if you had to do it all over again, what profession would u choose?

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Spritenurse1210, BSN, RN

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I would have gone to school to become a Registered Dietitian. I still may follow that goal. I dunno.


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It's a toss up between Donald Trump, Hugh Hefner, Exclusive pharmacist for pro football and baseball, or 2nd mate on a tramp steamer.

Oh you mean like a ship full of prostitutes?


Specializes in PACU, OR.
I think I would go into politics and be the first black female president, maybe its not too late:idea:

If you can stand the smell of sewage, good for you girl! Go for it! Personally, I wouldn't like the CIA or similar spooks going through my underwear drawer....

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Librarian at largest library in the world - most happy (books all day long!!)

Wall St investment broker (if I had all the knowledge of what stocks did well between age 22 and now) - most wealthy

Pampered only darling daughter of billionaire - most fantastic


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I would be a real estate agent

Purple_Scrubs, BSN, RN

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Equine Veterinarian!

Me too!


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I would love to be a FBI agent!

Bionic Woman

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A celebrity entertainer (in my wildest dreams!)....lots of money, lots of freedom, fun work. Or professional athlete....who wouldn't mind retiring after 10 years of working! Not to mention all the endorsements!

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I can't imagine doing anything else besides being a PICU nurse, which is definitely my calling and gift. However, I do wish I hadn't waited so long to go back to school for my AC-PNP. Yet, all things happen for a reason. I have loved being able to spend so much time at home with my kids, and I'm not sure how well that's going to work out once I complete my master's.

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I would be an interior designer and travel the world or a teacher and then I could have weekends, holidays, winter and spring break and summers off. I hate how nursing takes away your life all the weekends and holidays that are sacrificed and how difficult it is to even get a week or two off in the summer.


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A writer or travel journalist!


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A food, hotel, restaurant,resort, or movie critic. How the heck do you get those jobs! I never heard about those types of jobs in school. My guidance counselor sucked........

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