ turps. so we often have CBI, jp's for them, and sup...
  6. on eagles wings

    What is a surgical-oncology floor like?

    Hi there. Congrats on your job offer! I've been working on a large surgical unit for a year now and let me tell you it is extremely stressful. We are, according to floats, the most stressful unit in the hospital. We are a medium sized teaching hospit...
  7. on eagles wings

    BSN+2 years experience=Now What?

  8. on eagles wings

    NP vs PA vs CNS

    Making fun???? Where was I making fun??? I was correcting him, where was I making fun? Are you serious? I clearly pointed out where he was wrong, I think, fairly. Because one does not think like you does not mean I am being mean. You are the one call...
  9. on eagles wings

    NP vs PA vs CNS

    No, I am not an NP, I'm an RN. I don't know how much you read but I was clearly comparing RN's to PA's because DIVOBARI was the first to say they are practically the same thing. I even quoted it. Of course they are not the same thing. You are complet...
  10. on eagles wings

    NP vs PA vs CNS

    ah lol its ok!
  11. on eagles wings

    NP vs PA vs CNS

    I'm replying to Divobari2's post, where, if I am not mistaken, makes it sounds like PA's just "do more technical things" than RNs but have the same level of education. But I just realized he/she is from Germany. I don't know what the PA model is like...
  12. on eagles wings

    NP vs PA vs CNS

    Oh no no no. Very incorrect, I am sorry. First of all, getting your certificate, Associates, Bachelor's or Masters in PA Studies is the SAME. They take the same coursework, except Master's may take extra elective rotations (Rural medicine, tropical ...
  13. on eagles wings

    MSN-NP or PA?

    I would do PA if I were you. I don't see the point of getting your RN to become an NP. Your experience is real competitive for PA programs, you would just need some LORs and I think you could get into a program easily :) good luck
  14. To slinkyheadcna, I knew since 2nd or 3rd semester I would probably hate nursing but felt stuck since I had already made so many sacrifices to get in. Now that I have been an RN for 7-8 months, I regret getting into nursing altogether. You don't have...
  15. on eagles wings

    MDC Fall 2011 =)

    Honestly I wouldn't bother. Enjoy your break and let the professors enjoy theirs. You will be learning a whole lot of info for the next couple of yrs, and not receiving 3 of the syllabi isn't going to make your first semester any worse lol. If I wer...