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  1. JbreezyRN

    10 days Nclex countdown

    Good luck!
  2. JbreezyRN

    PRAISE GOD! I pass the Nclex-RN on the 5th try!!!

    OMG IM SOOO LATE but I just saw this and IM SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU HUN!!! BIG HUGS AND BIG CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!:hpygrp::dancgrp::hpygrp:
  3. JbreezyRN

    How do I tell them?

    I got a new job on this long term facility and everyone knew Im in a long distance relationship and plan on moving to california sometime in the future.I think you are worrying about something you shouldn't. Who says you are obligated to work there for a specific span of time? I agree with the poster above, peoples' agendas change from time to time and it happens. And yes, if they ask something like that its because they just want to get to know you, just dont assume right away they're gona have a bad view of you. I tell my co-workers yes I do plan on just getting experience, and they still love me to death even though they know I don't plan on stayin long term. Best of luck to you! :)
  4. JbreezyRN

    i am now an RN! thanks to allnurses!

  5. I'd do the same thing, I'd work as a CNA for now to get some experience while looking for a job that will hire me.
  6. JbreezyRN

    Passed Nclex the 8th time!!!!!!

  7. from what i heard, if you ran out of time they will have to based it from the last 60 questions but im not sure if thats the right number of questions tho. most people would try to rushed into getting 265 questions but if they're not doing great on the questions it could shut down anytime and fail. so i guess to answer your question, answering 265 questions within time limit is pretty much have the same standard as running out of time with 261 questions. thats why its important to take every single question seriously as it counts towards your score in the end. hope this helps.
  8. JbreezyRN

    I got the good pop-up!!!

    that sounds good to me! :))
  9. JbreezyRN

    Just found out i passed nclex-rn!!!

  10. JbreezyRN


    Good luck on your re-try and I agree with you, you are over the hardest part which is school. You can definitely take the nclex many times as you want (unless you are in one of those states that has limits) and just keep studying and practicing questions.
  11. JbreezyRN

    Pvt works.......hoorayyyyyyy i passed!

  12. JbreezyRN

    What do you do when...

    I was pretty much hyped up the whole time lol. But if that's the case, I'd get up and take a break..go to the bathroom and like caliotter said splash some water into your face.
  13. JbreezyRN

    Taking NCLEX-RN for SECOND ATTEMPT Tommorow

    Good luck to you! Relax today and eat some breakfast!
  14. JbreezyRN

    I passed!! Super Excited

  15. JbreezyRN


    I find kaplan's qbank and lacharity's prioritization,delegation, and assignment the closest to the nclex questions...sometimes i find kaplan's questions much harder than the nclex itself. as far as second guessing,well, you just got to try your best. usually your first instinct is right, so go with it don't second-guess yourself. if you reviewed your material very well you are not going to have a hard time getting thru the nclex.good luck!!