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Purple_Scrubs has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. Purple_Scrubs

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    I recently discovered that there is an Indy Racecar driver named Will Power. Ya think his mom quit smoking while preggers or what?
  2. Purple_Scrubs

    Civility starts with you

    Applicable to this board on many levels
  3. Purple_Scrubs

    Three quick questions

    I cannot tolerate contacts for 12 hours straight, so I would go with glasses if working in the hospital. I also agree with others that they give a bit of protection against the nasties as well. I'm a school nurse, so I do not work 12's and it is (usually) "cleaner" than the hospital, so I will occasionally wear my contacts. I wear a non-underwire bra that is also not a sports bra. I'm, er, top heavy, and most sports bras do not give me much support. This way I get comfort and support all in one. I have my full name and credentials engraved into my steth tubing. Was a graduation gift from my Mom.
  4. Purple_Scrubs

    Ouch...my back hurts

    I took the "faking no pain" line as a joke.
  5. Purple_Scrubs

    Trachs/Vents - How much training?

    Not discouraging at all...this is what I want/need to hear. I want to be sure to be vigilent and proper training to recognize when things are going south is a huge part of that. Working with this population after I have been out of acute care for so long is something I will not take lightly. I am already signed up to take an RN refresher course (although the focus there is mainly adult med/surg), and I will certainly brush up on my peds acute care issues. Thanks to everyone for your input...this will help me know the right questions to ask when I interview!
  6. Purple_Scrubs

    Trachs/Vents - How much training?

    That is my worst nightmare and something I want to avoid at all costs! This would be a leap for me from stable kiddos, some with medical conditions but still stable enough to attend school, to a much less stable population, so it is a bit out of my comfort zone...but I think it's good to stretch myself...just not at the patient's expense! I like the idea of ask the parent how they do care. They do indeed know the child best.
  7. Purple_Scrubs

    Trachs/Vents - How much training?

    I am leaving my position as a School Nurse to be home with my kids, but I am strongly considering applying for a weekend night position advertised with a private duty company. They advertise trach and vent experience preferred, but will train. I have no experience with either, but I have some g-button experience. How much vent/trach training should I expect before taking a case on my own? More specifically, what is the typical amount of training offerred, and what is necessary in your opinion for me to safely take a vent or trach case on my own? I just want to have an idea so I can ask about training during the interview. Thanks!
  8. Purple_Scrubs

    What supplies do I need for med-surg?

    Just wanted to say congrats on the job! Definitely wise to think and plan ahead. Good luck!
  9. Purple_Scrubs

    How To Get a Job As a New Grad Nurse

    Heck, I'm nowhere near a new grad but will be seeking employment in a hospital after years as a school nurse...and I am even going to take these tips to heart. Good ideas.
  10. Purple_Scrubs

    Ever get the urge to release a horde of flying monkeys?

    For some reason those things just creep the bejeebers out of me.
  11. Purple_Scrubs

    Inhaler Use--Is this a reasonable expectation?

    I think you have a valid concern. Depending on the size of the district and who oversees the health room, you might take your concerns to Health Services or Student Services as well as the principal. In a large district like mine, the principal has actually very little input into and control over the health room, although he/she does need to know what is going on in the school.
  12. Purple_Scrubs

    It's the most wonderful time of the year!

    I have next week then the following Monday left. Today is Field Day for PK-2nd and it's RAINING Boooo.
  13. For school nursing, contact the local districts directly to see what they require. They really don't generally advertise on the big websites. I felt the exact same way as you and left tele after less than 6 months for school nursing, and while the learning curve is steep for a new grad, the right person with the right support can be successful at it. Good luck!
  14. Purple_Scrubs

    Surveillance cameras in pedi patient's home?

    Lots of parents have "Nanny cams" to watch over their young children's caregivers...some daycares even have them. I am wondering why this is an issue for nursing? I can see in caliotter's example, where the parent specifically said they will be reviewing tapes to find fault, I would have a problem with that and would probably leave the case as well. But in the OP it sounds like they are just having this feature added to their new upgraded security system...I don't see a big deal? Maybe it's just me. I work in a school and there are cameras everywhere (not in my office because of privacy, but in the main office which you walk through to get to mine, and all over the rest of campus.)
  15. Purple_Scrubs

    Nursing is slavery Period!!!

    I feel like I just stumbled onto the LUV thread...and I like it!
  16. Purple_Scrubs

    Return to hospital??? Anyone actually like working there?

    I'm in your same boat too! You might know I resigned my School Nurse job so I can be home with my kiddos, but I've been thinking about doing something else PRN or weekends just to stay in the nursing loop and make it easier to re-enter when I'm ready. I just signed up for an RN refresher course today and will be doing the online work this summer, then when the kids go back to school in the fall I'll do the clinical portion. I'm not comfortable stepping back into the hospital without some serious refreshing of my skills and knowledge. I've been debating on what area to focus on...Med/Surg, ER (which I find very appealing), Office nursing, or urgent care. I will likely have some input into the area I want to do the clinical preceptorship in for this refresher, but I just don't know which direction to go.