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  1. COVID-19: Vaccination Administration Question

    When I give vaccinations, in a hospital setting, we 1. Review the order to assure that the pt meets criteria/ doesn’t fall in the exclusion category 2. Give a paper handout on the vax 3. Educate the pt on normal side effects I haven’t given the...
  2. Nurses are Pushed to the Brink

    Nurse Beth, the original poster, I just want to say that everything you wrote is true. I don’t work in So Cal, but In northern CA and you were exactly spot on.
  3. Huge Zoom Mistake....Nurse Instructors Caught!

    Your post exemplifies the types of situations I believe I observed in RN school. I couldn’t prove it, but you can due to the recording. I think you should report it to the nursing school dean and if s/he does not seem to appreciate the gravity of ...
  4. This is so true! Do things the way they do, even if they dont align with your education. Once your off orientation and off probation, do things your way.
  5. Nurses need to be kind to other nurses. If there is a problem, there should be a way to address the issue without It being punitive. Seriously, just a way to offer feedback to help the other person.
  6. Lazy patient

    Where I work, in an Acute hospital on a Med surg Floor, we frequently have pts who refuse to do things for themselves. Even the day prior to discharge supposedly home. It’s quite ironic, I’ve noticed that many lols (little old ladies) insist on being...
  7. Nurse vs Respiratory

    I’ve been in a few hospitals and have observed various policies. In 1, RNs or RTs could administer breathing tx. Where i currently work, only RTs can give them. And, the RTs are very obvious regarding their animosity when we call them. The belittle R...
  8. Patient’s family threatening to report me to BNE

    Yes, I see your point. But berating the nurse providing care while s/he is providing said care does not help the pt to recv better care. This behavior simply makes you have more than 1 person to attend to.
  9. Anyone Ever Actually Used Their Malpractice Insurance?

    My NSO annual policy costs around 120/yr. my union dues are a separate cost I pay to CNA/NNU. Whom do you pay 600 to for liability insurance?
  10. I think tele medicine is great! My old HMO-Kaiser offered phone appts (similar to tele medicine) and I believe this promotes access. However, I do NOT understand why ATB would be prescribed over the phone! You need to run lab tests to determine if ...
  11. 3 Simple Ways To Squash Compassion Fatigue

    Thank you for this post. I’ve saved it and will refer to it.
  12. This is just the thing. I am now of a healthy weight, low normal BP and HR. I had abdominal pain for months, which stretched into years intermittently. My PCPs refused to offer imaging or diagnostic tests. I am an RN and I know friends and pts who ha...
  13. Helping Patients Make Healthier Food Choices

    Just this week, I had 2 pts with questions about how they could eat better to avoid hospital admissions in the future. I talked about good choices, but then remembered that our charting system, EPIC, has educational handouts that can be printed for p...
  14. How Do You Fit In 30mins Of Exercise In Your Work Day?

    I workout For over 30 minutes. More like 1 hour each day. Tips and tricks: yes we are active and not sedentary as nurses. But we don’t get our sustained heart rate up enough to help our cardiovascular health. I think that’s why we still need to exerc...
  15. Are hospitals doing this now? ,(Vent)

    Do you have a union do you could all file ADOs (assignment despite objection)? Or safe harbor?