I passed Nclex-RN exam


Just found out I passed my Nclex-RN exam. I am so relieved this exam is over! I studied using Kaplan/LaCharity/ and Lippincott CD. I took the inclassroom class from Kaplan. I used elminating wrong answers on all 75 questions. My heart was about to jump out of my chest at around question 60- I took unscheduled break. I drank some water, calmed down went for a walk for a few minutes and then went back in. I took 2.5 hrs to answer 75 questions. I got 8 SATA; 50% Priority/S&I/MEDs questions were the rest I think. I can't really remember details anyway I thought it was funny about talking about the test; because you can't remember any of the questions when you walk out of there at least my mind was a total blank. I did feel like I well prepared w/ Kaplan. I added up all my questions I did and it came up b/t 3200 and 3600 in a six week period of time. Hope this helps. Don't think you have to rush through to get to 75 and then get stuck with getting more questions because the first 75 were up and down b/t the passing/failing standard. Just food for thought.

Good luck to everyone.

take care:yeah::nurse:


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Good luck. I hope I'll passed too. My big this is tomorrow.


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Congrats and good luck butching15!!!


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thanks a lot almostPedsNurse it really help


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Congrats on passing!:nurse:


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