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  1. butching15

    ATTENTION: CA BON Now Requires SSN to apply for NCLEX.

    ITIN is not accepted now in CAbon. I failed my nclex rn exam last year and I sent my application for retest and they give it back my application. Im H4 visa and dont have SSN but has ITIN
  2. butching15

    I passed the NCLEX-RN

  3. butching15

    Davis Q & A New Format for 2010

    im planning to use that book for my 2nd attempt i hope it really works LOL
  4. butching15

    Passed Nclex the 8th time!!!!!!

    HOP3 nclex rn in a flash by ray gapuz. the abc of passing nclex exam is a white one. I know u can bought that in the Phils and it cost P500 only
  5. butching15

    Exam day on Oct 1..

    relax and pray.
  6. butching15

    Took Nclex this morning...

    how many hrs u do for 75Qs? take it easy relax.
  7. butching15

    Took Nclex this morning...

    PVT? not yet. my status in pearson is Ready to deliver not delivery successful so im waiting. I got 75Qs i want more though
  8. butching15

    Took Nclex this morning...

    I enter the center 2 and half earlier the test assistant allowed me to sit in the computer. I have mixed emotions but im keeping my faith and stay positive
  9. butching15

    Took Nclex this morning...

    Jbreezy think positive
  10. butching15

    I passed Nclex-RN exam

    thanks a lot almostPedsNurse it really help
  11. butching15

    I passed Nclex-RN exam

    Good luck. I hope I'll passed too. My big this is tomorrow.
  12. butching15

    I passed!...after 5 trys...i finally passed!

    congrats. you deserved to pass. Good luck for job hunting
  13. butching15

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    jazjas really 11 weeks of waiting?
  14. butching15

    BIG day is tomorrow!

    Goodluck. Mine is on fri. we can do this. Believe