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  1. Butterfliesnroses

    PDPM Admission

    My understanding is you still do an admission and yes you can combine it with the 5 day. For managed cares we just do the admission, no 5 day and then contine with a 14 day, 30 day, 60 day, 90 day.
  2. Butterfliesnroses

    Should I go back to school?

    Not looking for financial advice. Just general advice.
  3. Butterfliesnroses

    Should I go back to school?

    I was in a rn program and exited 1st qtr of my rn year. I had the option of being jobless with no job prospects or quitting the program and working full time as a lpn and I chose the latter option which I now regret.
  4. Butterfliesnroses

    Should I go back to school?

    I don't know that I will have any prerequisites to complete as it is the same program I exited 7 years ago. The idea of going back to school and eventually working acute care appeals to me. I am scared because while I know the ins and outs of mds's I fear I lost a lot of the knowledge I learned in my 1st year of nursing school.
  5. Butterfliesnroses

    Should I go back to school?

    I am stuck. I am currently a lpn in ltc. I am a rcm/mds coordinator that makes a very decent wage of 28 per hour in rural Washington state. I have the opportunity to go back to school and have my employer foot the bill. I don't think my wage would jump all that much at my current job. However it would enable me to work in the hospital if I desire. I have 2 kids, a 10 year old and a 5 month old. My husband is currently in school so I would need to continue to work full time. Although my wage wouldnt jump much at my current job i have looked into moving into an area with a higher cost of living and as a lpn would take a serious pay cut. Any advice?
  6. Butterfliesnroses

    Social media and nursing don't mix

    I am speaking from experience. I work ltc. I love my job and ltc. I also recognize that lpns have been phased out of hospitals around here. Yes I could go work at a clinic but I would make several dollars less per hour. I encourage you to get your rn. I eventually would like to get my rn. Right now I am happy with my lpn license and time with my family took precedence over my rn degree.
  7. Butterfliesnroses


    I always would study drug classes and that would help. That along with flashcards.
  8. Butterfliesnroses

    Lidocaine with Rocephin?

    We always use Lidocaine. The order doesn't necessarily even read that way. The pharmacy even automatically sends the Lidocaine. If I had a STD I hope I would get the best care regardless. As a nurse I try not to judge the people I take care of or their choices. I think it's messed up to give substandard care. Just my very humble opinion!
  9. Butterfliesnroses

    What do you think of 12 hour shifts?

    I work 12s at both my jobs. I really enjoy it. I could do 8s too. I'm pretty easy peasy. I see benefits and downsides to both.
  10. Butterfliesnroses

    The first day off after 12's

    wow I thought I was the only one who had this problem. I nap off and on throughout the day on my 1st day off because I'm soooo tired! I'm drained of energy. I work 12 hr days, usually 3 in a row.
  11. Butterfliesnroses

    Working in a christian place while being an atheist?

    I'm a Christian and this is slightly off topic but it reminded me of one time I had a resident ask me to pray with her. I said sure and asked what she wanted to pray about. She stated she ate 6 cheese sandwiches and wanted to pray that they wouldn't constipate her. I prayed with a straight face even! LOL Maybe you could scratch some co-workers back and they could in turn scratch yours. I worked with an atheist nurse who didn't feel comfortable praying or reading the bible. I do, so often times she could convince me to pray with someone or read them Bible and she would in turn do a task for me. It worked for us.
  12. Butterfliesnroses

    Do nurse managers work on Memorial Day?

    Yes. I don't get holiday pay. So I will be working. As will my DNS (we have some work to do). As will the administrator.
  13. Butterfliesnroses

    tracking narcotics

    As a side note, no nursing home I've every worked for has ever counted Ultram.
  14. Butterfliesnroses

    LPN vs. RN

    I initially wanted to go for my RN. Then I was really not enjoying school. I almost didn't make it past summer qtr. I had a hard time comprehending and testing in the same week. I more enjoyed the previous 3 qtrs. where I could read the info over and over, mull over it, so to speak. Then I had a choice. I could work full time as a LPN, or be out of a job. Knowing that the hospitals don't hire LPN's, my only choices were other nursing homes. They weren't hiring. Also I was feeling mom guilt. I felt lik my mind was not with my daughter. We were together and hanging out, but I had school on my mind. So I dropped out of the 1st RN qtr. I dream of going back and will go back when my child (or children, if me and my hubby have more) are older and don't want/need me around so much. I make double what I did as a CNA. I pay my bills and we can even splurge. I'm pretty darn happy.
  15. Butterfliesnroses

    what do you like and don't like about your nurse manager?

    I feel that the nm's are very approachable. However one of them just doesn't seem to "get it."
  16. Butterfliesnroses

    Feeling Flustered

    I recently changed jobs. The job I left I was working Thurs-Sun nights. At 1st it was nice being home all week. But then it got to be a drag working every single weekend. I was told upon getting hired that if I wanted every weekend off it could be worked out. When I asked for it was was given 1 weekend off a month. I was then offered a job closer to my house. I now work days. I absolutely love my new schedule! I never work 3 full days. Two weeks would look like this. Work Mon and Tues. Off wed and thurs. Work 12p-6p Fri, full day sat and sun. Off mon and tues. work wed, thurs, and 6a-12p on fri, off the weekend. Rinse and repeat. I love it! I get every other weekend off. I'm home at 6 and get the evening with my daughter and husband.