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  1. NowPedsRN

    Repeat Test Taker of NCLEX RN exam

    Continue to study and maybe at this point you should be going over Content. Kaplan has content videos go ahead and put those to use. Also pray, pray and pray some more. I failed 4 time and pass on the 5th with help of pray. In my case after so much I knew content was what I really needed and I did questions towards the end of my study plan. Stay focus and study consistently. Good luck!
  2. NowPedsRN

    Hallelujah, passed nclex-pn on first try!

    Amen!!! Congrats. God is good! I quoted two of those same scriptures during my test and I passed as well. Your faith in God is amazing. May God continue to bless you in everything you do:)
  3. NowPedsRN


    You can do it, don't give up. I know it's seems discouraging but remember you got through nursing school. I don't have children but I do agree with the others said try to see if there are resources out there that help with childcare. I wish you the best of luck and pray, God hears and answers prayers:)
  4. NowPedsRN

    ILLustrated Study Guide for the Nclex-Rn Exam

    Very very good book. I used it mostly during nursing school But I am sure it would to use it for the Nclex.
  5. NowPedsRN

    I passed with 18 Select all that apply!

  6. NowPedsRN

    10 days Nclex countdown

    Good Luck!!! Continue to think positive, eat well and get enough of rest. Make sure you know where the testing site is located and try to relax the day before the exam. Dont for get to pray, God hears all prays. Ill be praying for you:)
  7. NowPedsRN

    I Passed......!!!!!!!!

    Congrats!!!! Hard work truly pays off!!!
  8. NowPedsRN

    Passed NCLEX at 3rd attempt

    Congrats!!! Hard work pays off!!!
  9. NowPedsRN

    PRAISE GOD! I pass the Nclex-RN on the 5th try!!!

    Thanks! Don't worry in Gods time you will pass! And please please don't give up. I will send you an email
  10. NowPedsRN

    PRAISE GOD! I pass the Nclex-RN on the 5th try!!!

    What really help me was exam cram, frye's 3300 and lacharity. In my past attempts I tried using Kaplan and Saunders but it just didn't work for me, also in the past I only did questions when I sat for the 5th I focused mostly on content. Hope this helps
  11. NowPedsRN

    PRAISE GOD! I pass the Nclex-RN on the 5th try!!!

    And you will make it! Never give up. I know exactly how you are feeling right now. Take some time to relax and get right back to studying. Do not use the same study plan you did before try something different, and be consistent with it. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Pray everything will work out according to Gods will:)
  12. NowPedsRN

    Are You Ready for New Year March2011 Nclex-RN

    Good to all the test takers and repeat test takers this year! I am praying for all of you:) continue to study and be consistent! There may be days when you feel down or you just don't feel like studying but think about the reward that you will have. Pray and study daily! I wish you all the best. Oh I want to add using flashcard with your studies. Also memorize the infection control mneumonics "MY Stupid Chicken Hez TB". It seems that infection control is a big part of the Nclex.
  13. NowPedsRN

    PRAISE GOD! I pass the Nclex-RN on the 5th try!!!

    Aww thank you. It puts a smile on my face to see that I can help others that are in the same situation as I was. It was a long journey for me, but God saw me through all off it and I am so grateful and thankful to share my testimony and help others in need. My best advice is study content. After failing so many times and just doing questions, I knew something had to change and I had a wondeful friend on here that pointed me in the right direction;) flashcards are a major key (in my opinion) it's something about flipping those cards and remembering the signs and symptoms of the diseases. I read the exam cram book from cover to cover. Ill PM. Don't give up, and don't be discourage everything has a time and your time is soon:) keep your head and move forward. You will pass!!!! Think positive and pray. Talk to you soon.
  14. NowPedsRN

    graduated 4 years ago, still not a nurse !

    I agree dont let others distract you or discourage you. God willing and in his time you will pass. Study consistently and pray. Try exam cram, frye 3300, and of course lacharity. Don't rush things take your time and understand what you are studying and the rationales to each question whether you get it right or wrong. If there something you don't know while studying look it up and write it down. Pray for guidence during your studies. You will pass! Claim it:)
  15. NowPedsRN

    Waiting on NCLEX-PN results.....