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    Don't Let Nursing Job Resumes Intimidate You

    I think it's good to show where you did the clinicals, at least. Also, some rotations will be different than others, and while there is SOME standardization, that's not always the case. For example, we had no SNF rotation, our peds rotations were out of the hospital, as there is no peds unit nearby (we were in preschools, home health, schools, etc.), for psych we were all over the place, but not in inpatient, and our community health rotations varied widely. Don't necessarily get into what you did at each, because that's kind of a given, but putting that you were at a major university hospital's PICU versus at a preschool would make a difference, especially if you were applying for ED, ICU or peds. Maybe not a huge difference, but it would change what you were exposed to and what you could speak to in an interview.