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brandy1017 is a ASN, RN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. brandy1017

    Exhausted; I want a way out.

    CONGRATS on your new baby! I'm glad things are working out for you. When you're off maternity leave, you may want to consider getting a clinic job. Most of the nurses I know that work in clinics for doctor offices are much happier than the rest of us. Best Wishes!
  2. brandy1017

    Should I be a nurse?

    Don't deplete your savings to go back to school! As a single mom you need an ER savings in case of job loss or other emergency. Do you have student loans from a prior degree that need to be paid off? Don't think nursing is rosier than admin since its the corporate admin that makes the rules, cuts the staff to the bone making it difficult to do a safe job. A large part of the reason for high staff turnover, low morale and burnout is 100% a result of corporate mismanagement and layoffs of essential staff, putting more and more on the few left. Also corona really brings to the fore the risks inherent in the nursing field. Do you have any health problems that would predispose you to a serious infection such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, asthma or immune problem just to name a few. You have to think of your health and your child and even who would take care of your child if something happened to you from corona or other illness. I'm not fearmongering, I'm just being realistic. Also make sure you have disablity insurance. Lots of things you need to think about. I concur with the others to avoid the high priced ASBN and look for a cheaper route if you do pursue this. Nursing is nothing like administration!
  3. brandy1017

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    My comments are not about how I am being treated, although I have been a victim of bullying once as a new grad and persevered and triumphed over the bully and her flying monkeys. I watched her lose her job as an LPN and be demoted to a lowly HUC and finally leave in disgrace. Her flying monkeys scattered. I've survived stupid cliques too, but don't count them as bullying. I've survived a couple cruel managers, one who fired someone days before Christmas on trumped up charges and gave a negative eval to someone facing possible cancer surgery the night before her surgery when we did not have disability and that person was counting on her almost year delayed eval giving her the money to survive! That manager lost her job in the end and the person with surgery came out OK and had her eval redone and received the backpay they deserved! It's true you can be a victim of bullying and bad managers anywhere so I'm not counting that against becoming a nurse. Rather nursing is the abused stepchild of healthcare, where we are forced to be responsible for everyone else's job on top of our own, mistreated by both management, coworkers and patients. Why choose nursing which has so many negatives when other healthcare options exist that pay as much or more and have better working conditions and treatment! Seriously, unless you plan on working bedside only long enough to use as a paid residency toward NP I don't think it's worth the abuse to your mind and body for the pay! While my comments are not about corona, it sure brings out how little nurses are regarded by management. Forced to reuse masks, told to use simple masks, nurses and doctors dying on the job! It was only after a couple of the nurses were hospitalized with pneumonia that they finally stopped demanding nurses reuse simple masks, even denied TB masks and were finally given PAPRS sitting in the basement collecting dust. That is how sad things have become!
  4. brandy1017

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    I would consider what your end goals are before pursuing nursing. Do you want to be an NP? If not, I would seriously consider looking into other options like PT or ultrasound tech, both pay more than nurses without the same level of stress. I'm to the point of giving my resignation or going on FMLA for stress, but what is the point because it's not like things will get better, only worse. I have a coworker on haldol for bipolar, very upfront about it and she is as happy as a clam. Total chaos, understaffing, lack of supplies and it doesn't matter to her in the least. I guess if you are medicated heavily enough you can cope just fine with the way nursing is today. Otherwise I doubt it! For myself, I feel I'm always fighting a nervous breakdown when I walk into a shitshow. I used to think I would work till 62, now I seriously don't think I will make it to the end of the year and I'm several years away from 62. I'm debating due I try to make it on the money I have saved and plan on being broke till I can bridge to 62. Sad that nursing has come to this!
  5. If it was me I would choose my family and personal life over work! Take the closer job and then if you really want ICU you can keep looking. But do a real soul search do you truly want ICU as not everyone is cut out for it. Do you handle stress well? For some reason ICU is a status symbol for some nurses of making it. But personally I think ICU is overrated, but that is just me. But there is no way I'd take a job that's hours away from my family and pets, no way! My family and pets are my world, work is just work. Plus taking the ICU job is a pay cut, hours away, then having to pay for a hotel or air B&B, just no. Pay is important and it would take a lot for me to go backwards in pay. You aren't taking a pay cut for a leisurely job like at a clinic, but for a very stressful job. It doesn't make sense to me, but it's your life. The only way I'd even consider a pay cut would be for a less stressful job with a better quality of life.
  6. brandy1017

    Nurses Disciplined, Fired for Wearing Hospital-Issued Scrubs

    I hope he files for unemployment and files a wrongful termination suit with the help of the MNA! This behavior by admin speaks of so much disrespect. To me it is tantamount to when someone ripped a mask off a nurse's face. We are in the middle of a fricken life threatening pandemic and mgmt doesn't give a *** and wants to make an example of someone who is simply trying to protect his family! They are the heartless ones and should be ashamed of themselves. Glad there are still nurses willing to speak up and not give in. Hope he prevails in court! And so stupid on the part of mgmt! They just gave themselves a big black eye for the public! Remember we are heroes now and they won't forget this!
  7. brandy1017

    Are Sanitized N95 Masks Safe for Reuse?

    Working conditions worsened and we lost many CNA's and they weren't replaced. Also there was a crackdown and several were fired. So it seems like CNA elimination is a deliberate strategy. Of course, nurses started quitting in droves as more was being added to their workload and the few hires aren't enough to replace them, plus some were quitting in response to the CNA cutbacks and increased patient ratios, a few quit in orientation as they got better offers at competing systems. We are staffed by travelers and without them we would be screwed, esp now that we are surging. Corporate is balking at renewing the travelers claiming it's not in the budget. Yet we have labor pool working or not being paid regardless and most of them are not nurses and even only a few of the nurses can actually take an assignment. It seems to be a disaster in the making. It's just common sense you can't run a hospital without nurses!
  8. brandy1017

    Are Sanitized N95 Masks Safe for Reuse?

    They started with the TB mask to wear for an entire shift. Then switched to a simple mask following the new CDC recommendations that it was acceptable, except for aerosolizing procedures. Then the TB masks were supposed to be kept in a brown paper bag for multiple use with the nurses name on it. While RT was using PAPRS and more were ordered for them, not the nurses, on the rationale that they were intubating patients and giving breathing treatments. Meanwhile PAPRS were sitting unused in the basement and RN's were using simple masks for long periods in patients rooms without CNA's to limit their exposure. Inevitably nurses started to get sick and even be hospitalized with pneumonia! Heard even a family of one was infected. Finally they switched to PAPRS for the nurses as well. Sad it had to take nurses getting sick to do the right thing! No one at my hospital has died, but can't speak for the hospital system itself and since we're not unionized don't know how accurate any reporting of illness and even deaths would be done or reported to the rest of us re sister hospitals. Don't know if they are required to give stats to the CDC, OSHA, etc. Yes they did mention they planned to reuse and resanitize TB masks as well, don't know by which method. Don't see why this would be necessary if we are using PAPRS, especially since they provide more safety, even if a little cumbersome. They did also ask for volunteers to go to a sister hospital for their covid surge and shortly after we started surging as well. They don't want to extend travelers as they were getting crisis pay and, of course, wait for it, not in the budget! We too have seen some nurses quit and more are planning yet we do not have enough nurses to work at our own hospital, yet alone volunteer elsewhere! That is what travelers, agency or pool are for. They do have regional and state pool, but clearly not enough. We do have some support staff of nurses and techs working thru the labor pool while clinics etc are shut down, but that is temporary and I don't know how much longer it will last. A few nurses can actually take assignments, but most are helpers. I'm happy for the extra help, but there has been some friction where techs mainly claim they can't do much of anything as they weren't trained and aren't willing to go the extra mile to learn with our help. Instead we are the bad guys for expecting them to do simple things like take vitals and help turn and clean patients. How dare we expect this! Yet we are constantly put outside our comfort zones and expected to learn and do new things and more! Instead of giving the support staff a crash course in how to do such simple things as work as CNA, they are basically being paid to sit around and do nothing. Sad!
  9. PACU or OR because they are sedated and can't talk! First thoughts that came to mind. In the meantime try being a little more assertive and tell them to put the phone down or take it from them "just for now" that they will get it back after the procedure as you need to explain things to them and need their undivided attention. Emphasize up front gown only, the rest of the clothes have to go till the tests are done. Good Luck!
  10. brandy1017


    Wish you the best! Hope you can find a better job. Enjoy your freedom for now, but fight to collect unemployment in the meantime! I'm taking it day by day, but have started to get my ducks in a row for sooner than later. I feel one of these days soon I'm going to take the leap and walk away. I've spoken up for quality a few times recently but been ignored and feel all I have is a target on my back for the effort. We've had a mass exodus of nurses already since the new regime takeover. Amazingly, or not surprising at all to those of us older and wiser, no effort was made to retain the experienced nurses. But a couple new grads were given red carpet treatment to change their mind, but to no avail. They could see the writing on the wall and walked away quickly! Good luck! Keep up updated on your new adventures!
  11. brandy1017


    I do agree with you that nursing is an unhealthy job, in mind, body and spirit. At least it has been for me and many others. Also that the majority of us are put in impossible situations where we can't give safe, quality care because of a lack of staff and supplies. But click a box and chart and pretend it's all good! So many nurses are working thru lunch unpaid and no breaks trying to do a good job, all the while corporate mgmt uses our compassion against us! I've become so cynical over the years and just bone tired of it all! I'm preparing for retirement ASAP as I don't know how much more I can take of this dog and pony show that nursing has become. What sickens me the most is that after all the years I have so little to show for it, a pathetic pension and no health insurance. The reality that here I'm a nurse and I may end up bankrupt and broke trying to pay for healthcare if I quit, but worry that the stress of the job may literally kill me with a stroke if I don't! And this is not about Corona. I'm not afraid of it. More so of a heart attack or stroke. I would quit today if only we had national healthcare. I looked up my state and to qualify for subsidized insurance from the affordable care act I need to keep my income as low as possible, less than $31,000 ideal. Less than $50,000 at the max to qualify for any subsidies. Otherwise the cost approaches $15,000 to 20,000 a year in insurance premiums and deductibles and out of pockets. I don't understand why Trump, Biden, the republicans and even many democrats don't realize people can't afford this fiasco and travesty of a healthcare system! They get a gold plated insurance and we get ***! Meanwhile at work mgmt raises the nurse to patient ratio's, while cutting support staff to get the latest bonus and promotion at our expense, while blaming us for poor Press Ganey scores and admonishing us to drop everything and answer that call light! I'm sick and tired of the absolute total disrespect towards nurses. The outright contempt management has towards us for being "peon" nurses and not climbing the corporate ladder or getting our NP. No respect! Hassling us over the most petty unimportant things and micromanaging us to death, but ignoring staff shortages, mandation and the lack of critical supplies! The need to keep the budget down at all costs, total insanity! Unbelievable how so many hospitals run without enough nurses and equipment from PPE to patient equipment. JACHO needs to be more concerned over that then nitpicking nurses! Also I could get whiplash from the hot and cold treatment by management. One minute berated, intimidated, criticized, even threatened over the most minute "offenses in their minds" that have NOTHING to do with patient care and everything to do with controlling us! The next minute when they realize their "***ED" by their own neglect and mismanagement, then they pour the sugar on trying to cajole us and pressure us and guilt us into being the "angel of mercy" to pick up extra shifts or volunteer to float to a Corona wing. Maybe they'll throw in a little extra money to sweeten the pot, but only for OT and jumping thru their hoops! No hazard pay for the day to day staff on the Corona wing! It's all in a day's work after all! Why should you get paid extra for risking your life, you're a nurse you signed up for this. Same rationale not to pay holiday OT! I understand the general public's view of us as healthcare heroes. That is one thing, but another when the hospital uses it as a media campaign, rather than provide adequate PPE, safe staffing ratios, hazard pay and most of all common decency and RESPECT! Nurses week filled with platitudes, but not hazard pay or PPE! Angel campaigns to have patients nominate their favorite nurse as an angel. Sending out a letter to all the nurses how they had donated to a charity in their name, rather than giving money to the nurse to use for herself, her family or her own charity! Running a full page add with all the nurses names in it, oblivious to the risk of a nurse hiding from an abusive ex or stalker! These are just some of the disingenuous, even absurd actions by mgmt to celebrate nurses week! How about a pay raise, hazard pay, proper PPE, hiring back nurses and PCA's and improving the staffing ratios so we can give safe care without having to sacrifice our own health and lives! We didn't go into nursing to get rich, but we are not angels! Rather we are flesh and blood that need money to pay our bills, our student loans and our families! Lastly how about treating us with basic decency and respect and listening to our concerns about safety, staffing and supplies for a change! Now that would make my day, week and year! And I believe that would turn things around and help put an end to the nursing shortage that exists in many places. I bet it would also improve nurse's physical and emotional health! Now that would be a change for the better!
  12. brandy1017

    Unclear if I’m Eligible for Unemployment

    If you're not getting any hours I would file for unemployment which may take awhile due to the high volume and not enough staff to process claims. Then the hospital can fight you if they want and you can defend yourself and a judge would make the final decision. But I don't think they would have the time to fight you on unemployment right now. You are essentially laid off now, if not outright fired so you should be able to get unemployment. I would file if it were me.
  13. You can stop the guilt trip already! The OP is merely giving us a glimpse of the front lines in ICU. It is a warning to the rest of us. The OP is giving us important info from the ICU so we can make an informed choice about our own personal risk of working with Corona. I thank the OP for sharing with us what is happening in the ICU. Yes it is possible to get the virus and be asymptomatic or only have mild symptoms, but it already has been documented that people with underlying health problems and the elderly have a higher risk of death! Although at the same time some younger people are dying as well. There is nothing wrong for the OP to share their first hand experiences. I welcome it and ask for more on the front lines to speak up. Also it is public knowledge that HCW's are not being provided adequate PPE, are being put in unsafe situations, simple mask, not TB mask, not PAPR and many esp NYC are being expected to use the same mask for a week or more. Totally unsafe! I can't imagine police, firefighters or even the military being sent out without adequate protection, but it's perfectly OK to do this to HCW's. The hospitals and the CDC have colluded to lower the safety bar and put us at risk! There is nothing wrong with choosing to walk away when one is put in an unsafe, potentially deadly situation. It is not our fault adequate PPE isn't being provided, but we are expected to put our neck out due to the greed and mismanagement of the corporate hospital system and shoddy govt ie FEMA and CDC! This shouldn't be happening! And hundreds of HCW have already gotten sick and some have died. Sadly until HCW's are provided adequate PPE ie PAPRS, more will die! I think this is a crime on the parts of the hospitals and the govt! Their actions are criminal and I hope their are lawsuits after this is over. Unfortunately it will not make the victims whole!
  14. brandy1017

    To be a coward, or to be a fool?

    Yes it is the hospital's fault that they don't have PPE! Give me a ***in break! They don't have enough because healthcare has been destroyed by corporate Yahoo's ie snakes in suits that only care about bonuses, raises and promotions for themselves at the expense of safety for everyone else! It starts with the constant under staffing, too high patient ratios, layoffs of support staff, to save money. So why the hell would they bother to keep adequate PPE available when they are running by the seat of their pants in a just in time we'll have as little available as possible to save money! As others mentioned one minute they are threatening to write up and discipline you over petty infractions and the next they are begging and trying to guilt you into working without adequate PPE, at the same time bribing the CDC to lower the safety bar and then admonishing you to work OT on top of it. All the while the suits stay safe far away from the hot zone! Wake the hell up!
  15. brandy1017

    Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

    And don't forget most of us live in at will states where we can be fired for any reason or no reason on the spot and we likewise can quit our jobs for any reason! We are not the mililtary, we are not property of the US govt or any state govt that they can see fit to do with us what they want. Again there is no reason for this save greed, plain and simple. I work for a national corporation that bragged about their supply chain network, yet our masks, esp TB masks are being kept under lock and key and PAPR's are sitting unused in storage and denied to the nurses working the COVID unit!
  16. brandy1017

    Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

    Can nurses say thru the National Nurses United file a lawsuit against the CDC, even expand to a class action lawsuit for all the HCW who are knowingly being exposed to unsafe and potentially deadly working conditions by the CDC's lowering safety measures? I hope the CDC is sued for purposely caving to the hospital interest's over the safety of the HCW's! I haven't heard of a PAPR shortage, so why can't the hospitals provide PAPRS for everyone working with COVID pt's? Don't want to spend the money I would guess. We are pawns, totally expendable, warm bodies till they find someone to replace us! We are being pressured and guilt tripped to work overtime due to a shortage created by management before the pandemic ever happened and not renewing the travelers we did have till at the very last moment and most had taken other jobs in the interim. Travelers are now being offered hazard pay throughout the country, while we are supposed to pick up extra for overtime. At the same time mgmt is supposed to stay away from us and keep themselves safe! The masks are locked up out of our reach and thanks to the new CDC rules the staff on the COVID wing are being given one simple surgical mask for the whole shift, no N95, no PAPRs. And we have PAPRS in the building that are not being used. It is a total disgrace!

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