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Advice please, on deciding on a school


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A little back ground:I live in a very rural area. There is a Community College about 20 minutes away(A), then another 45 minutes away(B), and one 1 hr 20 minutes away©. School B requires the TEAS test, A and C do not. The pre-reqs/gen eds are all mostly the same, save for a few differences.

The NCLEX pass rates from 2013 are: A - 98%, B- 73%, C- 93%. The reputation from school A isn't the best (but the test rates are obviously higher) the rep for B is the program is really good, and C is the best rep out of all of them.

School A and C go off points, based on various things, school B goes off TEAS and GPA for a certain set of courses only.

I've been working on pre-reqs through school B, but I am open and avail to go to any school. (all courses will transfer between the three schools with no issues

School C offers fall and spring starts, where as A and B offer only fall starts.

Would you apply at all three or pick one and go for it?if you pick just one what would you pick?

(I thought I had this figured out, and then I looked up the NCLEX pass rates :/ )

I would definitely apply to multiple programs - it's hard to assess your probability getting into a nursing program without knowing the scores of the applicant pool. After that, then compare the benefits and downfalls of each program. Where did you hear about the school reputation? You should look at NCLEX pass rates, affordability, convenience (consider distance and gas costs), and any other factors that will affect your schooling. For example, will you be working? If so, you probably want to find a program that is nearby your place of employment.


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the cost of them are all the same (all state community colleges) it will cost a little more in gas for driving, but for school C, it's very near my mom so if I need to stay with her I can.

oh and won't be working. school will be my full time gig until I'm an RN. :)

Honestly, in that case, I PERSONALLY would choose school C. You said that it has a great reputation and the NCLEX pass rate is high. Also, the location is most convenient for you, so that would be the most logical choice in my opinion.

Meh, I'd choose A. If they are all CC's and are the same program, like all ASN, or all BSN, then i'd go A. Waste of gas driving an hour and so back and forth everyday to a CC. If you have the desire to do well, you will. Pass rates aren't everything.

oh and I would apply to all of them, but if I got accepted to A, then I'd go there.

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Given the competitiveness of nursing school, I would not limit your options; apply to all 3. You can decide which one to go to if you are accepted. Good luck!


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I have to agree with the notion to apply to all 3. Personally, I'd go with A. I'd not waste gas going to other ones so far away. B makes me a little worried. The program is supposedly really really good but they have a rather poor NCLEX rate. That tells me it can't be that good. A's reputation might not be stellar, but you can't argue with those pass rates. And, again it's closer.. which means your clinicals will be closer.

Also.. Any questions you have on a schools reputation, I would email the nursing department and just ask them. Anytime I hear something bad about a program or a school most of the time it's because of some issue a student themselves created and then ended up displeased at the outcome, or because they didn't like how something was done, or a certain professor.

I would apply to all 3. A & C are best choices. A may be in a more rural geographic location hindering its popularity over C ??

Good luck