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brandy1017 is a ASN, RN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. brandy1017

    Depression + Anxiety as a Nurse

    Hopefully your school offers counseling for students. Don't give up. Try a different counselor and consider having your Dr or preferably a psych NP or psychiatrist prescribe you the right meds to stabilize your mood. Things will get better. Don't give up on yourself or your education. You can always look for an office job after which will be less stressful than working in a nursing home. The VA still uses LPN's, but I think office work would be less stressful. Check out all the videos on Youtube. Many therapists offer helpful videos. Google depression, abuse, trauma and you will find video's and meditations. Dr Bessel van der Kolk also has a couple videos on youtube about trauma and the body. He has a book The body keeps the score.
  2. brandy1017

    All these nurses writing articles

    As an aside, was the Texas hospital ever fined for the substandard, inadequate and unsafe working conditions the nurses faced with the Ebola patient that resulted in two of the nurses contracting Ebola! They had no real protection, flimsy gowns where their skin was exposed, no hazmat respirators like should have been the case. Then they were blamed for contracting the disease. It just disgusts me the way healthcare is run today!
  3. brandy1017

    All these nurses writing articles

  4. brandy1017

    12-Hour Shift | Life of a Nurse

    Sadly, the OP describes the current working conditions to a tee! That is why so many nurses are getting out of bedtime nursing and going for their NP. The only way I'm able to tolerate it is by working the night shift and counting down to retirement. I wish the National Nurses United were active where I live. We need them across the country like we need a national safe patient staffing ratio to balance the current, greedy, unethical corporate overreach that destroys everything it touches! Current working conditions are both unsafe and inhumane to the nurses, staff and the patients!
  5. brandy1017

    PTO not in the budget for remainder of year

    I would believe the latter. They want to make up for the money they spent on computer upgrades off the backs of the nurses' PTO! Don't let them do it! You can research your organization via google. You may find articles from your local business journal and other healthcare media regarding any financial issues your place may be having. But again unless you work for a nursing home, small private home health agency, inner-city or rural area hospital; I would imagine they are just trying to save money by denying PTO and thereby never paying out what the staff is owed. I believe this is illegal, but many illegal things are done on a daily basis these days! So many nurses never fight back due to ignorance of the law or fear of retaliation. There is a federal whistleblower law that protects you for speaking out about something illegal.
  6. brandy1017

    PTO not in the budget for remainder of year

    I would contact the dept of labor and see if you have any legal rights. My understanding is PTO is essentially equivalent to wages and must be paid out if you are not allowed to use it. If it were me I would fight this and not let them take away your PTO by not letting you use it before the end of the year. I would check into both your legal rights in your state and also the federal govt. Some states have more worker protections re PTO payout than the national federal govt. You can also research on the NOLO website for more info. To me what they are doing is essentially wage theft. It happens every day in this country and especially in healthcare, starting with all the staff working thru their lunch and not getting paid to what appears to be happening here. I've read about this and generally PTO is yours, but sick pay isn't considered yours. To my understanding, the exception is that some states allow companies not to pay out your PTO when you leave if it is against their policy which I think is ***! I'm sick of how these corporations try to abuse and steal from their workers. Please get back to us on what you find out about your legal rights! Maybe this could even turn into a class-action lawsuit, that commonly happens due to the routine wage theft of no lunches that aren't paid. The staff will then eventually get backpay. As to unpaid no lunches, I've read the federal govt offers more protections than the state I live in anyway. Then staff get back pay. Don't let them steal this hard-earned benefit from you!
  7. brandy1017

    The Employee Survey That Left Me Hanging

    They don't really want your opinions. Also don't believe that it is confidential. They know who you are. Once I made a comment that upset management and they allowed the OP to respond back to me and I really wonder if my confidentiality was violated. No way to know for sure, but I suspect it was. Again these surveys and town hall meetings are about pushing their agenda, not your concerns! There is a reason they left so little space for comments. Be aware if you speak out especially at a town hall meeting and are critical of something you may make yourself a target! If you work for a reputable hospital system they will already have policies in place for nurses to offer suggestions and improvements. Shared governance is the gold standard, but whether it works depends on management culture. Does your hospital system truly value quality, safety and staff morale and retention or do they just offer platitudes, surveys, etc while being solely driven by the bottom line. From what you've said, I suspect it is the latter! The clues are screaming out, broken equipment not being fixed, shortages of vital supplies, cutting your PTO. So unless your hospital is in dire financial straits; which is another issue entirely, you have your answer! I know this is a heated response but I'm tired of rise of these profit driven corporations that are ruining nursing, demoralizing staff while decreasing patient safety and quality!
  8. brandy1017

    Career advice for back to NP school

    There is no point in going to an Ivy League school for nursing! That is a total waste of money. The only point for Ivy Leagues if for business or law degrees and then it is really about the social connections you make to wealthy, politically connected fellow students who then help you find good jobs thru their family network of connections. If you really want to be an NP choose a non profit college that is affordable. Avoid Ivy leagues or other expensive colleges unless you are getting a full scholarship. Of course, I would avoid for profits, but I imagine you already know that. You may have to make a decision to quit your job as it doesn't sound amenable to going back to school. Some people take a pool job so they have flexibility, but then you don't usually have insurance. Most importantly do not go overboard on student loans. I hope you have not put yourself in a deep hole of student loans from going to the Ivy League college. Really take the time to learn about personal finance and minimize student loans at all costs. Otherwise you'll be in a world of hurt and regret and it may take decades to pay them back!
  9. brandy1017

    another thread about burn out

    Sorry to hear about your mom's passing. I know one coworker, a HUC who went to school and became a coder. She was hired by the corp hospital system we work for, but they didn't even give her a raise. It should pay more than a HUC. I agree with the others who suggest trying to get an insurance job in case management or utilization review. That would be a much better paying job where you could use your nursing degree, rather than working as a coder which I think the median pay is around $45,000 I had read on Glassdoor.
  10. brandy1017

    Bad idea to quit after 6m as a new grad for DNP school?

    I agree with the others that you should at least have a year experience, before going on. I understand science classes can expire within five years so you don't want to wait too long. I believe you can still gain valuable nursing experience while you are in school since it will take several years to graduate. But I don't think you should quit your job and plan to go to school without continuing on the job nursing experience. That would be a mistake. One many schools require you to find your own preceptor and working you'll know more doctors and NP's to ask to let you precept. Also with the consolidation of healthcare it is harder to find preceptors as many facilities only allow their Dr's & NP's to precept students that work within their system. Plus there has been a boom of NP schools so there are probably more students needing clinicals than are available where you live. Likewise when you graduate you may have to move to find your first job due to a glut in NP's. Keep this in mind. Your program may be good, but you should not shortchange yourself and your future patients by quitting your job. When you have more experience you will probably be able to get a float pool/prn nursing job where you can work part time and set your own schedule. My advice to you do school part-time till you have at least a year's work experience than switch to pool, part-time and go full time in school.
  11. brandy1017

    I cant stand the attitude of many nurses

    As a nurse I'm usually busy and in serious work mode. I'm a shy person by nature and don't automatically come up and talk to new people, but over the years I've become a little more friendly and say hi to everyone, how are you doing. What I discovered if you want to fit in and have friends, you have to make the effort. Try being more outgoing, saying hello, how are you doing, is there anything I can do for you. It is the new person that is friendly and outgoing that catches my eye and I start finding myself gravitating toward them and being more open and talkative myself. You may find as you are more outgoing and sociable toward the staff and visitors on the other units, everyone will be happy! My favorite HUCs have this warm outgoing personality that is welcoming to everyone from staff to patients and families. You can tell they are happy and they bring joy to everyone they meet. I say this as someone who lacks that special quality myself, but does at least remember to say hi to everyone and make a little small talk when able.
  12. brandy1017

    Verbally and Emotionally Abused, then Fired

    I would check with the EEOC and see if you have any options. Also I would check into a workers comp attorney since this all stemmed from a work related injury. I would think you would have recourse through that avenue. What was special about the 4 months? You should have been vested in your pension and retirement plans after 5 years. You still should have your pension even if they fired you. I would go to the NOLO website they have more info on your rights and also offer an attorney referral service. Also they let you know if your state has any legal rulings re PTO, vacation pay. Generally you still should receive it, but sadly not always depending on the integrity of the company. Definitely file for unemployment ASAP if you haven't done so. Even if they contest it you may still prevail. Consider COBRA, see if you and your family are eligible for govt benefits like food stamps and medicaid. As a widow have you checked into social security benefits for your children? You can claim spousal social security benefits at age 60 (for a reduced amount) rather than 62. I wish you the best of luck.
  13. brandy1017

    Can I be a nurse without majoring in BSN?

    I would reflect on why you are doing poorly with your GPA. Are you not studying enough? Are the lecture halls too big, especially freshman year if you are at a university some classes can have a 100 students and maybe you need more individual attention. I don't know what you could do with a medical anthropology degree. Not nursing. I agree with others that suggest you pause college, get some real world work experience and then if you want to get a job in the health care field, start with your local public community college. It will probably be less expensive. Don't proceed with a liberal arts degree and taking out student loans. There is not much you can do with just a liberal arts degree. Around 50% of people with one aren't working in a job that requires a degree and probably aren't being paid well, but still have a lot of student loans that must be paid back. Be thankful you've come to this realization before you finished a BA/BS degree that won't get you nowhere except more debt. That said even a business degree doesn't automatically translate into a good paying job. But you are young and can turn things around. There are many jobs in the health care field that you can do that start with technical training at local public tech school. Avoid the for profits that advertise on TV and radio! From phlebotomist (drawing blood) to physical therapy assistant, radiology or nuclear med tech, ultrasound tech for example. Do some research on the jobs in health care you might be interested, the training required and the average wages. Good luck!
  14. brandy1017

    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    Did you work at a dialysis clinic. I've heard of nurses being worked till they drop or quit at for profit dialysis companies.
  15. brandy1017

    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    This situation reminds me of prior post from another nurse who was being forced to lie that the patients at cardiac rehab were being monitored when they in fact weren't all being monitored due to faulty equipment which management had been told about and the response was in a few months we'll have new tele monitors. In the meantime the nurses were switching packs at the end of the monitoring system to prove they were monitored by printing a tele strip, but in fact they all weren't being monitored because some of them were placed on faulty tele that wasn't working. The posts were deleted before we found out if the management finally fixed the problem when she wrote emails vs just speaking to management. Would like to have known how things turned out. The OP was advised to use the medicare email fraud line to be a whistle blower, but had participated in this fraud so was afraid she would be legally liable as well. So we have no idea what happened in the end. Hopefully this unsafe situation was stopped and the tele was fixed ASAP!
  16. brandy1017

    foley ballon placement wrong?

    I always insert the foley all the way for a man to make sure it is not in the prostate. Then after inflating the balloon, the extra will slide back out. Sometimes when men have enlarged prostate you can have trouble inserting it all the way and that is when you could have a problem with it being in the urethra. If it's in the wrong place, it will be painful and will start to bleed so if there was no bleeding and the urine flows freely it is fine. T