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MOMS: how many credit hours do you take?


I was just wondering how many credit hours other moms are taking. I am getting ready to start my pre- nursing courses at Ivy Tech this fall. It will be my first time in college. I am a stay at home mom of three boys ages 4, 4 & 2. (The oldest two go to pre-school and are gone about four hours 4x a week.) I signed up for online courses this fall for English, psychology, sociology and ivyt (every new student is has to take it, basically it teaches you how to study etc.) It is only a one credit hour class for the first 8 weeks of the semester, the rest of my classes are three credit hours. I was thinking of adding intro to interpersonal communication which would only put me at 13 credit hours. Psychology and English are the only points classes this semester. I feel like I can do it but was just wondering what others take. I know the college load one can handle vary person to person but I am just curious. I never did well in high school due to at home problems, however I am extremely serious about nursing. I also have been a cna for three and a half year now. Thanks for anyone who replies, I am new to this forum. (:

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When I started my prereqs I had a high schooler, a middle schooler and one in pre-k.

I mostly took just 1-2 classes per term--like 1 science and 1 non-science.

Eventually, I took 11 units while working a few days per week on call.

I was trying to get into a BSN program, so I had quite a few prereqs to get done.

Last term, I took 13 credits and worked basically full time for most of the semester. I earned all As except for 2 classes and only 1 affects my nursing GPA- I slacked off in nutrition of all classes!! so I'm repeating it in a week or so.


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When I went back to college as a mom (my son was 5 months old at the time), I started with one class, then two, and built up to a full load. I didn't want to take on more than I could handle, and I really needed to boost my GPA.

By the time I was in the nursing program, I was taking 15 units per semester, and I took 9 units over the summer.

If this is your first semester of school, I would really consider starting slow and working your way up.

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I went back to school when my daughter was 4 years old. I was also working about 20 hours a week. I started with 10 credits (3 classes) the first semester, then 12 credits (4 classes) the next, and now I'm taking an accelerated 4 credit summer class. I've had no problem with them amount of work and I've gotten nothing but As so far. However, it's not just about the number of credits. You have to be very organized and extremely self-motivated to be able to keep on top of all the assignments for 5 different classes at once, especially if most (or all) of them are online classes.

I am about the same as the ladies above! I started with a couple of classes, and eventually took a full load, and I have been very successful every step of the way. :) Based on the classes you are taking, I would say they are definitely doable. Just remember when you start taking your science(s) that you need to carefully choose other non-science courses to balance out your workload. I am personally taking 1 science course at a time, however I live in California, so it is very competitive and I want A's. I am at the very end of pre-reqs, so I don't have many science nor non-science courses left.

Anyway, take a look at your past, and ask yourself what went wrong. Then, think about what you can do differently, and don't look back. I too didn't do well many moons ago, so I started with a lower GPA. I've made so many A's now that my GPA is extremely high.

You can do it! Welcome and congrats on choosing nursing as your path!

First of all, congrats to you for getting back into school. Being a parent and going back to school can be challenging, but it is doable. I took no more than 2 classes at a time...I got there slowly, but I got there! My advice to you is do what feels right for you and your family. You will get there!

Hi and welcome to AN. I unlike the smarter posters above didn't start off slowly. My excitement got the best of me and I started off with a full load after being out of school 12 years. 1st semester reqs pretty rough. I was working full time and had my 4year old at the time. After that semester I cut back to only 2 classes and pretty much did that until I now. I've managed to bring my gpa up to a 3.6 and was accepted into nursing school. Now i have a 10mth old and a 6 yr ol and Start in the fall!!! Yayyyy. I've taken a few online and found that the course work is ALOT more than a traditional lecture class. Just be AWARE. Good luck to u and I'm sure you'll do great. Congrats on goin back to school

anywhere from 8-13ish it really just depends on the classes I am taking. I took 8 last semester but it was A&P II and microbiology...2 classes that required a LOT of studying. less demanding classes I stacked more on. I am taking 6 this summer...and am registered for 7 in the fall....may add one more (theres only one other class I need before all of my BSN prereqs are finished and I will be waiting to hear back on my acceptance to the ADN program at my first choice school (planning on doing the RN-BSN bridge after that program)

honestly.....as many as I feel like I can handle...I have been trying to get through my prereqs as fast as possible....but without letting my GPA suffer

When I was working full-time with one child, I only took one class of prereqs per semester. Now I am a stay-at-home mom of a 4.5 year old and a 15 month old. I take 12-15 credits a semester, and have done very well. I agree with a previous poster who said that, your first semester, you're better off taking a lighter load. Online courses, in particular, require a lot of dedication and time management. I've done full-time course loads of online classes before, and done great, but it's not for everyone, so I wouldn't overload yourself until you know how you will do.

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Waving hi from another Ivy tech student. I started last fall but I only have 1 child who was in second grade at the time. I went to school while he did. It's a lot. I did 13 credit hours the first semester and 16 last semester. Just make sure you get A's in English and Psych. I hated sociology. I honestly wish I had done abnormal psych instead. I am going to ask why no sciences yet? Sociology is a coreq. I would do A&P I now and get started on that. Don't save all of the sciences until the end.


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Full time, this summer term (4 weeks) I took 6 credits. but in a full length semester I take 12-15


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I took 16 when I had newborn twins. Twins are now 4 and usually take 3-9.