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  1. Hi all! I've been in GI for a year now. Previous to this I was ICU and ER for 10 years. We have staggered shifts from 4 PM to 530 PM and when it's time for the early shifts to go home we frequently are expected to take over mid case. My problem is that they seem to think its ok to hand off labeled syringes to us in case we need to give additional doses. I KNOW this isnt typically acceptable and I have tried to push with other staff to make it become standard to waste what's left and pull my own meds as needed. The issue is also its mod case and doc may still be collecting specimens and to take away the nurse who is monitoring and to waste seems also inappropiate. Just curious how other GI departments are handling this? I looked at the policy for procedural sedation for the hospital and it doesnt really give me the specifics I'm looking for. I personally believe if you are starting the case you should be finishing it barring any extenuating circumstances.
  2. NickiLaughs

    How much orientation?

    I got 4 shifts as an LVN I think. And within a couple months I was training other nurses. 38 patients a shift. Unsafe. It took me a couple weeks to learn all the patients names. I had to rely on CNAs. Nightmare of a job really.
  3. NickiLaughs

    Do you know of any nurses that changed careers?

    I know a ICU RN who literally did it for two years, saved all her $ for med school and is now an ER physician. It was her game plan all along. She double majored in Nursing and Biology. Others I know are now realtors, lawyer and a group home owner.
  4. NickiLaughs

    Lost 15 yrs of Senority by changing departments

    It how my hospital system works. Seniority rules over everything. We have a couple people who came in with their 15 years seniority and killed all the vacation time, I've also lost jobs schedules to them. Every facility is different. I've also worked ar jobs where unit seniority reigned over facility seniority. No way to know until she gets polictly clarified.
  5. NickiLaughs

    Keep M-F Endo or leave for CCU 12's?

    Ha I'm currently GI and have thought about returning to bedside cuz I miss my skills. My call is one day every 10 weeks. I get the missing having days off to get things done during the week. But having weekends off is nice. Only you can make this decision.
  6. NickiLaughs

    Denied Nursing School.... Again

    So the program shouldn't affect whether or not you can transfer your license. Your license is what you would be transferring. I did my LVN (same as LPN) at a private college and then transferred to a LVN to BSN state school that everyone said I was not elligible for because I went to a private school. They legit only cared that i has the license. There may be more options than you realize. No school is really nationally certified, most programs are regional. I hope you find a solution that works for you í ½í¸Š
  7. NickiLaughs

    Denied Nursing School.... Again

    They're in Oklahoma I think....a bit far to be an option.
  8. NickiLaughs

    Denied Nursing School.... Again

    So I failed my first semester of college. It destroys your GPA. I took some poor advice from a college counselor and took molecular biology and another science class that really was beyond my ability to manage while working full time. Some colleges do have the option of academic renewal it may or may not work in your case. In mine you essentially could erase subpar grades for one or two semesters. This changed my over GPA significantly. But you had to wait 4 or 5 years since the semester and show you done well in college otherwise. It's basically a chance to fix a mistake. Not sure if that will help but thought I'd throw that out therem. Hang in there.
  9. It honestly depends on where you work. I've worked at hospitals that were good about following the law and ones with no or weak union that would break the law. I imagine it's like every other state. Depends on how good your employer is. I'm very lucky though. I work at a hospital that provides safe staffing and a good amount of ancillary staff. They aren't perfect but I don't go home not able to sleep because I'm worried I missed something
  10. NickiLaughs

    Co-workers, Criticism, and How to Calm Your Storm

    I needed to see this right now. Unfortunately I've been a bit of a job hopper due to getting sick of dealing with lazy people who avoid doing work. I worked ICU for 4 years followed by ER for almost 5 years. 3 hospitals in each specialty. Now I'm in GI and encountering the same sort of work ethic (which is none). I guess irregardless of my field I will always encounter it. It's challenging because I always get off late because the earlier shifts say, "why rush?". I'm trying to find inner peace and realize that wherever I go I will encounter these people. It doesn't make it less frustrating though. I've talked to management several times as you think they'd care about people taking two hour lunches, etc....but I guess if they actually cards they would have done something about it much longer ago.
  11. NickiLaughs

    Kaiser application

    I think they look for key phrases in resumes. If it doesn't have enough key words like techology, team work, etc. it automatically gets booted. I'd also look to get certifications in your specialty. If you say no to any one thing on the application where it asks about your experience it boots you, etc. most people unfortunately "know someone" to help get their resume considered. You also need to apply the first day it posts. They get tons of applicants for every position. Is it possible to get on as a traveler again and try to make nice with management? You'd need to talk to them about why you were never offered a position. Good luck!
  12. NickiLaughs

    Real nursing school is not as boring as pharmacology right?

    I hated pharm too. It's a necessary tool. It's important to be aware of some of the side effects of meds that can make a patient sicker because of what's going on with them. Dopamine increases heart rate. It might be better to pick a different press or if they're already tachycardia, etc. I promise docs will sometimes pick not the ideal options and your suggestions and knowledge do matter. I had a patient bleeding pretty severely post delivery one night in critical care. One of the nurses suggested factor 7 to the doc. He ordered it and he believed it made a difference in the new moms outcome. So yes, it's tedious but it really can make a difference. Hang in there.
  13. NickiLaughs

    130k Student debt for Entry MSN worth it?

    I have half that debt. It's difficult to pay off. I'm in a pretty high paying job. My payments are 650 a month. Imagine having over twice that plus an insane amount of interest. I've been able to pay down some. But student loans, especially private ones tend to compound the interest. As someone whose taken out loans I would recommend looking at other options.
  14. NickiLaughs

    Kaiser New Grad Program

    What others have said is true. They first open applicants within their system. There are ER techs, CNAs and MAs within the system who frequently finish RN school and wait for those postings. They get first dibs because they hire from within first. I've known Er techs who worked outside jobs for a year as an RN and still work as a tech cuz they do not want to lose their seniority when they finally get that RN gig. It is very hard to get a new grad job without knowing someone or already working there. If you do its because your family or good friend of someone in the hospital system.
  15. NickiLaughs

    Kaiser Permanente Compensation

    Depends on which part of so cal. There are different contracts in different regions in so cal but north is all one contract. The facility I was going to transfer to was a 25$ an hour paycut.