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  1. panic36

    Taking the big test Thursday!

    Don't stress out and over think it! Well I haven't taken the test yet, I'm taking it next friday for the very first time, and I'm really anxious. I haven't done the online practice tests A and B yet, but I just did Practice Test 1 that's in the study...
  2. panic36

    CSULB Spring 2017

    Late response, but I wanted to say thanks @n_tony, and good luck to you, we taking ours on the same day!
  3. panic36

    CSULB Spring 2017

    I'm a bit nervous as I'm taking my Teas on the 26th for the first time. I guess the 26th will be my true indication if I have any shot of getting in.
  4. panic36

    Should I? Why not!?!

    I work in Facilities, Maintaince and Construction. There are 18 year olds but there are plenty of older students. Financial Aid usually wants older students aswell I worked there during 2 summer semesters not as a work study student, but as a student...
  5. panic36

    What does A or B mean?

    B- and A- should count as a B and A, but I'd ask your admissions office to be 100% positive.
  6. panic36

    Should I? Why not!?!

    Im 31, and started college at 28, I have been a work study student for almost 3 years now, and my supervisors recognized quickly that I was not one that was 'learning to work' and I could work solo. My supervisors are always praising me, and let me r...
  7. panic36

    Bachelor's vs Associates in Nursing

    I haven't personally done either program, but I find the information to be wrong. BSN and ADN are similar in the fact they both prepare you to become an RN, however, BSN route from what I have been told includes more classes in nursing theory, nursin...
  8. There are lots of private schools out there that would most likely take a 2.0 GPA. However, perhaps you should reevaluate your education goal. From what I know nursing school usually requires that you know the information from your prereq classes and...
  9. I think a lot of people believe grades are given more to CC students, however, it has not been my experience at all. A few of my professors I have had work for both the 4-year and 2-year colleges in my city and have told us that the city college equi...
  10. panic36

    LBCC Fall 2016!

    It is dated March 30th, and it is a provisional acceptance into the nursing program and information to attend the advisement meeting on april 29th. Oh and it came via regular mail.
  11. panic36

    LBCC Fall 2016!

    I received my acceptance letter today!
  12. panic36

    Weeding Out.

    I am a pre nursing student which just recently finished my core classes. During my time I ran into one teacher who happened to be my first science teacher. Anatomy one my first and only dropped course. This teacher had truly unrealistic expectations...
  13. panic36

    Taking chem, a&p1 & then some

    A lot of people I took classes with did ridiculous course loads in my opinion of 18 to 21 units a semester. One thing I felt with these people is they are smart but didn't fully grasp all the concepts and material. I also experienced people burn them...
  14. panic36

    Anatomy and Physiology grades this semester.

    Depends on the school you want to get into, but anything grade of C or above is passing. I know plenty of people who had 2.5-3.0 GPAs who have become RNs either ADN or BSN. However, more competitive schools like where I live in southern California, a...
  15. panic36

    Nervous about my chances of getting into nursing

    Honestly, you shouldn't really evaluate yourself until after you finish a semester or two. I decided to start college in Spring of 2014 expecting that I most likely would not succeed. I did not attend high school and I dropped out of the 6th grade an...