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  1. I would wait to see what your program requires/allows before buying a ton of stuff. For example, we are not allowed to carry clipboards at my clinical site. The only stuff that comes on the floor with me in my scrub pockets are my stethoscope, a few ...
  2. Sizzline

    HOW do people do well in Anatomy & P?

    I passed both A&Ps with a A- and an A by using flashcards, the anatomy & physiology coloring book, and labeling diagrams. I'd make 2 copies of the pages from the coloring book with the diagrams, then white out the answers on one and number th...
  3. Sizzline

    In my first semester and want another baby

    It definitely can be done, but I would not try to conceive unless you are also prepared to withdraw from school if necessary. I had a very simple, easy first pregnancy. When I got pregnant with my 2nd, I had a lot of issues. The pregnancy was much ha...
  4. My girls are 6 and 2.5, and I have completed all of my prequisites and am in my 2nd semester of clinicals. It's definitely not easy finding the time to do all of the necessary studying, but I figure it is just a couple of years of making it work. I r...
  5. I also am an evening students, and get home around 10:30 three nights a week. As soon as I come home, I have a quick snack, and then I watch a TV show and cuddle with my husband. I do no studying those nights. I am usually in bed right after midnight...
  6. Sizzline

    hand hygiene

    I use a lotion called Working Hands. They sell it on Amazon, and probably elsewhere. It comes in a little green jar, and it has worked wonders for my hands. I used to go home every week with my hands literally bleeding. My clinical instructor recomme...
  7. Sizzline

    Online statistics class

    I found statistics to be a really tough class to take online; I typically do really well with online classes, but stats was brutal for me. I suggest doing all of the readings, and using the internet for research on topics that you may struggle with. ...
  8. Sizzline

    NS and kiddos/how to get any studying done?

    I have a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old. On days where my older daughter was in kindergarten (she's going into 1st grade in September), I studied when my younger daughter napped, and then again when they went to bed. They go to sleep no later than 8:30p...
  9. Sizzline

    School Supplies Ideas

    A good planner is crucial. The other things I have used the most of are: index cards, black pens for clinicals, highlighters, colored pens for taking notes, a 3-hole punch for all the handouts, and a flashdrive for backing up all of my notes and pape...
  10. Sizzline

    Best planner for nursing school?

    I absolutely love the UnCalendar! I've used them for years. I splurged on an Erin Condren for my first semester of clinicals, and it was just a failure. The set-up didn't work for me at all. I'm happily back with my UnCalendar now.
  11. Sizzline

    Stethoscope/clinical supplies

    I have the Littman Classic II SE, and love it.
  12. Sizzline

    How much do you print?!

    I printed 60-100 page PowerPoints once per week (2 slides per page to allow for plenty of room to add my own notes), plus forms for clinical, assigned papers, and study material. I would say an average of 75-100 pages per week. I did get a laser prin...
  13. Sizzline

    Best planner for nursing school?

    I also have an Uncalendar, and love it. I splurged on an Erin Condren for my first semester of core nursing classes, but the set-up just didn't work for me, so I went back to the Uncalendar after that.
  14. Sizzline

    Nursing School Supplies

    I really love the Frixion erasable pens; they came in so handy for my first semester of clinicals. I also used a ton of highlighters, and index cards. I also highly recommend a laser printer. I was printing 60-100 slide PowerPoints weekly, plus suppl...
  15. Sizzline

    Should I wait to have a baby?

    I think that it is perfectly okay to try to have a baby during nursing school. I know more than one woman who has done so successfully. I would not, however, try if you would not have a plan in place for "what ifs." I got pregnant during my pre-requi...
  16. The only way that I was able to make it work was to find an ADN program that meets at night. It is 3-4 nights per week; the earliest I have to be there is 4pm, and I made arrangements to be able to leave early that one day each week to make it to cla...