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I am a new RN working on an oncology unit in MI. I enjoy meeting new people and making new connections, so feel free to shoot me a message.

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  1. cracklingkraken

    Help! Landing Interviews, But Not Jobs

    It took me 11 applications, 4 interviews, and 1 offer to get my current job as a new nurse. Have you been looking at graduate nurse positions? These openings don't expect you to have any nursing experience, but you have to be able to sell yourself, s...
  2. cracklingkraken

    Nursing advice needed!!!

    Many hospitals still do hire ADN graduates on the contingency of obtaining your BSN within a certain time frame. It really depends on the job market and hospitals in the area.
  3. cracklingkraken

    Always being told to "ask questions"

    It only takes a few seconds to ask a question. Either the nurse can give you the answer or direct you to the resource where you can find an answer. I think when you keep asking questions about things that you could easily find for yourself is when nu...
  4. cracklingkraken

    Surgical Oncology unit- New Grad

    No worries. I'm also new on the floor, so I'm kind of in the same spot as you. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Know the policies and where to find them at your facility. Surprisingly, all central line care, including dressings, is not done by the n...
  5. cracklingkraken

    Surgical Oncology unit- New Grad

    I just started on an oncology med-surg floor. Familiarize yourself with chemo Tx and ports. Also, review the administration of blood products. Know what S/S to look for in sepsis and septic shock, as well as Tx. Good luck! I had no intention to begin...
  6. cracklingkraken

    Am I good enough??

    As long as you pass nursing school and the NCLEX, it doesn't really matter if you're an average student or not. However, if you're interested in going to grad school, grades will matter.
  7. cracklingkraken

    Nervous about graduating

    Stop asking yourself, 'What if?" You're making up scenarios and psyching yourself out. Stop. If you need help with resumes, there are so many examples and resources available online. You won't be a competent nurse as you graduate nursing school. No o...
  8. cracklingkraken

    Nursing options

    There are a lot of specialties, including med-surg, psych, ICU, etc. If you look through the forum or simply do a Google search, you can find all the options.
  9. cracklingkraken

    Which job should I take while in nursing school?

    I would take the Peds position if that's ultimately the area you're intending to specialize in and they've voiced that they're willing to work around your schedule.
  10. cracklingkraken

    No Senior Practicum?

    My program didn't offer a senior practicum either. None of us who graduated were hindered by our lack of a senior practicum.
  11. cracklingkraken

    Is This Normal?

    I just completed my 2nd shift on the floor yesterday. I absolutely feel the same way. My preceptor pointed out that it's different when you don't have someone to supervise and report to because, now, you ARE the nurse. Obviously, since I'm a new nurs...
  12. Pretty eventful day, as it was officially my first day with a patient load. I learned that an INR >10 is possible. I learned how to call a doctor and communicate my patient's needs. Luckily, the first doctor I called (twice!) was super nice and pa...
  13. Viva - I can't even imagine what you're going through. Hugs and support from my end. Today was my first day on the floor, and wow. It was unnaturally filled with craziness and drama, according to my preceptor (I absolutely LOVE her, by the way). 3 AM...
  14. So orientation began this week, and my first shift on the floor is Friday. I have to admit that I'm feeling intimidated and unprepared as that first day approaches. I've met several of the new nurses/externs I'll be working with, and I feel like my p...
  15. cracklingkraken

    hospital interview

    For the position I recently accepted, they gave me a verbal offer before running a background check. HR departments are notorious for mostly being slow with the entire hiring process. However, if I were you, I would not have kept applying for positio...