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  1. Code Blue in OR

    Are you serious? ALL "codes" (which are never "called") in the OR or anywhere else for that matter are due to hypotension or hypooxemia. You had better hope MDA or CRNA is on it BUT this does not mean the most educated is up to date!
  2. Dismised from NAP-- Any chance of getting into another?

    Pm me anytime!
  3. Dismised from NAP-- Any chance of getting into another?

    Hmmm, I dont think I would reapply to the same program. I would have know more about the situation and think on it.
  4. To me, integrity is who you are when no one else is looking. So, doing the right, honest thing without expecting acknowledgement or praise for it. I can think of many examples that would exemplify this. A good example that I can think of quickly is ...
  5. Student Loan Defaulters ONLY

    LeeLEE, honey, I have never HAD it easy in life, if I have I would not be in this mess. You shouldn't "get the feeling I want it easy" this is a FORUM for crying out loud, You do not know me and again like the majority of the people responding are no...
  6. Student Loan Defaulters ONLY

    I owe MUCH more than you. Each Loan balance is 80,000+40000+5000=125000 is NOT going to give me a payment of 300.00 month. I went to public funded schools. Bachelors in Chemistry was 5 years, I found nursing and chose to become an ARNP, so four more ...

    Is this the one? http://health.usi.edu/acadprog/nursing/msn/admiss.asp

    Feb 1st. Yikes! I will go to their site now. Keep me posted on your trip. I would love for you to come.

    Thank you so much for your post. It really means alot to me. I have considered NP school but I just dont know if it is for me. I have so much student loan debt, I just think I need to either finish what I started or change careers altogether (in some...
  10. Student Loan Defaulters ONLY

    Those who said I overestimated for childcare. Ten dollars per hour for two toddlers in diapers. One 12 hour shift for me inlcuding commute/report time equates to 14 hours childcare time. I have submitted 37 application to the hospital that is 1.5 mil...
  11. Student Loan Defaulters ONLY

    It pays significantly less per hour than PRN
  12. Student Loan Defaulters ONLY

    Full time paycheck 793/week (before taxes) childcare 420/week gas 50/week insurance 100/week Student Loans 200/week These are conservative numbers too. (Food, diapers, etc.) See 12 hours shifts fo...
  13. Student Loan Defaulters ONLY

    Thanks, I have done forbearance and deferrment with Sallie Mae. I just sent them 400.00 which is all I had. I only work PRN because FT will cost me $ and if I work to many hours, my children will lose their state insurance. I reapplied to grad school...
  14. CRNA school and pregnancy

    Hahaha. Same thing happended to me except preg with twins. I gave up my spot. Bummmer, eh? so what happened?
  15. Anyone defaulted. If so please share your experience.