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  1. vintagemother

    CNA to RN

    I’m not sure if it’s “wiser”. But for me, I did benefit from going through the processes of going from CNA-LV:PN-RN. I am more aware of how the entire health care team plays a role. I am also good at doing “CNA tasks”. The work experience in a variety of settings also makes me a better more compassionate well rounded nurse.
  2. vintagemother

    Nights vs. Days

    I work nocs. Nights are seen as “easier”, by many. However, where I work, ratios are different at night. Fewer aides eg none. No float nurse. Charge not present. Days has aides, a float RN to assist as well as a charge nurse and a manager available. On nights, you’re all by yourself sometimes without help or support. Therefore I don’t think it’s accurate to say nights are “easier”
  3. vintagemother

    12 patients for a new grad to much?

    Yup! As for my experience: 45:1 memory care locked in dementia unit. 54:1 locked in long term psych. 16:1 locked in acute psych. 25-35:1 Skilled nursing / rehab. And now 5:1 med surg acute hospital.
  4. vintagemother

    What do you pack in your work bag?

    I carry the following: a healthy lunch, healthy snacks, my stethoscope, badge, pens In various colors, bandage scissors, my day planner, a charger for my phone, chapstick, gum, a protein powder or protein drink (I work out almost daily and am always hungry), an energy drink for emergencies (I don’t drink it most nights), sunflower seeds.
  5. vintagemother

    I think I'm Alone Now: The Benefits of Solitude

    I, too, enjoy alone time in nature. I've gone camping with friends and family and then ventured off for 30 mins or so just to sit in awe of nature. I've also gone to the River with my young teen child and just sat and stared at the water. He didn't get it. But it was like a spiritual experience for me. I fantasize about camping alone and simply enjoying nature. Maybe one day, I'll be brave enough to camp alone. It's so serene and good for me.
  6. vintagemother

    How To Make A SOAP Video - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 205

    Still watching and loving your videos! You are an inspiration to me! I'm an RN currently enrolled in an ADN-BSN completion program; and my daughter is in a PhD program!!!
  7. vintagemother

    Taming Naso-Gastric Tube (NGT) Torture

    I had to trouble shoot a not anchored well NG tube on my last shift. I hoped that the pt wouldn't think I was a weird / mean nurse because I checked it multiple times and reanchored it. She ended up telling me thank you for my care. Thank you for this timely article.
  8. You are so awesome for sharing your experiences with us!! I visited D.C. and NewYork a few months ago for the first time!! Keep us updated!!!
  9. vintagemother

    Nurse Face Her Fears To Help Patient

    Thank you for sharing this touching story!
  10. vintagemother

    Orlando Tragedy - "Why Does It Bother You So Much?"

    This is some awful ****! I read some news articles about it just now. It's awful. I will talk to my kids about it (ages 11 and 21) once again. I've taken to them some about this, but as a parent I think they need to hear the lesson again and again. I believe/hope that the only way we can hope to change this world is by teaching the next generation. It may not be enough, but that's what I feel is my obligation.
  11. vintagemother

    Orlando Tragedy - "Why Does It Bother You So Much?"

    It bothers me because people were killed. Period. People were killed in a horrible, scary way. It's so sad. I can't bring myself to read the details online. I know I'll cry. But I need to read about it because it's important to know about things like this that will be a part of history. To me, it's as horrible as 9-11, as horrible as Columbine, as horrible as the church massacre, etc. It's just awful that people were killed. As far as this incident, it's absolutely horrible they were killed because of their "affiliation" with a particular lifestyle. To me, it's as horrible as the church attendees killed because they were black, and the 9-11 people killed because they simply worked in a building that was the image of America. John 8:4 is what I read tonight to my child. [emoji29]
  12. vintagemother

    LTC Charting: A Beginner's Guide

    Yaaaaaassss!!! This! When my LTC facility moved to electronic charting of meds..... My life became much easier! I became so much faster at the super huge med pass! Who would have thought my slowness was related to flipping through umpteen MAR pages in 2 binders! And the check boxes to do assessments and inability to save a doc unless it was complete? ..... Priceless!!!
  13. vintagemother

    7 Social Media Posts That Will Destroy Your Nursing Career Before It Begins!

    Yes! Don't wear your scrubs / ID anywhere that you are buying alcohol or doing anything else that's somewhat questionable. People like to tattle on nurses. I heard about it from students in LVN/LPN school and heard about it from instructors in my RN program. I don't list personal info on my FB either. No current city, no employers (past or current), no school names until waaay after i graduate, I recently took off my last name also.
  14. Thank you for sharing this, Commuter! I'll share this story with my children.