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scoochy has 32 years experience and specializes in PACU, CARDIAC ICU, TRAUMA, SICU, LTC.

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  1. scoochy

    Are you bothered by the noise of the AM shift staff?

    I agree 100%; I have no problem reminding people they are not at a party, or in a bar; rather they are working in a health care facility that just so happens to be a person's home........
  2. scoochy

    How far do you drive for work?

    Four miles, door to door. Depending on the number of school buses I encounter, it can take up to 15 minutes. There are no highways involved; it is great! For 26 years, I drove 40 miles/day; depending on traffic, it would take 30 minutes to 1.5 hou...
  3. scoochy

    EN and TPN and slow rate?

    It is not within the scope of nursing practice to arbitrarily make changes in the rate of infusion of TPN or EN.
  4. I envy you; best of luck and hope there are many happy days ahead!
  5. scoochy

    How do you deal with a doctor who sweared on you over the phone?

    Verbal abuse; a thick skin will be necessary for future encounters with this physician. How about speaking with your immediate supervisor about this issue? Make the supervisor aware of this it in a timely fashion, before you are ...
  6. scoochy

    Is it just me or............?

    Caliotter, You are not alone..........
  7. scoochy

    What's the name for this symptom?

    HOT FLASHES............
  8. GOOD ONE!!!!
  9. scoochy

    nursing and paperwork; what paperwork?

    Read the threads started by JohnnyDoGood; you will gain insight................
  10. scoochy

    Are these holidays off the norm?

    I'm surprised Memorial Day is not included in the list!
  11. scoochy

    Can a nurse report a MD for being rude?

    You might want to check out the thread entitled "Abusive Doctors."
  12. scoochy

    Got written up today

    What happened to the nurse who "fixed" the count?
  13. scoochy

    Common LTC no-no's (part vent, part question)

    "Asystole:" We order all medications electronically. Yes, I have spoken with pharmacists, but to no avail, it doesn't help. The pharmacy is owned by a corporation; we are just one of hundreds of customers.
  14. scoochy

    How do you stay sexy in nursing school

    Same here; I do use Philosophy's Pure Grace body shampoo. It is clean and fresh-smelling; no "perfumey smell." I don't do make-up; never have, and never will. As for nails, acrylics are not allowed; can often harbor fungus.
  15. scoochy

    Common LTC no-no's (part vent, part question)

    This has been the most common problem in the several LTC facilites where I have worked. Some of the LTC facilities were privately owned, others owned by various corporations. That being said, the privately owned facilities utilized the "MOM and P...