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  1. Tinkerbell04

    Board of Nursing Audit

    I sent you a message!
  2. Tinkerbell04

    Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco

    I have just been invited to take a written exam. Can someone tell about this exam? Thank you!
  3. I would like to work in the OR. I am currently working in a LTC/Skilled nursig facility. I have applied to one program about three hours away, but I didn't get that one. There is another program coming up in October that's about five hours away. One facility told me that they usually hire nurses, with my background, in med-surg. I have no interest in med-surg, but I will do anything to get out of skilled nursing. I currently have 44 patients, which is the worst load I've had so far. I do not believe that I can continue giving quality care with a patient load this high. I am almost burned completely out. OR nursing has been an interest of mines for a long time. I pray an opportunity will come my way soon.
  4. Tinkerbell04

    Adventist Health New Grad Program, Central Valley

    No, I haven't heard anything about how the interview is going to be structured. The recruiters haven't said much, just that they are interviewing this week and next week. Wishing you much luck.
  5. Tinkerbell04

    Adventist Health New Grad Program, Central Valley

    Hello Faithh, I am wishing both of us luck! I've called and tried to get some info, but wasn't too lucky. I was told that they are doing face to face interviews this week and next week. I really want this. My heart is in OR nursing. Have they contacted you for a second interview?
  6. Tinkerbell04

    Adventist Health New Grad Program, Central Valley

    Did anyone apply to the perioperative program for Hanford? I just finished a virtual interview . I've never participated in a virtual interview before. It was a nice experience.
  7. Tinkerbell04

    San Joaquin County Staff Nurse I

    Yes, I am excited. I will be working in the PCU. Good luck to you!
  8. Tinkerbell04

    San Joaquin County Staff Nurse I

    I do not have any acute care experience, just six months of nursing home expereince. I also applied for the saff nurse one but was interviewed for the staff nurse three.
  9. Tinkerbell04

    San Joaquin County Staff Nurse I

    I applied in March and had an interview in April. I just had another interview this month and was hired.
  10. Tinkerbell04

    San Joaquin County Staff Nurse I

    I applied for a staff nurse three position a few months back, interviewed in April, and I was told that they went with a more experienced candidate. I interviewed again for the same unit and was offered a position today!! Good luck to you all.
  11. Tinkerbell04

    San Joaquin General Hospital Interview

    Any updates? I have another interview with this facility,and the interview is for the same unit plus another unit. I not too long interviewed for this same position. I am wondering if they are calling people and really have no intentions of filling the positions. I have a friend who got called for many interviews, but they never hired her.
  12. Tinkerbell04

    Thinking of transitioning to LTC from hospital acute care...

    I want to get out of LTC, because I am experiencing many of the same problems. I recently went from PRN at another facilty to full time at another. I totally regret it, and this facility is a focus facility. I am off of a three day orientation, and a hospice patient died during my first night. It is only me and another RN at night, with about four nursing assistants. I have thirty-five patients. I am so miserable, but I do not have anything else. Very few places are hiring, and I do not have the experience that hospitals want. I am starting to think that hospitals and LTC may not be for me. My main interest is in psychiatirc or public health. I hope you are able to find your niche in nursing. It is hard out there! Stay strong.
  13. Tinkerbell04


    How do you pass meds on 150 inmates? Wow! I am working in LTC, and I want to get out. It takes me two to three hours to pass meds on 35 patients! I was thinking about corrections, now I am hesitant. Are you all short of staff, or is this the norm for a corrections RN?
  14. Tinkerbell04

    Alameda County Medical Center RN Residency

    My status just changed to currently being reviewed by a recruiter.
  15. Tinkerbell04

    How long was you orientation traing when you started in LTC?

    I think I have found a wonderful LTC facility. I resigned at a previous facility earlier this month. The previous facility gave me three days of orientation. The current facility is giving me three to four days on mornings, three on evenings, and three on nights! They are also sending me to an IV class. I feel blessed right now, especially with all the horror stories that I have heard about LTC.