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Working as a HUC while in LPN school starting August 2015

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  1. I agree with a previous poster pick your first choice and work on all their classes, once you have them all, apply and if you don't get in, while you wait for the next cycle to apply start working on pre-reqs for the other programs.
  2. w292737

    Composite Scores

    The advisor told me that the lowest score was 10.5 for the first cut off, and then they went out lower then that for the waiting list at Riverland.
  3. w292737

    Does anyone have any leads?

    Mayo takes ASN, but will require you to get your BSN within 6 years.
  4. w292737

    Mayo in Rochester?

    relax, take a deep breath. Once you get the interview at Mayo it's all cake from there *disclaimer I am a Mayo Employee*
  5. w292737

    2015 Roll Call

    I start the LPN core courses in August and wil graduate in May 2016
  6. w292737

    8 courses to start, is this normal for an LPN program?

    Is this all 8 in one semester or just the first year? Here, even for LPN, you need to finish the Gen Eds before you start the LPN courses.
  7. w292737

    Mayo Clinic Nursing Externship 2015

    Hi Everyone, I am not applying this year. but will next year and I am hopeful since I attend the local college (RCTC) that I will get in. Good Luck to everyone. Mayo and Rochester are both great!!
  8. w292737

    Nursing and homeschooling 3 kids

    I'm in this boat. I'm homeschooling my middle daughter, she knows that once I'm in the nursing program full time, we will have to figure out something else. which might mean she has to go back to campus and attend a traditional school with her siblings again. We do have other plans, such as my mother and MIL helping out with schooling based on my plans, but will I have time to keep up making lesson plans for her and my own studying, which in this case ultimately takes priority. We are doing some trial and error over this summer, and will go from there. take it in stride and just see what happens.
  9. w292737

    Easiest RN to BSN Programs in Minnesota

    I've heard good things about Mankato and Winona State.
  10. w292737

    Advice please, on deciding on a school

    the cost of them are all the same (all state community colleges) it will cost a little more in gas for driving, but for school C, it's very near my mom so if I need to stay with her I can. oh and won't be working. school will be my full time gig until I'm an RN. :)
  11. A little back ground:I live in a very rural area. There is a Community College about 20 minutes away(A), then another 45 minutes away(B), and one 1 hr 20 minutes away©. School B requires the TEAS test, A and C do not. The pre-reqs/gen eds are all mostly the same, save for a few differences. The NCLEX pass rates from 2013 are: A - 98%, B- 73%, C- 93%. The reputation from school A isn't the best (but the test rates are obviously higher) the rep for B is the program is really good, and C is the best rep out of all of them. School A and C go off points, based on various things, school B goes off TEAS and GPA for a certain set of courses only. I've been working on pre-reqs through school B, but I am open and avail to go to any school. (all courses will transfer between the three schools with no issues School C offers fall and spring starts, where as A and B offer only fall starts. Would you apply at all three or pick one and go for it?if you pick just one what would you pick? (I thought I had this figured out, and then I looked up the NCLEX pass rates :/ )
  12. w292737

    Need motivation!

    you can do it!! I was the same way the last week of my summer session, all motivation gone. you got this!
  13. w292737

    MOMS: how many credit hours do you take?

    Full time, this summer term (4 weeks) I took 6 credits. but in a full length semester I take 12-15
  14. w292737

    non-nursing associate degree

    check with your local school, you'd have some of the pre-reqs done, and if they do points, you might get more points for having a previous degree.
  15. w292737

    Advice/Opinions on Nursing Schools

    A C isn't a great grade, but it's not horrible, look around to other community colleges in your area and see where you have the best chance to get in. if that fails, are you in a position to relocate for school?
  16. w292737

    The best planner/organizer?

    I use google calendar as well that syncs to multiple places. I then carry my course schedule in paper form in case I need to add any notes.