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dthfytr has 30 years experience as a ADN, LPN, RN, EMT-B, EMT-I and specializes in ER, Trauma.

Received a certificate of appreciation from the New Mexico Primary care bureau. Received "The Presidents Volunteer Action Award" from President George Bush Senior. I took the name "DTHFYTR" as a medic when at so many scenes there would be "Crime Fighters" and "Fire Fighters."

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  1. Danger! Paralytic Drugs!

    Insulin is double checked everywhere I've worked. But paralytics aren't? Are we nuts? My nursing career began in the 1980's, I'm retired now, but in all those years, one career ending error I've heard of consistently is med errors involving paralytic...
  2. ADHD Nurses-what area do you specialize in?

    Whatever works best for you is best for you. That said, two very distinct personality types and where you'll find them, ER nurse = ADHD because of the constant change in priorities, moment by moment. OCD nurses do extremely well in ICU. I'm reti...
  3. Funny Things Patients Say Contest | Nurses Week

    "Oh, those boys! We thought they were crazy!" A new RN in the late 1980's, I was caring for a pt who was 8 years old when the Wright Brothers first flew an airplane. I asked if she remembered them, above was her reply.
  4. "Professional differences" covers a lot of territory. If asked for details; "If I'm not allowed to give the care needed it puts my career in jeopardy." Or maybe "Non nursing personnel undermining my nursing care." If they push for further information...
  5. Can I get Fired?

    "Any reason" has it's problems. One hospital would fire you for cause if they had solid proof, for "Inadequate charting" if the just want to fire you. This second one if it really existed, is totally subjective and hard to fight because you don't hav...
  6. How to retain nurses?

    The beatings shall continue until morals improves! Seriously, if your management doesn't know how to retain nurses, the first change must be to change management from the top down!
  7. Trigger Warning!

    Nope, nope, nope. I have declared by virtue of the powers vested in me by Bart and Homer Simpson that the "Political Correctness" fad has run it's course and has become farcical. Spread the word near and far that, from this day forward, we are all re...
  8. Threatened by employer

    It comes up on every site. Buy and keep your own malpractice insurance. The following should be written in stone and posted at the front of every nursing class. 1. You don't need to make a mistake to be sued. 2. Your employer will protect itself, fir...
  9. Is It Possible to Never Make an Error? The Perfect Nurse Fallacy

    Often we learn more from errors. We already knew how to do it right. We thought.
  10. Is It Possible to Never Make an Error? The Perfect Nurse Fallacy

    Hmmm. 1 ER I worked was gigged by JCAHO because we didn't document enough med errors the previous year. Apparently they have a sliding scale for med errors based on annual census! How do we win?
  11. That would scare me away from school nursing. The principal, et al, have no basis to question your judgement on nursing. It's like a chef telling engineers how to build a bridge! As for job interviews, keep it simple."I called an ambulance for a chil...
  12. Studying early retirement NOT for financial reasons, RN's and heavy equipment operators topped the list. A rehab specialist told me they present to him with the same injuries! I'll provide a link to the study but defy anybody to get through the 60 mi...
  13. RN's are you happy with your career, why or why not?

    The university of Michigan did a study of which careers have the highest "early retirement not for financial reasons" rates. Number 1 was RN's, number 2 was heavy equipment operators. Notably, these 2 had the same injuries preventing work. (I'd heard...
  14. PAs Do Not Like Us

    I've been impressed by less than 50% of the PA's who've treated me. Only once has a NP disappointed me. When my parents were alive they raved about NP's. NP's have more autonomy, too. Of course the PA's are jealous!
  15. Gloves? Is this acceptable?

    Talk to a NICU nurse. Babies die if they don't get human touching. All people need the occasional human contact. Anybody that is afraid to touch a pt without gloves might benefit from therapy. In the mean time, beware of door knobs! IMHO.