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  1. Jayjormom

    Neonatal stethoscopes and other equipment

    Thanks nicu Guy. I have purchased both books already. I have started reading the core curriculum on my off days. Lots of great info. I’ll make sure to ask the manager about the stethoscopes. I’ve been wanting to do this well over a decade and I am still in disbelief that I’ve finally reached my goal. So excited and I can’t wait to start this journey. Thanks for the great info. Be safe out there Thanks Elaine. I’ll look into it!
  2. Jayjormom

    Active Duty USAF with no nursing experience...

    First off. Thank you for your service. Secondly, most people that go into nursing school have 0 experience. You having a degree already so that puts you ahead of some candidates when it comes to the application process. Getting into nursing school, at least the few I applied to, had everything to do with pre req grades and a scoring system. So many points for A’s B’s and so on. So it really may just depend on the nursing schools that you are applying for. Do some research and find out what the application process consist of.
  3. Jayjormom

    Resigning during or right after orientation, advice please

    Can u transfer to another unit in the hospital since you are still on orientation? Might be a lot easier being that you aren’t considered in the staffing right now
  4. Hello everyone. Hoping some of you wonderful NICU nurses can answer a question. After 5 looooong years of applying to NICU positions, I was finally granted my 1 and only interview and was offered a position in a level 3 NICU at a teaching hospital! Yayyy. My question is, should I buy a neonatal stethoscope or do most if not all NICUs have these already in the babies room sort of assigned to these babies? Also any other equipment you may think I need would be helpful. Thank you in advance and stay safe out there
  5. Jayjormom

    L&D interview

    How did your interview go??
  6. Jayjormom

    L&D interview

    Absolutely. My interview was a panel interview that consisted of the UD, CNE, and 2 L&D nurses. They each asked 1-2 questions. Since I had NO labor and delivery experience, it was your basic behavioral type questions. Name a time when you went above and beyond, how do u deal with patients from different cultures, why that specific hospital, why labor and delivery, my thoughts on teamwork. I think I sold them on that one!! Nothing clinical related. Interview lasted about 30 minutes. Got the call about 5 minutes after the interview and was offered the job!! Just go in there and be yourself. You know how these things go. It’s all about fitting into their culture! Good luck and let me know how it goes!! I’m rooting for ya
  7. Jayjormom

    DeKalb Medical Center

    I know this an old thread. But sort of in the same boat. Accepted a position there and was curious about the environment. How are u liking it
  8. Jayjormom

    L&D interview

    Hi everyone, Im a peds ED nurse and was granted an interview in L&D! Clearly unexpected since everyone wants experience. What type of questions should I expect for this interview? I'm really nervous about this especially since the only L&D exposure I've had was in nursing school. Thanks in advance
  9. Jayjormom

    Atlanta Winter/Spring 2020 nurse residency

    Congrats on your offers. Was NICU your first choice?
  10. Jayjormom

    Atlanta Winter/Spring 2020 nurse residency

    Has anyone heard anything about Northside's residency program?
  11. Jayjormom

    Visiting Atlanta

    Thankyou for the info. I will definitely keep that in mind
  12. Jayjormom

    Visiting Atlanta

    No I haven't. I'm just starting the licensure process. I have to find a job first before I pick up and move my family!!!
  13. Jayjormom

    Visiting Atlanta

    I have 2 kids so great school districts are my top priority. I was looking more outside of the perimeter because I hear the public schools in Atlanta are pretty terrible, and the housing is more affordable. I don't know much about the areas. I'm hoping to get a better feel over my next few visits. Thank you for the advice. It was helpful.
  14. Jayjormom

    Visiting Atlanta

    Hello my fellow nurses. I am flying up to Atlanta this weekend to do a little research on some areas for our potential relocation. We are looking at Acworth, Kennesaw, Cummings, Johns Creek, Buford, Suwannee areas. I have been doing some research on some of the hospitals and am hoping to end up at one of the CHOA campuses, Northside hospital campus, or Wellstar facility. If anyone has any information on any of these areas or hospitals please advise. Pay, commute, and overall job satisfaction would be very helpful. I'll have 2 years of peds ER nursing experience and halfway through my BSN program by the time we move. Thank you all in advance
  15. Jayjormom

    BSN required?

    Thank you so much for the info. That gives me a lot of comfort hearing this. Where did you accept a position and how is it going so far?
  16. Jayjormom

    Relocating from NYC to Georgia

    Are BSNs required for hire by most hospitals in the Atlanta area? What if your enrolled in an RN-BSN program, does that better your chances of getting hired?