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  1. RNforLongTime

    A Patient's Perspective - To all of the Nurses at allnurses.com

    Thank you OP for this heartfelt message of appreciation. I've been an RN for 20 years. I can count the number of times I've been thanked by a patient and their families in my career on ONE hand. Most patients/Families, don't think they need to say please and thank you because it's our job to wait on them hand and foot and give in to their every desire. Thanks to those Press-Ganey surveys and HCAHPS scores, we now basically have to bend over backwards to accommodate the patient/family EVERY time! No matter how short-staffed we are, no matter that we haven't eaten ALL DAY! No matter that our bladder is ready to explode. Hold on...I'll be right back with that glass of ice for you.....but I digress. It is usually a joy to care for patients...some days are better than others., that's for sure! We nurses ARE human after-all. I hope you are healing well OP! Prayers for you!
  2. RNforLongTime

    What's Rude?

    Sounds like someone has a mental illness. Now I'm not knocking legit people with mental illnesses but I can think of a LOT more things to spend money on than scrubs. That said, the day my grandmother was dying in the hospital and I'd come down the street to her hospital from mine. I had bubblegum pink scrubs on. Hospital staff thought I was their new Infection Control nurse!!
  3. RNforLongTime

    What's Rude?

    Things that bother me: Coworkers who cannot be bothered to perform the basic components of their job. Bosses who DO NOTHING when you inform them via incident reports and emails that your coworkers are not doing their job. Coworkers who feel that it is their business to monitor what you are and aren't doing while you are at work and they are not. Coworkers who confront you in front of your coworkers! IF you got a beef with me, Discuss it with ONLY ME behind a closed door. DO NOT run to the boss with a beef you got with me UNTIL you have discussed it with me first! We are NOT in middle school anymore! Coworkers who cannot clean up after themselves so you gotta spend 20 minutes clenaing up after them so you can then do your job! Coworkers who 'forget' to pass on pertinent information during report. Like a pt with a PICC LINE...or a pt with a wound vac. UMM...ya should've told me that in REPORT!! I shouldn't have been surprised by that during my rounds. (I work in a prison so we don't do bedside handoff) Coworkers who think that us 3rd shifters do nothing all night but watch TV and gossip with the Correction Officers. Then argue with us when we didn't do something that THEY were told BY THE BOSS to do the day before but they're so lazy they prefer to pawn it off to other staff. And the laziness is allowed to continue by management. Snitches and two-faced coworkers. I've learned in my 20 years in this profession that the ONLY person I can trust is ME! SO it's a very rare occasion when I 'vent' to a coworker....somehow my 'vent' ends up in the ears of the bosses :/ Patients and families that think they can DEMAND certain treatment otherwise they'll get me FIRED because they're paying my salary!! I'm so glad I work in a prison because I can tell an inmate NO and not have to worry about a Press-Ganey score
  4. RNforLongTime

    Do Rn's miss having Lpn's in the hospital setting?

    To be honest? No. While I've worked with a few kick-butt LPN's most of the ones I did work with, did not like to take responsibility for anything and would constantly blame the RN...like look, YOU CAN call the Dr yourself for your patients LOW BG...giving him more SQ insulin IS within your practice so therefore you can take a phone order for that. I had to give any/all IVP meds AND cosign their assessments/charting, even though that was all fully within their scope of practice. Working with an LPN just made more work for me. NOT A ONE of them EVER offered to do something to ease MY burden. NOT ONE!
  5. RNforLongTime

    Difficult coworker..how to deal?

    I wrote her up last night after I found out more information on how she's running her mouth about me to the higher ups. So I wrote up the incidents from last week...how she was on the phone for over 30min to her 'boyfriend' and refused to do anything else. The other RN is going to do the same thing as we are BOTH FED UP with her inappropriate behavior! Thank you for your advice!
  6. RNforLongTime

    Cancer Made Me a Better Nurse

    I had cancer too! At age 39, I started peeing blood one night at work������������������Drank a LOT of cranberry juice as my coworker assured me it was just a UTI. Erm no I had A tumor on my kidney the size of a baseball! 90% of kidney tumors are cancerous's and that was the case with me. It was stage one be clear cell renal carcinoma only stayed GB because it was bigger than 6 cm in diameter it was actually 7 cm. I thought I'd end up getting breast cancer with me before I ever expected kidney cancer! Mine came out of the blue. Everything was fine and then one made it work in the middle of my shift at 3 AM I started peen blood with clots bright red blood. No pain at all so I pretty much thought that it wasn't the urinary tract infection. During shift report I had to go to the bathroom and having drank about 300 ounces of fluid Took a specimen cup with me because at that point I made up my mind I was going to go get checked out in the ER as I knew and respected the doctor on duty. After IVs and a CAT scan this doctors sat down on his stool put his hands on top of mine and said you have a 7 cm tumor on your right kidney. Unlike other cancers kidney cancer doesn't respond the same to chemo and radiation so I was blessed that this was discovered as soon as it was and I did not require chemo or radiation...that was April 2012. I had my kidney removed on April 26, 2012 April 26 is my son's birthday������������������
  7. RNforLongTime

    Difficult coworker..how to deal?

    She is passive-agressive to the MAX! We have to do these medical release summaries for inmates who are leaving on parole or maxing out. I did one on a certain inmate the week before and then got notice that he was being paroled. I reprinted out the one I had done from the week before and this LPN decided to check it and found that I'd missed a med that was prescribed 2 days after I did the first summary...but INSTEAD of letting me know, she copied the summary, the inmates MAR and attached a post it saying RN so and so isn't verifying this. SHe is just going into the charts and recopying things!! She NEVER said a word to me about it. Nor did she 'fix' my error. I am the Team Leader/Supervisor on 3rd shift as I've the most seniority. So I went into the supervisor mailbox to put paperwork there and happened to notice her 'note' to the bosses. Well, I pulled it, corrected the error and wrote that I fixed it This LPN is quick to point out other's errors but NEVER fixes anything. She also comes into the nurses station and starts swearing...What the **** is the problem with payroll or I can't believe how ****** stupid so and so is. It's CONSTANT ******** from her EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!! Last week with this lunch deal, she YELLED at me in the nurses station. I won't talk to her privately unless there's a witness...she's proven to me she cannot be trusted. I used my most calm voice I could muster, even though I was FUMING! I asked her why she didn't come to us first before going to the bosses. and her reply was that she didn't like confrontation like right now. I told her, I'm not confronting you. I'm discussing this in a calm manner like an ADULT! YOU are choosing to make it confrontational when you go behind our backs to complain. THAT is what angers us
  8. RNforLongTime

    Difficult coworker..how to deal?

    How would you handle this? I work 3rd shift in a medium security state prison. On 3rd shift, we have 4 staffers. 2 RN's and 2 LPN's(one is male, one is female). I'm a female RN and so is the other RN. We have a difficult coworker in the female LPN. She has a history of mental illness...she's told me herself that she is bipolar. She's also NOTORIOUSLY difficult to get along with. Other RN's who used to work night shift switched to days in order to get away from her. She's been written up for 'hostile work environment' many times over the last few years. Last week, she sent our bosses an email stating that us RN's weren't allowing her to get her lunch break during serving hours as we were out in the prison, picking up sick-call slips on the housing units. Now 50% of the time, if I asked her if she was going to lunch, she'd hemm and haw and say no. After speaking with the other RN who works the shift, and read the emails this LPN sent our bosses, we have both decided that we need to meet with our boss and inform her (the boss) that we are not willing to tolerate the behavior of this LPN any longer. And then I found out tonight from one of the Correction Officers, that this LPN now has a vendetta against me and will turn me in if I make ANY mistake. Nice huh? Yeah, hostile work environment much? I was at the point last week where I dreaded going to work and having to deal with this LPN's behavior and funny that the other 3rd shift RN feels the same way. This LPN also takes it upon herself to check other employees work. She was told by our boss that it isn't her job to do that and she needs to stop because it's causing a LOT of animosity. Yet she did it again on Thursday. I wasn't aware that our boss had spoken to the LPN regarding that situation until I talked to the other RN tonight. Is there anything else I need to do? I've only got a year and 10 months in, so not a LOT of time invested in this State job...but I cannot continue to DREAD going into work and having to watch my back around this LPN on a power trip!!! Have any of you dealt with a coworker who had it in for you? TIA!
  9. RNforLongTime

    Why white shoes?

    Danskos don't work for everyone. I have a pair and tried wearing them during a 12 hr shift in a Level II Trauma ICU. My feet never hurt so bad. My back ALWAYS hurts...the herniated disc and 2 bulged ones assure me that I'm never without pain. Danskos had nothing to do with it
  10. RNforLongTime

    Why white shoes?

    Cleveland Clinic and it's affiliates Nursing staff ALL wear white :/ I'm 44. I hardly remember any nurse ever wearing a cap when I had my tonsils out and had to stay overnight in 1978. With as sick as patients are in hospitals these days, it's not practical to require nurses to wear white. I've had blood splashed on me, tube feedings, betadine, pus, vomit, sputum....and if I had been wearing white, getting those stains out would be practically impossible. That and white doesn't stay white. After so many bleachings, it takes on a dingy grey color.
  11. RNforLongTime

    Why white shoes?

    Same reason that nursing uniforms cost so much! WHY is a pair of pants $10 at Walmart and from Landau/Cherokee/Koi companies they're 3 x that much...why? Because they can! I spend MORE on my scrubs than I do for my every-day life clothes. It's ridiculous.
  12. RNforLongTime

    How do you get meal breaks?

    I'm the ONLY RN on duty at night...I DO get to go grab a bite as the chow hall is open for us from 11:15pm-1 am with Inmate workers prepping the food. Most of it is unhealthy and/or tastes blah. Most nights I get a grilled egg and cheese sandwich. I cannot go down front where I could eat my own healthier foods as other shifts can because I AM IT! Therefore I feel that I should be PAID for that time but am only paid for 8 hrs yet have to stay until 6:30am MOST of the time my shift is uneventful. And that's just the way I like it
  13. RNforLongTime

    Detox in Jail?

    I work in a male prison...we get a LOT of Parole Violators who are high when they get to us and then we Detox them for a few days...most of them are opiate addicts and a few ETOH addicts. I tell them they're gonna feel like death warmed over for a few days...there are drugs we can give for nausea (zofran) or if it's really bad a shot of IM Phenergan. But that's about it. We have standing orders for clonidine if their score on the COWS(clinical opiate withdrawl scale) is over 10. For the most part though, they just gotta suck it up...some of them get taken back to the CC Center(community corrections) once they're stable..and some don't.
  14. RNforLongTime


    I used Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio's CCRN review tapes. I also attended one of her live CCRN review seminars. In addition,I also used the PASS CCRN book disc..The questions on the disc were helpful!
  15. RNforLongTime

    Do you always get out of work on time?

    I always get out on time Unless something really bad happened at the prison near the end of my shift and I have to do a buttload of paperwork for control. Or I get mandated :/
  16. RNforLongTime

    What is your Nursing Kryptonite?

    Colostomies and Trach care! I hate them both! I get gowned. masked and gloved up when doing either!