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  1. crystelle

    CGFNS Requirements

    Sorry that you have to go through this. I know the feeling, been there. I found this on KBN, like most BONs they have a list of CES provider that could help you gain your missing hours. http://kbn.ky.gov/kbn/downloads/Ce.pdf When it comes to clinical, that's a bit tricky. Maybe approaching a hospital and ask them if they could help you out with the externship? I hope that helps.
  2. crystelle

    I'm an old Aussie RN... Where to start with studying for N-clex?

    Belinda Just sent you an e-mail. I''d gladly help you with any questions you have.
  3. crystelle

    I'm an old Aussie RN... Where to start with studying for N-clex?

    Tho I havn't been out of uni as long as you have been (5.5 years ago), I think studying on your own is feasible. Your years of experience is definitely a BIG plus in preparation for the exam. If you feel like doing review classes, I say go for it but they are a little pricey (one of the main reasons why I didn't) and really not necessary. I will post the link to the thread I created, where I listed all the books and online links that I used to study for NCLEX-RN. I would recommend the "Davies' Q&A NCLEX RN" and LaCharity's book. Might you have asked earlier, I would have offered you these books but someone else own them now. https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/passed-nclex-rn-509276.html Goodluck!
  4. crystelle

    Australian trained RN getting registered in California

    Australian trained nurse here too and now working in FL. I was missing the same too and did mine through "THe College of nursing" in Sydney http://www.nursing.edu.au/display.aspx?PageID=0&MemberID=0&screenheight=800&screenwidth=1280#. They offer distant learning too. Check them out. Hi tabitha! Hope things are well!
  5. crystelle

    NZ trained US citizen who wants to practice in CA

    Do you know how much hours you are missing? How about working in paeds/obs for your new grad internship? Sometimes unis offer post grad classes. Back in Sydney, I took up a few classes esp related to paeds in "The College of Nursing" , they offer distant learning also. Give them a call and maybe you can do that. Goodluck
  6. crystelle

    Aust trained RN wishing to work in CO

    No need for agencies. You can definitely do this on your own. As posted above, go to the Colorado BON (board of nursing) and start from there. It will tell you where to send your transcripts, etc for academic evaluation. - Goodluck
  7. crystelle

    Australian registered nurse midwife using E3 Visa

    Hi there. I'm an Aust RN and just passed NCLEX almost 2 months ago. Tho I did not get here through E3 visa, I may be able to give you some help with the NCLEX process. I think you should be able to do this all yourself. You have plenty of time to get all the paper works and whatever is necessary to get started. If you already know the state you want to work in, then go through thier BON (Board of Nursing) and see the list of CES. Fill up the forms, pay their fees and send it off. From there, they will send off your report to the state's BON. Easy process but may take a while (mine did). The BON will then decide if you are eligible to sit NCLEX (again, mine took some time to process as there was some confusion with my CES report). You have 2-3 years to prepare for all these, so get started and maybe start planning for the test. Again, get crackin' on the NCLEX part because is E3 visa is a whole 'nother story. Hope that helps.
  8. crystelle

    I got the unofficial results from pearson vue and.........

    Have a look at Davies 2010. I really think this book is good. It contains higher level questions as well at a good practice with SATAs and "place in order" type of question. These are the resources I used: https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/passed-nclex-rn-509276.html I think buying another book or 2 to add to what you have should be sufficient. Don't spend a ton of money on another online courses. Goodluck!
  9. crystelle

    HELP on Osmolarity!!!

    ISOtonic sol. = same osmolarity as cells HYPERtonic = higher osmolarity that cell (think concentration,therefore MORE concentrated) HYPOtonic = less osmolarity than cell (LESS concentrate) Movement: water will always move to a concentrated environment Thus: for cell hemostasis to occur isotonicity is required (ie dehydration)
  10. crystelle

    Help passing the nclex 2nd time around

    If you're lookng for tougher questions, I would recommend Davies 2010.
  11. crystelle

    My journey

    Congrats!! It's funny that what really helped me study my butt off was also TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and off to Barnes and Nobles. I noticed that even with the noises around the book store or at my spot at the cafe did not really bother me at all; if not made me even concentrate more. Good job to you!
  12. crystelle

    i failed =(

    Sorry you didn't make it but don't loose hope. Keep practicing and studying. Yes, you are limited to 3 tries until you are required to take a remedial class until you will be allowed to take it again. And these classes are expensive from waht I have heard. Not to discourage you, but make sure you give your studying some time. I suggest practicing and doing questions as much as you can. goodluck!
  13. crystelle

    Passed NCLEX -RN. This is how I studied.

    Good job! I'm sure you worked real hard for it.
  14. crystelle

    Passed NCLEX -RN. This is how I studied.

    it's not a predictor for nclex. it is a set of practice qs.
  15. crystelle

    Passed NCLEX -RN. This is how I studied.

    At least a week and a half to 2 weeks, but can be done in a week if you really put your time to it. After 3000+ qs, 69.93%.
  16. crystelle

    NCLEX and Prayers...or is God my NCLEX study Buddy?

    Great entry! I don't believe that some devine intervention will make you pass a test just because you wished it so bad. It takes some, if not alot of hard work and persistence in your part. Sure I prayed , but I prayed that He will give me the strength and courage to continue on and face the battle. It was me who took the test after all, not God. But I am sure He was there next to me and all the way.

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