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  1. gerry79

    CVS Minute Clinic

    I currently work at Minute Clinic and have for the past 2 years (my first NP job) and must say that I have learned quite a bit. I will be leaving next week to pursue employment at an urgent care to broaden my scope of practice. I have seen many come and go, and those who have departed are doing well in their chosen area of care. An ex coworker convinced me to move to the urgent care, and after extensive shadowing I accepted the position. My advice would be to wait a year before seeking other employment.
  2. gerry79

    the cold hard reality for FNPs in primary care...?

    I work in retail health (CVS minute clinic).
  3. gerry79

    the cold hard reality for FNPs in primary care...?

    I am a relative new NP (10 months), and my transition from being a floor nurse to an NP has been wonderful. I see 18-20 patients a day, my environment is low stress, and my pay has significantly increased ($35/hr to $53/hr with up to 10% yearly bonus). I work 3 ten hours days and have 2 four day weekends a month. I do have weekend and holiday commitment, but I am not working a day night rotation and no overnights. I get a mandatory 1 hour lunch break, and do not run around like a chicken with my head cut off. Also, I work alone and do enjoy the autonomy. Yes, I do have more responsibility, but my stress and anxiety level has significantly decreased since my floor nursing days. I use to dread every shift as an RN, and had anxiety attacks while headed to work when I was an ED nurse. I feel I am being payed for my knowledge, respected by the patients, and valued by my employer (since I bill and bring in income). I remember the nights of battling incontinent dementia patients (and the bed facilitator who wanted to load us up with them with no regard to staffing), cursed out by drunks, tortured by pain seekers who were on the call bell every hour on the hour, and not valued by the hospital. For ME, it was a no brainer to continue my education and become an NP as I realized hospital/floor/ED/unit nursing was not my cup of tea.
  4. gerry79

    First job woes!

    Nice post Juan!
  5. gerry79

    All these NPs making less than RNs?

    New grad NP. Was an RN for 7 years top wage $34.60/hr (October 2013). Started my NP position October 2013 and make $52.30/hr. I would have had to have stayed at my RN job over 20 years (based on 1.5% pay raise per year) to make what I now make. And I don't do overnights. Sure, I still work holidays ($78/hr, $105/hr for working Christmas) and weekends ($57/hr), but I am at a much happier place now. For some, it may not be about the money, but about a better quality of life.
  6. gerry79

    NP Salary

    RN 7 years (left RN position in October). Last RN wage $34.63/hr NP (retail health) started October 2013 (new grad) NP wage $52.30/hr Boston, Ma
  7. gerry79

    Which specialty compensated the most financially?

    In my neck of the woods, retail health pays well. Granted I am a new grad FNP, but new grad starting salary is $107,000/year (based on a 40 hour work week).
  8. gerry79

    What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    New graduate Family NP (Retail Health) 4 months experience (Boston area). Married claiming 1 dependent, no 401k, only pay for dental. Pay is bi weekly (60 hours per pay period/30 hour per week). Before taxes: $3650.00 After taxes: $2435.00 Monthly before taxes: $7300.00 Actual take home per month: $4870.00
  9. gerry79

    How did you land your first NP job?

    Graduated May 2013. Retail health (Minute Clinic) 2013, Boston suburb. Did clinical at a MC and really enjoyed it. Put in online application May 2013 and was offered the job in June, started in October. Turned down a college health position (was asked to stay on while on clinical).
  10. Got my associates at 43, my BSN at 46, and my MSN (FNP) at 48. All after a lovely 25 career military career.
  11. gerry79

    What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    What type NP are you? FNP Where (state)(rural/urban) Massachusetts, suburban Are you independent or in a group? Retail Health How many years experience? 0-1 What is your before tax paycheck amount? $3340 Monthly or bi-weekly? Bi weekly Salary/hourly/other(explain)? Hourly Avg hours on check? 60 (work 30 hours a week) What are the perks of your contract? (ie. PTO/vacation/bonuses) Flexible schedule, 3 weeks vacation and 1 week for continuing education, reimbursed for licensing fee (Mass CSR and DEA), 5% matching 401k, paid liability insurance, $1500.00 yearly for CME.
  12. gerry79

    NP vs. RN job satisfaction

    For me, its more money (about $25,000 a year more), less physically taxing, more job satisfaction, and better hours (I work 30 hours a week). I was an RN for 6 years, so my pay raise as an NP was quite substantial.
  13. gerry79

    Getting an interview. This is harder than i thought..

    Wow..Job market must be different depending on where you live. I had 2 jobs offers before I graduated (graduated in May). Turned down college health, and an under served neighborhood health center, to take a job in retail health (Minute Clinic). Of note, I did do my preceptorship at the locations that offered me employment. I live in the Boston area. My classmates have had no problem finding employment thus far.
  14. gerry79

    In need of NP preceptor for Spring 2013 in Massachusetts

    Sorry to hear about your struggles. I was in the same boat needing pedi and ob/gyn for a total of 225 hours, and called 60 facilities without success. A former coworker and recent FNP grad hooked me up, or I probably would not be able to graduate in May. Being so close to the start of school (I return 28 January), finding clinical placement will be a daunting task. Have you tried Minute Clinic?? I also live in Mass, so i do understand your struggles. I feel my school dropped the ball on clinical placement, as they new we needed placement since the beginning of the fall semester......I wonder if we attend the same school...Good luck!!!!
  15. gerry79

    Job Offer, but I have reservations.....

    Thanks to all who replied to my post!
  16. gerry79

    Job Offer, but I have reservations.....

    Wont be taking the school/state benefits as I retired from the service and already have pretty good coverage.

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