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VivaLaVespaGirl has 7 years experience as a BSN, MSN and specializes in ED, Medicine, Case Management.

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  1. Ever heard of CMs going BACK to bedside nursing?

    Yep. I am going back. However, I continued to pick up floor shifts on occasion to make sure I maintained confidence in my skills. I work with another CM who has been off the floor for 6 years and is looking to go back to the floor as well. The ski...
  2. Dating while in nursing school?

    You sound very entitled. As if you somehow deserved her attention simply for existing and being interested in her. She is not interested. She did not lead you on. Are you in the wrong? You are in the wrong at just about every turn.
  3. Final Nursing School GPA?

    I went in with a 4.0 GPA, and maintained it relatively easily until the last two semesters. Honestly, just focus on understanding the material, maintaining a good work-school-clinical-life balance, and getting the most out of clinical. I finished ...
  4. Is it normal that my school doesn't teach us IVs?

    2016 grad... we absolutely learned how to do foley placement. In fact it, as part of sterile procedure, was one of our lab skill check-offs. We had an IV lab, but learning how to place IV's on actual human arms did not come until my capstone placem...
  5. PVT August 2016

    I just took mine today....during the test I was praying for more than 75 questions because I swear I did not know the answers to any of them and every other one was a *******' SATA! Sure enough the machine shut off at 75 and my heart sunk. I just w...
  6. Where's my planner nerds at?!

    I like the Day Designer: The 2015 Collection – Day Designer It is expensive, but I like the way it is divided out for each day with a schedule on one half of the page and a to-do list on the other half of the page, and each day gets its own page. ...
  7. did well on a&p1 but got a C for a&p2!!!

    You need to speak with the nursing schools you plan to apply to in order to find out what their policies are regarding re-takes. The C will still appear on your transcript even if you retake it somewhere else. Again, follow up with the schools you a...
  8. The Official I Hate School Thread

    Ooooh...summery vodka drinks! I am currently avoiding pharm by drinking champagne and making plans to get back at it tomorrow. It is a 3 day weekend, after all. Would be rude to ignore it.
  9. Why do some nurses come across to be rude?

    Ahhh. Now I understand. Mathboy, was this the ER? How many people were ahead of you? How much more emergent were their issues? How many times had you complained about the wait being too long?
  10. Why do some nurses come across to be rude?

    Unfortunately, it is difficult to have a discussion about this topic if you refuse to provide any example other than nurses sometimes not responding to "how are you doing?". If you would really like to get an opinion, please provide actual examples....
  11. Why do some nurses come across to be rude?

    I wonder if perhaps you are unaware of the nursing role. The nurse is not there to provide sympathy; the nurse is there to provide expert patient care. Again, I would definitely love to know some examples.
  12. Why do some nurses come across to be rude?

    Mathboy, can you provide an example of rude behavior? If you are finding that the majority of nurses you encounter are rude, I wonder if there are some cultural or communication style differences.
  13. Nurses have an Attitude Problem

    SunriseDay, it sounds like you are having a hard time right now. I think you are aware that it is not beneficial to lash out at an entire population of people, particularly a population you are working so hard to be a part of. Perhaps you would feel...
  14. Will I get into nursing school?

    If you want to get into nursing school, you are going to have to make up some ground. Nursing school is competitive and grades are very important. Some schools only look at prerequisite GPA, others will look at your cumulative GPA. You need to sta...
  15. Teamwork

    Hi Sarah - It appears from your previous post, also looking for assistance with homework, that you are not from the US and english is likely not your first language. The comment on your previous post also suggested you present your ideas along wit...