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I am a prospective nursing student interested in getting my second bachelor's in nursing at the OUHSC in Tulsa. I am curious about recent RN graduates and how many have received job offers, are employed, unemployed, etc. Also, would it help to begin volunteering at St. Francis (I have heard many good things about their program) in the meantime while I complete my pre-reqs at TCC? I am just so worried about going to school for 2 and 1/2 more years to be in the same position I am in now (early childhood education degree without a teaching job).

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I'm also a returning bachelor's-holding student going for my nursing degree here in Tulsa. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it too much. By the time we graduate in 2+ years things will have changed anyway. Look at it this way...there will always be need for nurses. This is a good solid profession! Keep your mind open and be willing to go where the jobs are if they aren't in Tulsa....that's my plan.

Everyone's gonna have an opinion, so you'll get a hundred. Just focus on school and doing well, and worry about the jobs later. Good Luck!!!!!

What school are you attending?

Oh, and thanks for the reassurance! Good luck to you as well!

I'm at RSU in Claremore. Their entrance requirements weren't as extensive as TCC or OU. Since this is my second degree, I learned how to weed through all the bs and just jump through their hoops to get what I want. I've taken all of the pre-reqs that I can as of next if I don't get into the fall program, I'm pretty much dead in the water on stuff I can take without actually BEING in the program.

Stay in touch!

Thanks for the reply. I made a post about my disappointing visit this week to RSU. If you can, read the post and reply with your suggestions. Possibly even the name of an an advisor or instructor to contact for some course transfer ?s. Thanks for your help!

Read the reply. I agree with you totally, that would leave a bad taste in my mouth as well. Just remember a few things:

1. You're just another number to ANY school...and its all about the money to them. The more money they can get, the better off they are...hence, the different pre-reqs.

2. Don't let people get you off course of what you want. I've noticed that in nursing programs there are a LOT of alpha personalities and the all think they know EVERYTHING! Don't let that get to you...just stay focused.

As far as names.....************* in the main Nursing office is the 'queen bee' so to speak. She might be the one you talked to. She's the one that ranks everyone and determines who gets in. Sometimes she's a little dry, but a great lady overall. ******* is my advisor and one of the Nursing instructors. I've only spoken with her once, but she was very nice!

Like I said before, I've also got a I'm going back and taking the science classes to be eligible. You should really consider RSU...its a great program. However, a caveat about the ranking system to get in. They really give more weight to those that have taken all their classes there (especially the ranked classes: Dosage, A&P, Biology, etc) Even if you have all A's in these classes from other colleges, if someone else has the same grade...they will get in before you because they took the classes on RSU campus.

This spring they had the most applicants ever for their program (approx. 350 from what I was told). I don't see it getting any better....but still easier than to get into than OU or TCC.

Thanks for the advice. I guess you can't write names on this website, so would you be willing to email the name of someone to speak with at RSU? My email is [email protected].

Thanks Buster!

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