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  1. LJTulsa

    Too old to become a nurse? Need opinions

    You are never too old for anything! I say go for it! If you don't, you might regret it later. What have you got to lose? Good luck!
  2. Also, teaching is just as much customer service work as nursing!
  3. Scientist is right about he grass being greener! Be careful what you wish for; teaching isn't easier. Especially not early childhood.
  4. LJTulsa

    Teacher turned Nurse

    Teaching and nursing.... both difficult careers. Nurses will say being a teacher would be easier, and teachers say the same of nursing. I think there is a big misconception about teachers and the support they have whether it be from administration, parents, fellow co-workers, unions, etc. People tend to think that teachers are supported by all these people when they really aren't in many situations. In most situations, (like myself) they have unsupportive parents who are on your case all day and don't want to put any effort towards their child's education and lazy administration who watches you like a hawk an is just waiting for the moment when you goof up. There are however, many teachers who do have support from all those people and that is such a blessing. Im not leaving teaching because I think nursing will be easier or there will be more job security (heaven knows they have always said teachers will always be able to find a job and we know that isn't true right now (I was laid off after 2 years!)). I am interested in nursing because like summr said, you can begin anytime of year and also there are so many more things you can do with a nursing degree. I think we could argue about which is a more difficult career until we are all blue in the face. In the end, some people are more suited for nursing and some are more suited for teaching.We might just have to try both to figure it out!:)
  5. LJTulsa

    Teacher turned Nurse

    Miteacher, I completely agree! I taught for two years and was laid off. Now, I get to pursue something I have always wanted to do, which is nursing. I find it funny how many people think teaching is an easy profession. Summers off, vacation time during the year, work ends at 3ish, etc., but it is much different. If you are a great teacher, you put in countless hours of work (weekend, holidays, and summers especially) and don't leave until way after the children have left and you spend all your free-time preparing for class.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I guess you can't write names on this website, so would you be willing to email the name of someone to speak with at RSU? My email is ljtulsa@hotmail.com. Thanks Buster!
  7. Thanks for the reply. I made a post about my disappointing visit this week to RSU. If you can, read the post and reply with your suggestions. Possibly even the name of an an advisor or instructor to contact for some course transfer ?s. Thanks for your help! https://allnurses.com/ok-nursing-programs/rogers-state-university-515013.html
  8. Oh, and thanks for the reassurance! Good luck to you as well!
  9. What school are you attending?
  10. LJTulsa

    Rogers State University

    I am planning on doing pre reqs at TCC this Spring and Summer to apply for (hopefully) admittance to the OU summer 2012 Accelerated BSN (I already have a BS). Well, I went up to Rogers State in Claremore today to speak with someone about their programs (I need a plan B in case I don't get in to OU because it is so competitive) and the possibility of my classes transferring from my 1st bachelors degree. I was shocked when I left. I had already done my research of the pre reqs and how to apply, but what really shocked me was how the lady really would't speak in depth with me (even though I called ahead to make sure I could speak with someone) and what she said about OU. She was asking why I was taking certain classes and I told her, "Those courses are required to be admitted to OU and right now I am exploring all my options." She replied by saying, " I would think twice before you consider OU. We have so many students that leave their program to come to ours ('which is the best in the state'). Its incredibly hard and fast paced. They are so disorganized and just be prepared to have your classes taught by really incompetent and lazy people. You will have to do so much work yourself." She carried on until I said, "It is a Bachelor's program, so I expect it to be MUCH harder and since it is 2 years crammed into 14 months that it why its called the 'Accelerated Program.' I am completely aware the program is hard and fast-paced and I would expect that it would be VERY demanding. I also think you should know the OU advisor said I should also look into your program because the nurses that graduate form your program are highly respected." She then kinda bit her tongue and said, "Well, I wasn't trying to talk bad about OU, I just thought you might want to know." This left a bad taste in my mouth. I know this in one woman, but I feel so turned off by RSU because of this ONE woman! When I went to OU the advisor sat and spoke with me for 1 and 1/2 hours and squeezed me in and had my transcripts evaluated in ONE DAY while the woman at RSU made me stand and talk to her and wouldn't even evaluate my courses until I, "took the dosage calculation course." It makes it difficult to apply to various programs when they have such different prerequisites. Any help or advice on RSU would be greatly appreciated. I really would rather go to OU because I live in Tulsa and its shorter and a bachelors degree, but I have to keep my options open. Thanks for the help!
  11. LJTulsa

    New Teacher Wants to Become a Nurse: Advice Please!!

    My sentiments exactly. Teaching consumed my life! Go for it and chase those dreams!
  12. LJTulsa

    Teaching to Nursing

    HeyNow1986, What did you decide? I am in the same boat as you (young teacher who was laid-off). I honestly think it happened for a reason and that reason is to pursue other dreams because I have always been interested in nursing. Don't let anyone get you down - pursue your dreams!
  13. LJTulsa

    Langston University, Probation?

    The stats speak for themselves. Honestly, I would look into TU, Rogers State (in Claremore), ORU, and of course OU (but you were already considering them!). The advisors at OU said RSU is a good school and has an excellent program. When I heard through this website that Langston was in Tulsa, I was a bit wary of it since 1) I had never heard of it before and 2) its in a somewhat scary part of town. There is always TCC, but those at OU didn't recommend it because they take on WAAAY to many students and only about 25% end up making it all the way through the program. Good luck!
  14. LJTulsa

    New Teacher Wants to Become a Nurse: Advice Please!!

    This post has been a breath of fresh air! I am a laid-off teacher in OK, and looking into pursuing a career in nursing. I have 2 years of experience in teaching Kindergarten and have a B.S. in Early Childhood Education. After making $30k the last two years to work 55+ hours a week (7:30-6 daily and not to mention weekends!) and worry 3 months during the summer if my contract would be renewed (unfortunately, but actually its quite fortunate that it wasn't), I am moving on. I always saw myself as a nurse (never a teacher, although I love being around children) and now I have been given an opportunity to pursue that dream! I realize the life of a nurse isn't easier, but it will allow a bit more flexibility in starting a family. Good luck to all in pursuing their dreams and don't let anyone stop you!
  15. Hello, I am a prospective nursing student interested in getting my second bachelor's in nursing at the OUHSC in Tulsa. I am curious about recent RN graduates and how many have received job offers, are employed, unemployed, etc. Also, would it help to begin volunteering at St. Francis (I have heard many good things about their program) in the meantime while I complete my pre-reqs at TCC? I am just so worried about going to school for 2 and 1/2 more years to be in the same position I am in now (early childhood education degree without a teaching job). Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, LJTulsa