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  1. Any profession where I could find a job and not to hear:"No new grads".
  2. I RN A

    Dear Precepting Student:

    People get irritated to easily.This is why nursing is so difficult. Nurses compete with each other in professional and personal life. Why can't we just respect each other and try to understand each other?
  3. I RN A

    Dear Precepting Student:

    According to you a student who is rubbing the entire staff wrong doesnt deserve a chance to be a nurse?! What about a patient who is rubbing the entire staff wrong? He/she doesn't deserve to be your patient? A lot of nurses don't want to admit that no matter how much new grads or students try to do their best the preceptors hate those who are not catching on right away. The point is years ago when these preceptors did't have the experience and didn't have the skills they have today how did they feel? In any case, the preceptor is a teacher and a good teacher knows how to turn any student to a good nurse. With patience and building confidence in this student the skills and everything that is needed would come along. And if you don't have patience than don't take a job.
  4. I RN A

    Dear Precepting Student:

    OMG! Nurses are mean! Not every person is the same. Do not volunteer to be a preceptor if you don't have patience to handle different personalities. The first nursing experience either makes or breaks a nurse.Have you ever considered that this student's attitude may come out because this student is trying to cover up the insecurities? I will never forget my first preceptor who had done everything possible to break me down and made me to look bad instead of being understanding and make the transition easier for me. It cost me a job and may be the nursing career.
  5. I RN A

    Question for new nurses

    1. Please, don't tell your students they would be able to find a job anywhere in the US and right after the graduation. Tell them to be prepared to be unemployed and to take a job anywhere else to pay their bills. 2. Cut down on nursing theories and increase clinical time, test on critical thinking in clinicals. 3. Cut down on nursing care plans. 4. Create clinical time as the real world nursing. Clinicals with 12 hours shifts and all of the demands as a real nurse, not a student.
  6. I RN A

    calling ALL newly licensed NURSES.......[3yrs<]

    graduated in dec 2008, in CA, got my BSN, licensed in Apr. 2009, still looking for a job, had 3-4 interviews, no job
  7. I RN A

    New RN, not interested in bedside nursing

    Why did you go into nursing? Right now it is very hard to find ANY nursing job. I'm RN, BSN with ACLS PALS graduated in 2008 and I'm still looking. You need 1 year of experience to be able to land a job. Where do you get it? Employers don't care. The strong connections in healthcare industry helped some of my former classmates. Good luck! Hope you'd find what you are looking for.
  8. I RN A

    Dear Precepting Student:

    It is very true that nurses eat their young, dear Preceptor. Have you ever been a new grad yourself?
  9. I RN A

    Nursing Career Questions

    Wow, what state do you live in? In Cali most of the nursing jobs start at $30.00-$35.00/h. $20.00 for LVNs.
  10. I RN A

    Laid off after 38 years

    I'm so sorry to hear this. Have you considered per diem or travel nursing?
  11. I RN A

    Need some reassurance.

    Go with your gut feeling. A lot of times it is right. You did the right thing, at least it sounds right to me.
  12. I RN A

    Nursing Career Questions

    How did you get into nursing? I've graduated with BS in Kinesiology and got into DPT program. It didn't work out. I wanted to be in healthcare and a lot of my friends told me I should try to get into nursing. I enrolled in community college, completed micro and organic chem (the only classes I needed for nursing school prereqs) and applied to 3 nursing schools. I got accepted to 2 of them and chose a school I wanted to go to. Got my RN, BSN in 2 years and now I'm a nurse. What do you like best about nursing? Patient care and helping people.Opportunity to experience different fields in nursing. Opportunity to learn every day something new. What do you like least about nursing? Politics, nurses who eat their young, competition between coworkers, stress. How do I get into nursing. Find nursing schools in your area, or any school you think you'd like to attend. Contact the school and request info about their prereq courses. Study hard, finish with high GPA. It may take longer, but do whatever it takes, if you can take only one class at a time, take only 1 class. Volunteer at local hospital to figure out if you really want to be a nurse. It also could help you to get into nursing school. Private schools are expensive, but easier to get into. Public schools are very hard to get into, but with high GPA it makes you a good candidate. How much of a demand is there for nurses? There is some demand for experienced nurses, those that have at least 3-5 years of experience in a hospital. But some even experienced nurses are out of work due to economy. Is it easy to find a nursing job? Used to be 5 years ago, but now due to slow economy it is very hard to find a job for new grads. Some grads get lucky, some keep looking and not finding a job for 1-2 years. Some researchers say that nursing job market would not improve until 2018.
  13. I RN A

    NEVER say we are short staffed.

    Once I have worked for a nursing home, and was responsible for pushing meds to at least 50 pts. Most of them had GT and I had to flush all of them, hang feedings, do boluses, do accu checks, give insulin. I also was responsible for hanging IVs for every pt that needed an IV, since I was the only RN on the floor in 100 bed facility. I worked the night shift. The day shift was different: 2 LVNs pushing meds and RN is there just to supervise. I remember staying after the shift, which was "over at 0730am" and charting till 12 noon. Besides everything else I was required to clock out at 0730 am, since the company didn't want to pay overtime. This was the worst experience in my life. The company cared more about their reputation with the state and made sure that everything matched in their documentation, although sometimes it wasn't the right thing to do. Thank God I don't work there anymore!
  14. I RN A


    It is out of the scope of practice for LVN to administer IV drugs, unless the LVN Iis IV certified. At least in Cali this is. This actually is NCLEX question.
  15. Thanks. Just trying to figure out in how much trouble I got myself into today
  16. [color=#1111cc]depo provera (medroxyprogesterone)