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New-ish RN, 30-something year old happily divorced mom!

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  1. Nurses need to be kind to other nurses. If there is a problem, there should be a way to address the issue without It being punitive. Seriously, just a way to offer feedback to help the other person.
  2. vintagemother

    Nurse vs respiratory

    I’ve been in a few hospitals and have observed various policies. In 1, RNs or RTs could administer breathing tx. Where i currently work, only RTs can give them. And, the RTs are very obvious regarding their animosity when we call them. The belittle RNs, put them down when they call, etc. That being said, I know the RTs are apparently spread thin, working all floors of the hospital: from ED to the floor to ICU. And I suppose they feel like they get called unnecessarily at times. I'm not sure what the policy is where the OP works, but this info could shed light on the situation.
  3. vintagemother

    Patient’s family threatening to report me to BNE

    Yes, I see your point. But berating the nurse providing care while s/he is providing said care does not help the pt to recv better care. This behavior simply makes you have more than 1 person to attend to.
  4. I think tele medicine is great! My old HMO-Kaiser offered phone appts (similar to tele medicine) and I believe this promotes access. However, I do NOT understand why ATB would be prescribed over the phone! You need to run lab tests to determine if the infection is present and whether it’s caused by bacteria. overprescribing ATB = bad! 😕
  5. vintagemother

    Helping Patients Make Healthier Food Choices

    Just this week, I had 2 pts with questions about how they could eat better to avoid hospital admissions in the future. I talked about good choices, but then remembered that our charting system, EPIC, has educational handouts that can be printed for pts. I printed out education for them, and documented that I provided it. One pt told me thank you as she read it. The other told me she can’t read big words and would have to ask her grandchild to read it to her. I also remember yet, another pt last week with dietary questions. That discharge was rushed and I felt bad I had to tell her basic info and refer her to her PCP for more information. These tasks are complex. Yet, pts deserve to be provided with good education, because what you eat has a big factor on your health. Bedside nurses like me are already consumed with so many tasks. But I think this education is important.
  6. vintagemother

    Are hospitals doing this now? ,(Vent)

    Do you have a union do you could all file ADOs (assignment despite objection)? Or safe harbor?
  7. vintagemother

    Nurses Charged in Deaths of 12 Nursing Home Residents

    Not same facility. As I said as an LVN I worked LTC settings. Now work Acute as an RN- pay is double to triple. Sad state of affairs, ALF/SNF Nurses make less with way more patients than in acute care.
  8. vintagemother

    Nurses Charged in Deaths of 12 Nursing Home Residents

    I was an LVN then. I’m now an RN and work in a hospital...therefore the CA ratios law applies and I only have 5 pts max.
  9. vintagemother

    Nurses Charged in Deaths of 12 Nursing Home Residents

    I accept your hug. I worked in an ALF in CA with 54 residents in a locked dementia unit. The other side had 100 residents : 1 nurse.
  10. vintagemother

    Nurses Charged in Deaths of 12 Nursing Home Residents

    The ratios don’t really have a meaningful impact in nursing homes - SNF or ALF. I’m in CA, have worked in these settings. The ratios allow for 1 nurse to up to 35/54 people.
  11. vintagemother

    How Nurses Can Help Improve Vaxx Rates

    Indeed, it is very helpful for us, as nurses to explore pts reasons for not vaccinating to then help explain the benefits of vaccinations.
  12. vintagemother

    Exhausted; I want a way out.

    I was going to mention foster to adoption. In my state (CA), it is a relatively simple process to become a foster parent. And some agencies will help by only placing children with you who are up for adoption. How do I know? I used to be a foster mom. I was single then. While I did not adopt, I did chose to take in children who were hard to place.
  13. vintagemother

    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    Why are nurses leaving the bedside? Because some of them have never enjoyed providing bedside care and aren’t good at it...which leads them to become nurse managers. This, in turn, causes other nurses to leave the bedside because they are being told what to do and how to do it by those who can not do it.
  14. vintagemother

    Med Psych anyone?

    I used to work inpt psych. Now work Med-surg....and about half of our pts have psych issues, any given shift I might have 4 out of 5 of my pts with psych issues. It’s unofficial med-psych! 😂
  15. vintagemother

    Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    I like being a nurse. However, there are aspects that I don’t like. I enjoy caring for pts. I like it when I have the time to talk with them, listen to them tell me about their lives, educate them on the plan of care, self care, their disease process. I like being a critical thinker / detective regarding how to best help them. I like being a pt advocate. I earn a decent living, have good benefits, etc. i like many of my coworkers, some of them are my best friends.
  16. vintagemother

    Adjusting to NIGHT SHIFTS advice??

    Yes to black out curtains. I also have an essential oil diffuser that I put sleep oils in- eg lavender, etc. I prefer to cluster my nights together, so that I have more time to adjust to being awake during the day. My days off are kinda hard...I’m tired during the day (it’s been about 3 yrs on nights). I’m pretty sure I have shift sleep disorder. My meals are as follows: I meal prep religiously. That way I have food to eat at work during my “lunch” at 3-4AM; as well as food to eat when I’m home from work that is healthy. I excercise almost daily. I started about 1 yr ago. This makes me more hungry so I tend to eat before I go to work or within 1-2 hrs of arriving. Therefore, when I excercise before work, I pack a healthy snack/mini meal. I also eat before I go to bed after work.Again, I eat healthy meal prepped foods. As far as skin care,I don’t have a complex regimen. I do wash my face after and before work. I use sunscreen moisturizer whenever I wash my face. I wash my face when I wake up / before o go to the gym.

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