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  1. mmmm banana

    The CEO said WHAT!!!!

  3. ooooo k? give one side some thorazine and have at it?

    Nursing(NA/LPN/RN) vs Medical Assistant***VENT

    Ay. Ill drink ta that
  5. I tried posting this before but there was a lot of confusion. Ill be more detailed this time. I am a new nurse work on a rehabilitation unit and we do not see many tracheostomies. Our doctor has written an order for the tracheostomie tube to be discontinued. None of the nurses on the floor including me do not want to remove it ourselves but the doctor who is here m-f 9-5 keeps insisting we remove it ourselves. I think that it might be beyond our scope of practice. Is it within a nurses scope of practice to discontinue a tracheostomie tube.

    scope of practice

    this is not an emergancy, just a doctor being lazy

    scope of practice

    is it within a registered nurses scope of practice to remove a trach?

    When Is Enough Enough?

    for the family it would hurt worse to have her die and not feel like they did everything they could than to have her suffer the therapy. when it comes to familys enough is never enough no matter if they have lived 200 years.

    Skating on thin ice?(at my job)

    i would not do that. that would be considered falsifying a legal document. thats grounds for having a licence taken away. then you will really be up the creek
  10. we use call off to mean work called you and told you not to come in. if we are sick we say calling in sick in south west
  11. GRUNGE

    Use your call light - Wisely

    oy with the call bells. its almost like they know its change of shift. never fails. everyones bowel and bladder are syncd with change of shift
  12. GRUNGE

    Aspiration: Help request

    if he is having that much trouble he really needs a PEG tube. if the family refuses the tube there is not much we can do. he would more than likel do well with bolus feedings. it would be a lot of work but it would be better and cheaper than having to constantly treat for pneumonia.
  13. GRUNGE

    when to call a code

    Dont feel bad. You can definatly call a code if the pt has a pulse. Remember, its better to call a code and be wrong and a little humilated than not call a code and have the pt die and lose your licnce
  14. GRUNGE

    So happy for the patient! And then..

    Every time i try to get out they bring me back in
  15. GRUNGE

    using a tape recorder at work?

    As long as is does not have any patient information on it, it should not be a problem. However i find paper and pencil to work best. I just make a check list of all that needs to be done and check as i go.

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