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  1. I apologize, this is long. I feel that the more I explain and the bigger picture I paint, the more someone will be able to share with me. I realize that some of this might identify me if my coworkers are here on this board, but... honestly, I want he...
  2. Miss.LeoRN

    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    Did the surgical team and the surgeon PURPOSEFULLY decide not to do a time out, and ignore all other checks and safety measures that were in place to prevent this sort of "event"? Did he just look at the patient and the chart and go "Forget the bad k...
  3. Miss.LeoRN

    I was slapped by a patient

    Okay, so like someone else asked... and you did what? Informed your manager or charge nurse? Called security? Just stood there? This is actually more than assault, it's assault and battery. I'm not sure I understand the perception that you just...
  4. Miss.LeoRN

    2 year night shifter thinking about days need help!!

    We recently lost three of our night shifters to the cruel,evil sun that conquers this thing they call day shift. One was excited, loved the move. Took him a while to settle in because he made the change while treating day shift like it was night...
  5. Miss.LeoRN

    Working on weekends!

    The only real advice I have is to be sure you find out what the specific weekend requirements are to whatever hospital or unit you are applying to, when you apply. Don't go by what is on the job posting. When I applied to the place I am now, it ...
  6. Miss.LeoRN

    Adjusting to NIGHT SHIFTS advice??

    Honestly, everyone is different. What works for some won't work for you, but you may find some good tips. Biggest question is... are you a day person or a night person? I am a night person. Even on my nights off, I am up at 3 am. I have a diffi...
  7. Miss.LeoRN

    bedside report

    I don't mind bedside report, in general. My primary concern is that currently only isolation rooms are private rooms at our facility. We're moving to a new facility next year in which all the rooms will be private, which will be nice. If there isn't ...
  8. Miss.LeoRN

    Save yourself; get out of medicine.

    Yeah sorry.. I don't have any of the problems you've claimed to experience in any of the nursing jobs I've held.
  9. Miss.LeoRN

    Destined to Be a Flight Nurse

    At my hospital ER is a world apart from Tele and ICU. Granted we have two different Tele floors. Step-down with Tele and acute with Tele. I work step-down/Tele. Only our floor can be pulled to the ICU, and only Tele/step-down nurses are trained for ...
  10. Miss.LeoRN

    Nurses Call the Governor of Tennessee

    Reading these threads have caused some serious conflicts within me. Homicide charges seem extreme, but I do believe this woman should, as someone else said, have to stand before a Judge and explain herself. I see a lot of people question so man...
  11. Miss.LeoRN

    Is It Possible to Never Make an Error? The Perfect Nurse Fallacy

    Sometimes I feel like the persons who write these "checklists" never have actually worked on a floor. What is the rationale behind a head to toe prior to giving medication? I can't imagine having to head to toe my patients any time I give them their ...
  12. Miss.LeoRN

    At what point should I be worried?

    When I was hired at the hospital I work at now, I interviewed in mid February, was Offered the Job on March 15th, and was "enrolled" into general orientation on April 18th. I was on the floor in orientation the end of May. I'm sure you're timeline ...
  13. Miss.LeoRN

    ATI med-surg proctored exam

    You need to specifically study ATI material. So, if it's an ATI med/surge test, study from the ATI med/surge book. You should have access to that, if not, they're like $5 on ebay or amazon. It's all in the way information is presented and questions a...
  14. Miss.LeoRN

    PVT DEC/2018

    Congratulations on passing. Now the fun begins.
  15. Miss.LeoRN

    Did this patient overreact?!

    YOU SAID THAT TO THE PATIENT?! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU. Seriously! So her being uncomfortable with a male nurse that close to her genitalia is HER fault for not wearing panties? It's her fault because she had a couple kids she should just be used t...
  16. Miss.LeoRN

    Pts who insult you?

    Synthroid is an easy fix. Ask to give it at night. When I worked rehab/long term many residents (because in long term, that is their home. They aren't patients, they are residents) wanted certain meds at certain times. If a patient didn't want it at ...