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Spritenurse1210 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg.

Fun loving and Charismatic. I get along with a variety of people. Drop me a line sometime!!!

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  1. Spritenurse1210

    Administering pain meds to a sleeping pt

    I always educate the patient about which pain meds are scheduled and which ones they have to ask for. I wake patients up for scheduled pain medications. Depending on the reason the patient is on my floor is if I wake them up for prn pain meds. We get a LOT of cancer patients and patients that are not able to vocalize their discomfort. For these patients I give them prn pain medications when I can as ordered by the doc and as long as they're not sedate. Also if the patient is contracted and or has a feeding tune, you bet I'm giving them something for pain ( usually those I get can't talk or communicate at all) relax and realize that patients are fickle. Make sure to document and follow md's orders and you will be fine. Also if the pain meds that are ordered aren't working for the patient the md should be notified.
  2. Spritenurse1210

    My nursing judgement call.....thoughts?

    I won't let her sway my judgement, since she freezes during true emergencies. Someone has to take charge.
  3. Spritenurse1210

    Nursing Home Workers Sentenced For Making Patients Slippery

    I'm at a loss for words
  4. Spritenurse1210

    Lots of young people on disability?

    I am not an er nurse but I see my share of free loaders who think we owe them something. I am sick of being ordered to wait on them hand and foot and not tell them what I think about their manipulative maladaptive patterns of behavior. I have see a little old lady with a decubitus the size of Texas whine less than some of these twenty- something Meth heads with a splinter in their finger. Such is life so I bite my tongue and keep doing my job. I really hate how our society has come to condone this. I was taught that pain is what a patient says it is but if the person is telling me they are having 10 out of 10 pain with a blood pressure of 70/38 and is falling asleep after everyother word, I can bet money the patient is to stoned to remember why they hit the call light in the first place. Therefore they can NOT possibly be having that much pain. MHO
  5. Spritenurse1210

    Nurse suicide follows infant tragedy

    I don't understand why they threw this woman under the bus. It could happen to any nurse so when I read this it really broke my heart.
  6. Spritenurse1210

    Silly family members, Trix are for kids!

    Lady (or Mister), I am a nurse and not a magician. I wish I were, because then I could wave my wand and your butt would be out of here so I can actually provide care to my patient.
  7. Spritenurse1210

    Anyone feel like their hospital/agency/employer is out to get them?

    I got a verbal counseling for not hanging blood in a timely manner. The kicker? I am not legally allowed to hang blood in my state. I had to hunt down an RN that was free to start the blood for me. The charge nurse had 4 people getting blood at once so my transfusion was late. It even went on my performance evaluation. My supervisor even had the audacity to say that I'm the only one who has a problem with getting blood hung. I was livid. The nurse manager is very crass and has no problem with chewing staff members out in the nurse's station within hearing distance of doctors, other nurses, patients and family members. One guy RN I work with got yelled at by her because some medications weren't given and as a GRADUATE nurse he couldn't give the medications or get access to the Pyxis. You know, because he lacked the RN license to pass them! Talk about asinine! She won't last long as nurse manager with the enemies she's making amongst the hospital administration as well as the staff members on our unit. I just do my job and hope for the best.
  8. Spritenurse1210

    What do you pack in your lunch box?

    I have a hard time eating while at work because of stress, so I've taken to packing finger foods. They are usually light and easy to prepare . I also am a BIG fan of chocolate flavored Boost. Talk about a healthy chocolate fix! If it is a slow night or I have a really easy group, I eat one of the lean cuisine frozen entrées plus some of the finger foods I have brought with me. My lunch box has the following items in it: Cut up veggies and something to dip them in Greek yogurt dried fruit and nuts mixture whole grain crackers light buttered popcornw cut up resh fruit, soup at hand (my favorite is chicken and mini stars) reusable water bottle crystal light iced tea mix whatever lean cuisine I feel like eating.
  9. Spritenurse1210

    Hyperkalemia and order of meds

    I agree. If the K+ is high, and there is no arrythmias to correct, then you many not need the calcium and bicarb at all. Always look at your patient. I would do all of the above.
  10. Spritenurse1210

    Sex in a LTC...is this ok?

    Hehehe. When I read this post I immediately thought of Chris Rock saying "there is NO sex in the Champaign Room!" All joking aside, In the LTC setting, you're basically working in their home. Sex is healthy, and if they are able to give consent I say let them have fun. It will save you having to give them anxiety medications later on in the shift. You may have to give them something for pain, though! It's best just to turn around, walk out, and shut the door. The good thing about LTC is you'll know the residents well after awhile, and you'll know who is capable of giving consent.
  11. Spritenurse1210

    School should help with boy's insulin pump, mom says

    dont they have a school nurse?
  12. Spritenurse1210

    Do give up your seat for a doctor?

    I only give my seat to a doctor if I happened to be sitting in the dictation area of the nurse's station or to answer a call light. > I wouldn't have been very well liked in the old school days!!! The way I see it, I work harder.
  13. Spritenurse1210

    verbal abuse from patient

    I had a guy like this before. He actually said that I wasn't doing what he wanted because he was black. (I'm white) I told him that I was following the doctor's orders and the facility's policy as well as the nurse state practice act. I told him that he could have been Martian green for all I cared and that his skin color had no bearing on my standard of care. If he wasn't happy with the doctor's orders that he would have to tell him in the morning (this guy was a known frequent flier who had control issues and I had been calling the hospitalist all night. At one point he said, I'm not changing any more of his orders.) Don't let patients or families push you around like that. Be professional and respectful always. I'd see if the doctor could do a psych consult for him as well. Sounds like he's got a few screws loose anyway. You don't deserve that abuse. Just keep documenting everything and make sure you have someone in the room with you at all times.
  14. Spritenurse1210

    Legitimate Pain or no?

    You're in the right, but there are also many factors to look at. She may very well be experiencing breakthrough pain. As you said, she has MS and Cancer. Since you're just a student at the moment, let this be a lesson to you in the future about advocating for your patients and listening to/meeting their needs. Everywhere you go you're going to have to wade through the political swimming pool throughout your career from the director of nursing all the way down to the staff nurses you're working alongside. Pick and choose your battles wisely and when it comes your turn to take care of patients without supervision (once you graduate), you will be able to make your own clinical decisions. As one of my favorite mentors said, "Do what they (preceptor) want while they're sitting on top of you, and when you are on your own, do what you know is right."
  15. Spritenurse1210

    Burned Out.

    The important thing is you applied yourself! Try the veterans association or usajobs.com
  16. Spritenurse1210

    Things you'd LOVE to be able to tell patients, and get away with it.


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